Warwick NHL Line reversal system: over 80 units of profit!

Warwick made over 80 units of profit on NHL Line reversal system he developed. Lets find out what his secrets are,  what his plans are for the MLB season?

1. hi Warwick, where are you from? How did you start your sports
    investing carrier?

I started trading as a hobby back in 2011 and really didn’t start getting serious until late in the MLB season last year. When I heard about Zcode I jumped at the chance and it couldn’t be happier to be a part of this community.

    Do you come from investing or trading background?

No real background in investing or trading but my love for sports and statistics makes this a good marriage for me.

    2. You mentioned several times you are new to sports investing, but
    you already gained a huge success with your first Line Reversal System
    which gained over 80 units of profit on NHL! Please tell us more how
    did you come up with this great idea?

I had been looking at line reversals last year and was starting to see consistent trends develop during the MLB season late last year. I tracked a lot of the data and decided that I would apply my strategies to the upcoming NHL season. I have always found that trends that develop closer to the games starting always seem to outperform earlier trends which either start the night before or before lines are even posted for the day. I applied my thoughts and strategies to the 2013 NHL season coupled with a soft progression trading cycle by team and the results have been fantastic The “Late Reversals” which I like to call them where the trend moves in the complete opposite direction to what has been trending has a 74% where my Against the Smart Money trends are winning at an amazing 87%.

It was great to see Cyril already doing a line reversal strategy as well and I have to give a shout out to him as he really got the idea going I just wanted to share my results with the group as well.

Warwicks’ profit chart!

    3. Which Zcode tools do you use on daily basis? What are your favorite
    sports? Do you plan to continue your system on MLB?

The line reversal tool is my go to every day and I use it a lot on my Iphone and Ipad so I can always get trades in even when I am way from computer. My favorite sport to watch is basketball but trading wise I have to say hockey lol, but KISS has been amazing as well this past NBA season. I am testing the line reversal strategy at the moment on MLB and will be letting the community know how it performs once I have more data to share.

   4. Your tips to people who are just starting sports investing, how to
    become a consistent winner?

Remove emotion from your trading.

If you can’t remove emotion from what you are doing everyday it’s going to be hard to be a consistent winner.

Yes we all love to win but if you get upset when one of your trades loses then this is not going to be for you. There are full time traders inside of ZCode who are doing this for a living everyday and they are literally giving you the keys to become successful.

Follow their picks and stick to their style of trading for the whole season and you will be successful. If you cherry pick their selections because you have a “gut feel” or you think you know more you won’t get the best results over the long term.

Always set goals as to what you want to achieve so you know what you want to get out of your trading. Is it to go on a holiday, buy a car, or to live day to day. Know what you need to reach your goals and set your risk accordingly so you can get to your goal. I know its been said over and over but this is a long term strategy just like any form of investing. We will have days where we lose but you will win over the long term if you stay consistent and have a traders mindset.

Thank you Warwick!

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