Bails GoldMine soccer system: $1000 profit!

1)      Hi Bill,You are well known as Bails,one of the best soccer tipsters in Zcode community.. Please tell us about yourself,where you are from ..

I am an ozzie boy from Perth originally but now live in Zambia Africa.

I went there on a 3 mth contract to one of the mines there and have been there ever since.

Met a beautiful Zambian lady and married and settled there.

I work on a rotation basis roster in Ghana for a gold mine,6 weeks work,then 3 weeks R & R..Great!

2)      When did you start your sports investing career?What was the first sport bet you made?

Sport has been a big part of my life,having played oz rules footy,cricket & golf..sports nut..still play golf..

My foray into having a bet was on a horse called Kingston town in Sydney..champion too.

But I soon saw that horse racing was flukey so I quit it.Huang will cringe!haha


I started to follow soccer when I came to Africa,mainly because it was the most dominant sport on TV here.

First it was just watch and see how teams performed,never did I see myself tipping teams to win money betting on them!

The group of golfers I played with in Zambia suggested to me to start a system for them on the basis of the few winners

I selected for them then..well now I have dedicated followers who pay me to do it..beautiful!this was in 2006 and still going strong!

Of the 6 years I have been doing it I have only had 4 losing months and they were not significant losses..

My aim is to win a grand a month,sometimes its ½ that and sometimes it’s a little more.

The big picture is what counts in sports investing…don’t look at today but tomorrow!Bet only what you can afford to lose..NEVER more!


3)     Your Bails system results are fantastic. According to the
spreadsheets you made approx 1000$ using 100$ units for straight up
bets and 1/2 size on parlays when selected. This is about 63-70% win
rate.. How do you select games? Give us some tips please from your secret method!

I delve into sources on soccer and analyse from these stats.

I take into account  the teams strength,have they got injured players out,home ground advantage.

Who they played in the last 5 – 6 matches and look at their scores on each side from these games.

What the weather will be like when the game is on.the odds sometimes influences the pick..

But I try to avoid looking at prices until I have narrowed down my 4- 8picks then I go look at the market,

From there I get it down to a few choices,like they say quality not quantity!

I am very selective also on the countries where I choose games from…this is because of stability of results..

 Thank you!

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