Born in the Money Bag. Living with Passion. Meet The Legend: Trey.

Born in the Money Bag. Living with Passion. Meet The Legend: Trey. The moneybag. Guru of Sports Investing. What’s his secret? Lets find out!

hi Trey. Please tell us your story.

This is where I am supposed to talk how I was born in the money bag, how everything I touch turns Gold

But lets cut the B.S. and get straight to the helpful tips… It’s not about ME or how great I am. It’s about how I can help YOU. You will learn about me not from my biography but from my philosophy that I put into numerous articles (Myth and Wisdom) section on forum.

If you want a get rich recipe: always be passionate on what you are doing and devote 100% of your energy into it. Like someone great said, where focus goes, energy flows and results show. That’s where money goes.


You are one of the founding fathers of Zcode System. How it all began? What makes Zcode different from other sports betting services?

It might be bold to say, but it’s true: Zcode was originally designed with the idea to help other people win on sports investing. The matter of fact is, 99% of so called “sports capping services selling picks” are designed with the only purpose – to make their creators rich with a quick buck. They sell you B.S. picks and after you lose and cry for help they tell you “no problem, we covered your  back. You are getting one more free month of our picks!“. And guess what you get? Exactly, one more month of losing picks lol.  Don’t be naive. If something is too good to be true, it certainly is.

It’s not a secret, that Zcode creators like me, were already rich when creating the service with several successful businesses in other niches. They have an understanding on how serious business  works and were not looking for quick buck to rip people off.

Instead they were looking for way to make a honest and transparent service, where not only the systems provided are of the highest quality, with full statistical data and backtest baking the results, but also where members can openly communicate to each other, share ideas, strategies and see each other progress. We strongly believe such model is a fresh breath in the industry full of scams, and I am happy to see that people appreciate it as well: we have the lowest refund rate in the industry, as low as only 4%.

The forum we have is a gem with so much important knowledge you will never find anywhere else. And the best thing we don’t have whiners and tire-kickers, only people committed in success and helping each other. It makes the difference.

What’s the most common mistakes newbies do? How to avoid it?

The harsh reality of sports investing is that it has “investing” word in it… Any form of investing assumes you have something to invest. The most common failure story is when someone with $300 of his last money joins the service paying $198 for the fee and expects to get rich automatically with remaining $100 in less than 1 month… With no betting experience whatsoever!

Instead of spending the time for learning and understanding the systems and money management, such guy over bets like crazy every pick he sees, makes every single newbie mistake, blows his $100 in one week and leaves angry forever without understanding what gem he is missing out..

Unfortunately sports investing does not work like that. It’s not a get rich overnight trick.. It’s a PROCESS that requires it to treat very seriously, learning money management, paper betting, understanding the concepts of ABC progressions and line reversals requires time and commitment.

However the long term payout is so great, it is always worth it.  Once you get a hold of all the tools and systems, you feel really empowered. You feel like you rise on the NEXT LEVEL and ready to start a new exciting carrier of sports trading. It’s same like Forex or Stocks trading, just more fun.

Why Zcode wins?

Zcode LAB developed great tools and the human experts are using the tools and their knowledge to provide a betting suggestion. That what makes us win. Combining these two. Technology + Power of human intellect and research.  That’s why we always win and it’s documented.

The team behind Zcode is very passionate about it and you can feel it right away. Every single suggestion they are trying to hear and add as fast as possible. The ultimate goal is to have all possible tools that PRO sports investor might think of under the finger tips, all in one place.

But what makes it really powerful is the human community of experts and followers who are helping each other and devoted to each other success.


Tell us the history of your signature Trey ABC system? Why did you start it?

It’s not a secret that sports betting is my passion but not the only source of income. I have several big offline businesses and real estate. When my friends always asked me how to get rich like me, I had no answer. The entry point to offline businesses is just too high for regular guy to succeed. What if I told you to buy a restaurant? Or vacation rental?

I was always thinking how I can combine my passion in sports, statistics and the goal to help my friends and followers. That’s how original Trey ABC system was created few years ago with a help of my passionate friend Alberto. It was private first years. We were doing around 40-50 units of profit per season on MLB. Later I decided to stop selling it and only offer it to the mastermind group of Zcode community.

I no longer sell any picks and only devote my time to helping Zcode community and taking care of my offline businesses. I bet my own selections as well. The ultimate goal is to never have a losing season. So far I am on the right track.

What is your mindset when it comes to sports investing?

All my systems (Trey ABC, Aragorn, Baromir) are designed as bankroll builders. They are very selective and conservative. We usually bet what considered as “sucking odds” in 1.3-1.45 range. With a proper money management plan, such odds are easier to win and good for building the bankroll long term.

I hate C bets and stress that comes with them and will try to avoid them at all costs. Line Reversal tool is a helpful filter for us.

Tell us more about Aragorn and Legolas system. Are you really that much of a “Lord of the Rings” fan??

LOL, God no. I was looking for something solid when it comes to naming. A character everyone knows and likes. A legend fighting for truth. and for profit.

The system itself is simple yet effective. It is boring like hell to wait the signal for days and even weeks, but when they come, they do win.

The system made over 29 units of verified real money profit since December or 36 units if we include November backtest as well.

It is designed as a bankroll builder. Using a soft progression and safe 1.3-1.45 odd range, it targets up to 78% win rate and gets the job done.

No matter what you think of buying points on NBA and betting such low odds, it is making profit, which is also verified since 2005 backtest.


What are your tips for people who want to create their own ABC progression on MLB?

To guys who are doing their own ABC on MLB, here are few tips from the guy who has been doing ABC successfully for years. I wish
someone could tell this to me when I was starting out, so many mistakes I’ve made… :

1. Don’t overthink. Remember KISS principles. Keep it simple. The easy wins are those that bring most of the money. Boston against Astros? Any time! Don’t look for hard wins, only for easy ones. Aragorn with sucking 1.3-1.4 odds was one of the most successful NBA systems. Easy money.
Bet against astros on the road any time any day.

2. Avoid any progressions on struggling road teams (Tigers, Giants, Reds, Washington etc unless you see a solid line support in your favor and good pitching edge)

3. Avoid betting against burning hot teams. Example: Pirates vs Cardinals.

4. Avoid progressions with odds close to even. Never take progressions on -1.5. All the value on ABC is on 1.4-1.55 odd range. If your odd is close to 1.9 and higher take +1.5
I don’t like arguments like “with -1.5 my progression is cheaper”. You are trying to save on multipliers but in reality you just kill your win rate and lose the money long term.
You must have 65% or higher percentage of each bet to succeed with ABC and bring the ABC win rate to 87-90%.
-1.5 bets NEVER can reach 65% long term. Maximum 30-35%.
There are more 1 run wins and if team won the game by 1 run you lost the bet but there is no motivation to win again by 2 next game.
Never bet -1.5 on the road teams or teams that struggle to score (reds, washington, rangers)

5. Try to use Line reversal indicator as a filter for your plays, you will be surprise how easier you will be winning. Little extra work pays well.

6. Always bet underdogs with +1.5 or split bets especially on B / C bets.

7. The correlation between plays must increase from A to C. C must be the strongest bet with best pitcher, on Sunday , at home etc… Never do progression when pitcher rotation goes from top to worse when you go from A to C.

8. When doing AB minidoublers plays, don’t go high confidence unless you are playing against Astros.

Good luck, I really want to see everyone succeed because MLB is a money making machine and I need everyone to be making solid profits this summer!


There are so many MLB ABC systems, how to find which one is the best to follow?

When I started ABC systems not many people were doing them back in the day but now I see nearly everyone is starting his own MLB ABC system. This might be really overwhelming and confusing to newbie follower, what to follow? What’s the difference? Why if it is so easy on theory, not many cappers succeed with ABC on MLB?

Here are important questions to ask:
1. Do you really understand the risk and reward? Most newbies commit into ABC without even understanding that some ABC systems may risk up to 40 units on a C or D bet loss. This can easily blow your bankroll if you don’t understand what you are doing and pick up wrong unit size.

2. With similar ABC systems, which one gets lower risk? The less C bets you play, the less chance you blow it. Here Line Reversal is a great helper to reduce amount of C bets and drop bets. Yes, it’s time consuming and extra work to check line before the game start, but it is your money and I know some people follow with really big bankrolls. It will pay well and save a lot of money, trust me.

3. Set the confidence levels. It is pretty obvious that chance to succeed with ABC on Boston against Astros is not the same as on Boston against Yankees. Confidence levels will help you reduce risk of unprofitable series.

4. Do you have a solid recovery plan? Losing C bet is inevitable and sooner or later you will lose it. Actually I lost 3 C bets last season and still managed to finish the season with 50 units profit. A solid recovery plan must be in place before things happen. Compare it to house insurance if you will

Remember, we make money not because we never lose. Everybody loses here and there, it’s a part of the game.

We make money because we have a PLAN and we KNOW what we are doing long term. That makes the difference.


What are your best pieces of advice to the fans and followers?

I have several good articles on forum, worth checking if you missed them:

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How to be a winner?

You will find much more here on forum:

Betting Myths & Wisdom


Also don’t forget about our Zcode Sports investing Bible book, a true gem. and it’s free:



What is your credo?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

I am always trying to help people understand what’s behind the systems and picks. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin once said 🙂

Have faith, learn a lot, be committed and passionate, and one day, laying on the beach near your villa you will remember good old trey 🙂

And remember, when life is tough at times, always see the big picture:

That’s all for now! Follow the system and win!





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