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When it comes to sports handicapping, most people think about analyzing teams or players… What Alberto is doing is capping the cappers themselves. He has a wide portfolio of over 500 successful and not so much sports cappers which his team is tracking on the daily basis, trying to find common patterns and real gems among them. Lets find out his story.

Before starting this business, Alberto was also one of the creators of original Zcode formula for MLB and devoted all his time and efforts to help to build the winning community!

1. Hi Alberto. You are one of the founding fathers of Zcode system and original formula! Please tell us few words about yourself, where are you from?

I am from Mexico, I am Mechatronic Engineer and have a Master in manufacturing processes.

3 years ago I came to France in order to expand my MLM business in Europe, I also started to collaborate with my best friends Mike and Trey in order to develop the Zcode formula.

2. Please tell us how original Zcode formula was created, it had over 80+ parameters in calculations. what parameters did you think most important to add?

I remember we had several back and forth discussions in which we discussed above 200 parameters and several ways of weighting each parameter. It was an awesome work!

I remember one of the most complex parameters and of course one of the most important ones, I am talking about the “streaky team parameter” which mean what is the expected team result after WW streak or LW streak or WL streak and so on. Really amazing parameter in fact.

3. Currently you are also leading the Zcode tracking team, helping other experts transparently track their results. Please tell us more about you’re tracking methods. I know you only track with real money bets, no simulations. Only honest results.
Yes, I have a team that help me to manually track several cappers at the same time. The idea is to be the capper police in order to have transparent systems and of course trying to avoid scam systems or cheaters. We take into account real odds from B365, 5dimes or pinnacle in a random manner so simulating any type of bettor and we place the bets sometimes several hours before the game or sometimes just before the games, and again the idea is to simulate standard bettors that can place bets in a random manner just before the game or several hours before the game.

4. What tracking software did you develop to make such nice looking charts?
We are just using Advance features from Excel.

5. You are also known for tracking over 500 cappers outside of Zcode and creating your Elite and Anti club where you collected top picks of other cappers. What are the common mistakes other manual cappers make?
I think Trey has already explained this in some forums. The most common mistake is to over bet once your system is starting to have a losing streak so the common thinking of a capper is “I cannot keep losing everyday so I will go BIG today and recover ALL in just one day” and guess what happen? They blow everything.

Another common mistake is the lack of backtest. Common cappers are having one lucky month and they think they are GODs and one month later, they blow everything. I have seen several scam cappers offering services only after one month of tracked plays and of course 2 months later, they blow everything and disappear and then they come back some weeks later with another name (Easy to catch these cheaters).

Here is the classical losing capper cycle. Most newbie cappers go through this cycle:

6. Tell us about the 10 unit barrier for “gut feel cappers” and cycles in sports capping? By “gut feel cappers” we mean the newbie cappers who only bet because they feel the team will win, ignoring all the system tools, stats and not doing any real analyses.

After tracking several type of cappers, I have noticed that most of the “gut feeling cappers” just don’t even break the 10 unit barrier or they are bouncing around that limit, It is incredible the precision of this rule. Once a capper passes the 10 unit barrier, the next big limit is the 20 unit barrier. Very few “gut feeling” cappers can reach this barrier. When a capper passes the 20 unit barrier we can say we can start to think about a profitable system. Of course, I have seen “gut feeling” cappers reaching and passing the 20 unit barrier and then blow everything but at least at the end they finish breakeven (normally a “gut feeling capper” passing the 20 unit barrier will end the season between 15 and 25). Most important barrier is the 30 unit barrier, normally this barriers is never passed by “gut feeling” cappers but once a capper has reached and passed this barrier we can consider that the system is not a “gut feeling” system but a Bankroll builder sytem.

7. Please tell us how the idea of day dependency was created? It sounds so simple but not many people realize how strongly it holds on MLB over the long term?

As part of the tracking systems I am always trying to filter and analyze everything (by odds, by month, by year, by sport, by team, etc) and one of the filters is “By day of the week”. Looking at most of the MLB cappers “Day of the week” chart, I realized a common trend on all of them, they were doing great on some days “LOGIC” days and they were ALL doing bad on some days, so called “ILLOGIC” days so I created my own logic system and then reversed on those Illogic days and the results were awesome!

Day dependency does not hold in April and September?

We have noticed that DS does not hold during the beginning of the season nor the end of the season. First of all because at the beginning of the season most teams try to win but only best teams tend to win so that’s why logical days are coming the first day of the season, then, when the best teams and bad teams are defined in the season (between May and august), day dependence starts to work perfectly. September is special on MLB due to call outs which makes any system to struggle and Vegas to profit from everyone,

Where can we read more about day dependency research?

The complete DS research can be found on the Zcode Sports Investing Bible:

8. Aside of sports investing you are also doing a lot of work on your coffee organo gold network. Please tell us more about it? I know a lot of people are usually sceptical about any MLMs, what makes OG different and why it is not a scam?

I am a real passionate of the MLM, I have been doing this business for several years and have made a lot of money.

When I started in MLM, I was scared and did not know if it was going to work but I did not care and I decided to do it, and the day I decided to do this kind of business it has been one of the most important days in my life. My life changed since then!

MLM business are for real, but of course, it requires time to develop a big organization and commitment. I don’t accept any people working in my organization if they are not committed to the business and if they don’t have a real reason to do it.

People are skeptical because of 2 main reasons:

  1. They have never tried because somebody told them it does not work.
  2. They tried and they felt into the 97% statistic. Yes, only 3% of the people doing MLM is making real money, others just don’t do anything and fail and they claim the industry does not work when the reality is that they did not work. People think that only by being part of a MLM company will make them millionaires and the reality of people doing a lot of money in MLM is because of hard work.

I can say several things about Organo Gold but 3 things make it different:

  1. It’s coffee. Most drunk beverage after the water
  2. Leadership. I am working directly with the No. 1 in the MLM industry
  3. Hybrid Compensation Plan. Most powerful compensation plan in the Industry.

You can be part of this team at

Or drop us a mail to

9. What are your tips for the newbie sports investors and what are the most common mistakes newbies do?

  1. Money Management. Never bet more than 1% of your bankroll per play and never more than 20% of your bankroll per day.
  2. Don’t try to get rich in one night! That will never happen, Sports Investing is a process
  3. Don’t jump from one service to another collecting losses. I have seen all kind of cappers and after several years of experience I can tell you that if you don’t win with Zcode, there is no other place to win.
  4. If you are interested to create new systems, always use back test.
  5. Only put money on Bankroll builder systems.

What is bankroll builder system combined chart?

What systems are the part of it so far?

Here is the list so far. More great systems are under evaluation right now!

10. You were excellent predicting Tigers in MLB finals last year. What’s your pick this year?



Red Sox

I would take Rangers out of the 3

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