Joao, MLB Over Under system, 50 units of profit on MLB

Finally an interview with our Portuguese legend, Joao, the creator of the famous MLB Over Under system and the leader of the Streak Contest with 13 wins in a row! I believe you can become best by learning from the best, lets hear what Joao has to say.


1. Hi Joao! You are really heating up for MLB season with one of the hottest winning streaks. What is your secret of building such a long $4,338 profit with 13 wins in a row?
Did you participate in the old contest with streaks?

I didn’t participate in the previous winning streaks contest. I love NBA, but in terms of sports betting this is not my “strongest” sport! Anyway, I decided to participate in the current contest. What is the secret? Well… there is no secret!Here’s what I do: I use almost all the available NBA zcode tools when I’m choosing my POD (power ranks indicator, oscillator, last 10 games, H2H, status, zcode prediction/game winners pick stars). I really recommend everyone to read Trey’s post entitled “Get Rich Quick: Doubling account sneaky method”. I’m using this method with NBA, NHL and soccer. I’m getting awesome results with NBA and NHL, but I’m struggling a little in soccer (but still winning $$!).

2. Tell us more about NHL Over Under system you are doing now?

This season I’ve been testing a flat NHL system that is based on Team Totals (over and under). The picks are given by a “formula” that uses average goals for and against (last 5 games). Although it’s up 10 units this season, there are some adjustments needed. After tuning it up I think it can yield 30 units per season!

3. Last MLB season you dominated baseball with your Totals Over Under program generating nearly 50 units of profit. How did the guy from the soccer nation in Portugal became so good with Baseball? What major factors do you use in calculation of the totals?

I love sports and I love statistics. So, I natural that I also love baseball! I think there’s no other sport with so many available stats and metrics. However, the MLB O/U% system is quite simple! I started collecting data and trying to isolate the variables that would yield a winning formula… The system uses mainly the long and short terms O/U% of each team and it seems to work just fine J. Anyhow, this season I’m already “crunching” data from previous year to try to diminish the risk. It’s an ABC system and losing a C bet isn’t a good thing. Last year the system went 113-2… Although, it’s almost impossible I would like to have an invincible system for 2013! J

Looking forward to the next successful season!

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