Featured Jordan-Ginger NBA System $2,400 usd profit

1/ Hey Ginger! You are currently one of the hottest NBA systems,
please tell us more about yourself! Where are you from?  What’s up with the grammar lol? You are awesome and very intelligent but really hard to understand!!! How did you become a fan of NBA?

Where I was growing up I loved to play baseball and basketball.. I remember where I was little playing Little league but as I grow older think, when I was 13 I grew like 5 inch over the summer so my dad told me I should play basketball and I did all ways through high  school till my 11th grade where I group out of high school..

2/ Your system showed amazing success so far, 31 win, 0 losses on the
series. + 24 units or $2,400 usd profit! What’ the secret to your

What’s secret? um.. it easy one to answer: z code, all the tools and data I need, just making rules and sticking by them no matter what happened if you lose or win! It’s really help to have friends that are better then you that you can learn from, to help get to our goals and ever stop learning and studying, keeping up with everything because soon think got all finger out something new come out.

4/ You have several NBA systems on zcode forum, which one do you
suggest the newbie to start following? Which is the easiest?

Jordan ginger NBA is the easiest and best way to build our Bankroll and don’t need much to get started, all you need is $200.00

5/ What are your suggestions to the newbies? The words of wisdom to the readers!

 Treat NBA just like MLB! What do I mean by this:

Well I explain in the MLB there are 3 and 4 game series against the same teams! These are standard bets on the ABC progression or flat betting.

What made the baseball season so successful was that we were betting on teams to win one game out of the 3 or 4 game series then we stop.  Then wait for team to start next series. But knowing that the problem is that the NBA is not same. They don’t play same team over and over.  But that does not mean we cant still stick with same logic!

Meaning that we have teams that have long road trip 3 to sometimes 5 games or at home as well.

But the Difference is that every day is Different Team.

Now My whole point of this is that we can be still using the same strategy in baseball Here in Basketball!

Meaning that we should only be looking to win one game and then stop till there done with home stand or road trip.

6/ What are the common mistakes betting NBA in your opinion?

Betting EVERY game on same night after night against the spread is real hard to do even against the worst teams in the NBA you can end up in losing long term yes u may have a good hot steak every now and then but still it’s losing play at end of the day!

You are doing Vegas an favor by betting like that be smart and also try not bet so much betting on favorite teams that another losing strategy.

I see a lot people bet every favorite team, stop that! We are Sports Investors here not Gamblers!

Trust me, you thank me later!

I know it’s hard but trust me, we win a lot more money by not having  favorite team in the sports cuz every team have its up and downs through out the season and real sports investor does not have favorite teams. He will bet whatever team is at best to bet the spread, not win the game!  Beat the spread you see, I said SPREAD right that most importing thing to know is that the team bet another team by the spread that we see besides Bankroll Management is by far most import but you all know that or you should u hear it every day so I don’t need speed time with explaining it too cuz you should now by now our member here.

Sorry this one is hard to understand even after all the edits I made, what are you saying here? are you for or against buying points ?

No I am not against buying points: max I buy is 2 I think if you have win rate over 60% then can be profitable , meaning if u can win 5 to 10 more games just by buying two point why won’t you do it 🙂

I like to think what makes a good NBA investor is able to pick both favorites and underdogs that beat the spread or cover spread  and was well bet on big spreads to cover!  try to stay away from theses type of games and I promises you as long as you following  rules and with help z-code you will see that betting NBA or any sport we do here there profits and its not hard!  All you have to do is follow z code and see for your self …

Best luck to everyone!

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