Zcode System was developed by the friendly team of sports experts. We win because we combine the power of our human cappers who are experts in sports with the power of technology: statistical data since 1999. Our picks are documented and proven - each winning and losing pick is available for members to check and verify in the members zone. We never hide any results.

Our company is located in Austria but our team of experts is international: we have cappers from USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Portugal, France, England and many other countries!

Mike is one of the creators of Zcode system and its passion leader. Besides surfing he is also a PhD which gave him the advanced knowledge which he successfully applied in the development of the sports predicting models such as Xcode and Zcode.

Sports predition was Mike's passion since childhood. He spent hours and hours crunching numbers to create his own holy grail, the system that will be profitable in a long run. He united his efforts with top programmers such as Rustam, Alex and Alexander and professional cappers from different sports to create an ultimate winning model called zcode.

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Mark D
Mark D

Mark D is a professional NHL and MLB sports capper. He is one of the rare professionals who really DOES know his stuff and he has been winning on public with the Faster Times journal over the year. We are glad to join forces with Mark after he became an official Zcode Expert to bring the best of the best to the VIP club!

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Alberto Carrillo
Alberto Carrillo

Alberto Carrillo is one of the original foundation fathers of the Xcode model which later became a base for Zcode system. Alberto is a passionate sports fan, his expertise cover such sports as soccer, MLB and NBA. During the sleepless nights Alberto and Mike were analysing different MLB games to come up with the ultimate winning formula which later became a part of Zcode.

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Robert is one of our best experts and contributors. Robert has developed his own TTV system on NFL which he later applied for Zcode to come up with the powerful research of the zcode hot trends on NHL. Robert has his own section in our private forum where he is going to update the hot trends on the weekly basis.

Here is his story: "I have spent my entire life participating in sports from baseball, football, martial arts and my most favorite to participate is bowling where I have set local records and even competed in a Professional Bowlers Association event on the national level. I am fairly new to the world of sports investing and bring with me over tens years of spreadsheet and statistical analysis experience."

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Here is Michal, told by himself: "I am 30 years old, and i am a father from 2011 :). I have finished Poznan University of Technology few years ago, now i am IT specialist and i work for FMCG company. I am betting sport at least 3-4 years, on start that was mostly football (i mean soccer by that) with quite good result. Something about a year ago i switched to NHL mostly because there are better odds and a lot of fun. Betting never was my mainly income, i was always treat that like a hobby, and was making that only for fun, but fortunately i have never lost money in final result. As you know fun is much bigger when you win. Hockey is one of my favorite sports from always, specialy in NHL version. Its dynamic, fast, showy, full of suprises and perfect for betting in my opinion. Its only sport i have ever played on video games (xbox, playstation etc) ;). Zcode start fascinate me from first contact. When i saw that it really works it fascinate me totally. Not only that it let win money, but mainly because i have never imagine that its possible to design algorithms to analyze and predict results sport games. Really appreciate what you have done so its honor for me to be a part of this community. I will do my best to help the community and new members and maybe something more.

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Praveen M
Praveen M

Praveen M currently resides in Australia. He is an avid follower and participant of the financial markets and now trades the US futures markets for a living through his discretionary strategies. Additionally, he has diversified his income streams to also include Foreign Exchange markets by taking advantage of mid-term trends by price action analysis and Index/Equity options. However, because of his deep entrepreneurial spirit and passion for investments, he is also out on the lookout for the latest "system" or model uncorrelated to the markets. This is where he was intrigued about the idea of sports investing through a statistical edge and consequently met the people of Z-code and the mastermind behind it, Mike. Although he didn't have much of a sports background, he was an enthusiastic contributor with keen insight in money management and helps newbies become successful within the sports investing arena.

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Jonathan Ma
Jonathan Ma

Jonathan Ma has been involved in the sports gaming industry since 2001. A native resident of Southern California, he grew up immersed in professional basketball and took to telling people who would win in games and accurately predicting the winners at a very early age. After taking a few years off, Jonathan began handicapping professional basketball once more in 2010.

Jonathan uses his one-of-a-kind style of analysis to carefully determine a team's strengths and weaknesses. He also factors past experience and observations into some of his plays because he believes that some things just happen in cycles. He believes handicappers provide the same service as stock brokers. Both serve to guide you on the right path and seeks to help you achieve a higher rate of return in regards to your investment.

He regards the NBA as his specialty, but in 2012, he began to apply his knowledge and analysis to learn about and handicap the NHL, NFL, and MLB.

In February 2012, Jonathan officially joined the Zcode Experts team comprised of handicappers and contributors to Zcode's winning system. The Zcode System is a thing of beauty with verified results and an amazing track record. Jonathan proudly stands behind the Zcode System.

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Mudrac Mudracic
Mudrac Mudracic

Here is Mudrac's story and motto:

"I have finished High Business School,I studied statistics and probability theory.I follow sports since my childhood and NHL for about ten years.My motto is:for each pick try to find at least five reasons for it. Thats my life and Z code is like dreams comes true for me."

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Trey is made of profit and was born in the money bag. Since he started handicapping at his baby age he never had a losing season! Trey was a private capper for vegas punters and several other private clubs and pools.

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Stanley Mr. Score
Stanley Mr. Score

Stanley is a young and ambitious sports handicapper that is specializing in NHL score prediction. He is really good at combining zcode prediction with his own knowledge to come up with an accurate score prediction for different games!

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Here is his story:

I am born in Zagreb, Croatia where few people know everything about hockey and rules of sport. When I was about 16 years old I became a fan of NHL and NFL so for 3 years I followed both sports and start taking notes(statistics) and gathering all other info! With my late 19 I started betting small amounts at first and I was very successful, by my 22 lot of people and friends wanted to take my approach to this two sports then I started to give them my picks. It was very and still is very profitable to me,betting and giving picks away.

I am very systematic about betting and sometimes very lucky :)) My nickname "Killer of Bookies" my friends give me at 23 birthday. I just wan't to add that in my first year of betting when I was 19 on 50$-1 unit per bet I earned 4000$ just on NHL.

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Charles is a genius with numbers. He is one of the best Zcode experts. His featuring interview is unusually long but if you invest your time and actually read it fully, I bet you will be amazed with the insights Charles is sharing with us. I tried to dig deeper into this bright brain to get more info on the most interesting topics such as Vegas Traps, Sharp Bettor Secrets, Vegas Oddsmakers and more. Enjoy!

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One of the best enthusiasts and winners in Zcode community, a creator of well known systems such as KISS system on MLB and NBA, a great helper and developer.


Luis is a legendary expert and tracking team master. He is posting NFL Baromir system on forum He is also working closely with Alberto on Zcode Podcasts, Blogs and Spanish community


Warwick is one of the best Zcode experts. He made over 80 units of profit on NHL Line reversal system he developed. Lets find out what his secrets are, what his plans are for the MLB season

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A Portuguese legendary master of total predictions is back for his Over Under System on MLB!

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S. Nedyak is a professional athlete and a coach himself. He is also a great helper to the community and developer of his own Vegas Total System.

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Rob and the "Draw System". Rob is one of the best soccer experts in Zcode community.

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One of the oldest Zcode members, the developer of Bails GoldMine soccer system!

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Horse racing Expert. Today you can encounter his Huang's Horse Racing system: +$10,700 profit in 2 months.

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The creator of Penicillin system on MLB, the leader of the POD (pick of the day) contests and the POD-master himself. He is also a winner of several contests!

Danilo is also a big sports enthusiast and a coach.


Ginger is a great developer and a big enthusiast of sports investing. He came up with dozens of new systems, ideas and concepts!

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From Dublin, Ireland country known for many things such as Guinness, love for potatoes and apologising for literally anything, Ireland also gave us Jake. A youngster who has been a member of zCode since he was 18 years old and proved to be one of the best experts on the planet, most certainly when it comes his main sport, Tennis where he excels more than anyone you come across online. Simply his results speak for themselves as he systematically approaches the sport giving it full dedication throughout the whole year, year-in-year-out.
Rustam is a professional programmer from Russia. His expertise covers html/css/js/php and many other technologies. Many years ago he joined the team to bring Zcode to life. Rustam was one of the best contributors to the developments of MLB model, MLB Xcode success formula and later Zcode model and Backtesting tools such as Almanach.
Alex John
Alex John
Alex John is a talented programmer from India. He joined Mike & Steve in 2008 to begin the development of the project called Arb Generator and later 100winners VIP club, X Code system and Zcode. Besides programming Alex plays bass and performs with his own band. You will recognize his pleasant voice in our video tutorials and many other helpful videos he recorded.
Alexander is one of our leading programmers with 15 years in development of multimedia applications (standalone, client-server, multitier, web). Alexander was working on the sports engine for Zcode Almanac and performance Trend builder. His hobby is soccer.