Michał and his Zcode Quarter System Betting

Hi Michał ! You are one of the oldest Zcode followers, I remember you
first joined when the good old NHL times just started over a year ago.
Tell us more about yourself, where are you from?
Hi, I am from Poland, i live in Poznań, 5th of the biggest polish cities. Here was few Euro Cup 2012 matches so some Irish, Italians or Croatians can remember Poznań maybe.
I started betting something like 10 years ago, first it was soccer, natural choice here. I did it just for fun but each next year was better and better for me. Few years later i switched to NHL betting and it was perfect shot.
Due to it i found a Zcode system a year ago. At those times it was in “open mode” at facebook, but i loved this idea immediately. It looked awesome with automatic picks, great visual layout, algorithms, tools and… results! That was exactly what i needed to improve my betting results. I increased my betting unit and now I treat it much more seriously, not betting fun anymore but investing. I I have catched hook and here i am!
What is your favorite sport
It depends! If you ask about betting it is a hockey no doubt, but NHL only. I dont follow any others leagues like KHL or polish hockey league. If you ask about watching it is a soccer! I am big fan of English Premier League and local soccer club Lech Poznań. Every weekend i try to watch 2-3 soccer games but i dont bet it usually. Just enjoy it. If you ask about my favorite sport to play its a volleyball, but i am to small to be a good with it :). As you can see on my photo winter is skiing time for me.

What sport was the most successful for you? I remember you were new to
baseball but learned it very fast!
Its a NHL again! You can imagine how painfull lockout is for me! Luckily thanks to zcode i can taste other big US leagues like NBA, NFL and MLB. Of course basketball is even more popular than hockey here in Poland so it easy to watch some NBA games in TV, but NFL and MLB were totally exotic. Baseball was very painfull for me at the beginnig. “What the hell is that?” i asked my self. “Series games, 3 games between the same teams in 3 days? Its crazy!” “Who the hell can watch this?” I still have no answer for last question 😉 but MLB with Trey system was kind for me and i finished it in a profit. MLB has brought me also lines movements chart at zcode site, my favorite filtering tool!
NFL i loved immediately. Great, powerfull sport with a lot of action on the field. I like to have a week to analyze games. I also found great football teacher on zcode. As Trey with MLB so Mark D. with NFL is great mentor. Thanks to him and a zcode system NFL is very profitable for me from the beginning.
I see you are doing the quarter system betting with the big success.
Please tell your tips on this system!
Yes, i tried it and have very good results. I am sure this system has really huge potential. However, there are two big problems for me. You need to follow whole matches carefully, so you need to have a free time. Usually it is not possible for me, particularly with NBA where most games are from 1am to 6am polish time. Second problem with quarter progression is stres. You have to be prepared for D bets. That is why i dont post my progressions on zcode forum. I still test this system so i dont want provide people to risky D bets.
You have to remember always, games filtering is the key with progression. I never play progression against elite home team, NEVER. Parallelly i test shorter AB quarters progression system. It is much safer. My advise for beginers is to look closer to AB progression. You have to wait until favorite win/tie 1st and 2nd quarter and bet on underdog to win 3rd or 4th. It works for me very well with NFL and NBA. Last week i won: Jags, Colts, Titans, Rams, and got Dolpins a push. Sometimes there is a week when i have no games for this system, but most important there are no C or D bets :).
You have a special way to analyze games using zcode stats. Please tell
more about the way you analyze games, what parameters and Zcode tools
do you use!
When analyze game i start with checking zcode parameters. Shinning stars, percentage bar, power status, zcode recommendations, oscillator etc. Then i read Mark’s comment. I said Mark because usually his comment is first :). Usually i do it in the morning. I like to write my personal checklist in the forum where i mark most important factors for me. It makes easier second analyze, because In the evening i analyze games one more time. I read other experts comments, checking my pointing list from the morning and most important… checking line movements. If line move against my pick i am droping it, if line movement support my pick, you know… i cash in 😉
Michał, you are one of the most active followers on the Zcode contests
and championships! Though you did not win yet, but several times you
were very close and always get into playoffs! What’s your secret?
Answer is very simple. I dont win because in playoff i always hit against one of the best zcode members like Danilo last time. His result was outstanding in last NFL contest, There is nothing you can do against a guy who takes 5/5. My secret in contests like this is simple. Maybe i shouldnt tell you haha, but first of all you have to be cautious like a weasel, selective like a Stamos and you should wait for your opponent mistake. Some people call it a “tactic” :). If your opponent made a mistake, good for you, you still have be cautious like a weasel and selective like a Stamos. If your opponent is Danilo then you have to go with kamikaze move and pray for lucky shot :).
Your words of wisdom to the people who are just starting the sports investing?
Zcode is the best place you could find, not only because of Zcode by itself, but also because you have great experts here!
Still not a member? Join here and win with us! http://zcodesystem.com

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