A strong man with roses. Interview with Sergey Nedyak, MLB Anti-Vegas System.

Nedyak’s Total Vegas System went 26 wins and 6 losses on the last 40 days of MLB!

1. Hi Sergey. Please tell us more about yourself, where are you from?

I’m from Ukraine. I live and work in Kiev, our capital. Young country with its problems, but also with great potential.

2. How did you start your sports investing carrier? What was the first game you bet? Do you still remember?

I started my sports investing career last year with X-code (Later became part of Zcode). Baseball was the first sport, on which I started to bet. I didn’t remember first game, but I like now remember those golden and silver series, Trey’s single picks. I doubled my bankroll last regular baseball season, but then had awfull playoff. That’s why I don’t bet during playoff now. Then I stopped using X-code service. But this spring I’ve received an e-mail with a proposal to join Z-code community. It was in may, when baseball season already started. I said myself: “Why not? I will not repeat old mistakes!” and joined. And what I saw? Instead of prepared picks I saw a forum. First I was confused, but eventually I felt advantage of such approach: everyone could choose himself whom to follow and learn sports investing stuff. Great idea, guys!

3. We know you are also a professional gym coach so sports are a part of your life. What sports cover your expertise?  What sports do you plan to add in future?

Yes, the sport is a part of my life, it has helped make me who I am: my character, my spirit, my body. I engaged powerlifting, strongmen, and eventually came to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Professional sports has absolutely nothing common with the concept of health. The bulk of my clients are office workers: a sedentary lifestyle and comfort make the plants of the people, plus or minus 2 degrees means cold, god forbid be caught in the rain – pneumonia! Come on, people, we’re once hunted mammoths with wooden spears and stones! And we should engage sport not  because today’s fashion dictates it to us, but because we’ll be healthier and live longer!

4. Please tell us more about Nedyak’s Anti-Vegas system that you
started in Zcode Club. It showed amazing results on totals 26-6 during
the regular season.

This is a very simple system, that operates with flat betting. The basic idea is that Vegas knows damn a lot about all the upcoming sporting events and always wins. We need to learn to read their minds and follow them, and it seems we have found a tool to do this: line movements! This system had 26 wins and 6 losses during 41 days of back-test period, but showed not so good results in the last weeks of September. We’ll see how it will work during next regular baseball season, but Trey said, that this system will be one of the most profitable next season. Let’s hope so, because I want to help Z-code members and myself of course in making money!

5. Tell us more about the Nedyak’s filtering system. Do you plan to
apply this system to other sports? It already showed promising results
on NFL!

It’s more of an approach, not a system. I take experts picks and filter them through line movements. I did it in baseball and decided to do it for NFL. It really helps, it really keeps our money. But last NFL week showed, that we must be even more selective. I have some ideas about this, but unfortunately I do not have much time to test them quickly. And I will apply such approach for all sports, for which we’ll have line reversal tool http://linereversals.com/

6. The main newbie mistake on sports investing is giving up on the
losing streak and missing all the future win, not seeing the BIG
PICTURE and not understanding that sports investing is a process. Tell
us more how do you help your clients overcome same problem in real
life? Some guys in gym also give up after a few weeks if they don’t
lose weight instantly.

I tell my clients: “Teach yourself to the fact that first of all you have to like what you do. Not expect any results, so just do what you like, have fun with it. This should be your primary motivation.” And I try to make people like to train, I tell them stories from life, some jokes, about what’s inside our body and how it works, I talk about last news in the world, anything, I try to make their training more diverse and interesting, but at the same time, do not forget about their effectiveness. And people are starting to go to the gym because they like it, because they like to talk to me, to other people, many of my clients know and communicate with each other. A month later I say to some lady: “Well, let’s go and weigh. You see, you lost 2 kilogramms for example“. And she is shining. She got good results in addition to the pleasure from training.

Same everywhere. We must like what we do. This should be our primary motivation. Bill Gates would never have become a billionaire, if that would be his major goal. As for sports betting I wrote at forum: “We must learn to control our emotions first. 10% of profit in month is a great result in my opinion. This is 120% in a year! What kind of business will give you such profit with almost zero cost in time, money and effort? Think about it.” Here’s how it happens: some of the experts (for whom you have not followed) showed a very good result. And you say to yourself: “That’s it! I will definitely follow him!” But then Murphy’s law works: as soon as you start to follow him, he begins to lose and you no longer follow him previously received a loss. Then Murphy’s law works for the second time and the expert starts to win as soon as you stop to follow him. So jumping from one expert to another, mainly you collect losses in the result. We have so many proven experts, who make money with sports betting over the years, believe them, select expert, whom you want to follow and follow him no matter he wins or loses today, in the long term they all win.

7. Please give your words of wisdom to the newbies on the sports investing?

I’ll repeat Stamos words: “Be patient and selective“.

8. What zcode tools do you use on the regular basis in your sports investing?

I follow experts of course, because I’m not an expert, I don’t know anything about baseball or american football. But I have a technical mind, I’m physicist by education and I love to analyze charts, so I like to use line reversal tool http://linereversals.com/

9. Final words to the readers

When there is a will, there is a way! Always! No exceptions!

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