Huang’s Horse Racing system: +$10,700 profit

Today our featured expert is Huang, a a modest guy that started as a newbie just few months ago. Today you can encounter his Huang’s Horse Racing system: +$10,700 profit in 2 months.

1. Hi Huang, please tell us more where are you from? How did you start sports investing career?
Hi to all ZCode members, this is Huang from Singapore. My English is poor.  I just write out what i have on my mind. ZCode is my career in sports investing. Actually i am very new to sports betting and did not believe before that sports can be a long-term profit. But with Zcode turns out it is possible’Whoever join ZCode system, a newbie can become expert in sports one day.’ And you can become one of us. Trust me.

The only sports i tested to play is horse racing last year, i read some guidance but did not go well so i gave up. Also i am playing casino roulette secret system.
2. What sports do you currently cover in your expertise?
Currently horse racing has showed very good result.
3, True. Your Huang’s Horse Racing system is generating consistent profits every single month. It made 54 units in September and 53 units in October, that is 107 units of profit in just two month. Amazing results. Are you satisfied?
Yes, i can’t believe it myself also and am extremely satisfied as a beginner like me. I had never tried myself in winning which do not have past records to show and yet want to give away tips to other members, it is quite pressurize and not easy to have this courage to do so. Frankly speaking, i had total zero knowledge in horse, same goes to any other sports! I am using those useful website and +1 knowledge learned from ZCode. +1 means Tactics, play smart. If you know the players very well +10!
4. What is better  Huang’s Daily Flat Picks or GG Daily or FAV Progression Play ?
My advise is to follow Daily Flat picks. I have removed the progression play in my post as the risk is high and it is an aggressive type. I afraid the newbie comes in and did not follow correctly might lose all their money which this is not what i want to see.. Ian is one of Zcode member won $1100 in his bag for progression play.
5. How long before the race do you publish the picks?
By following UK Horse racing timing, i publish around 18:00 to 21:00 as this periods the odds will fully open.
6. Do you ever go to real offline races?
No, not have a chance to visit real sports or casino place.
So why did you decide to bet horses then?

I decided to bet horses when a flash comes to my mind that may give some interest to share to ZCode after learning Trey’s ABC system which can apply to horse racing too.

Why are you so interested in horses and how have you become so good doing this?
Since i have tried it before, so why not give a try again. ZCode is a place of challenging and opportunities to try out by posting a new thread and share the knowledges. This is how i get myself into it.
If you check my result for very 1st pick, i won. This gives me some motiviation to move on. It is a common mindset for most bettors when you won a game, you will continue doing so, when you lost, you stop everything. Of course we should not have this mindset. It is true everyone is saying long-term investing will only gain profit, but we also must have a limit of losing. Over losing without finding out the problem, this is not called investing. I have set a limit of losing during my MLB POD, as i do not have any tactics to continue so i stop unless i have a better system and idea to move on.
7. We know you are also working on secret Roulette systems. Please tell us more about it.
I had been playing casino for years. Everyone has a dream to achieve on something, this is one of it. Huang’s like to use system or tactics to play rather than using luck, same goes to sports, especially i do not know anything about and just do a blind bet, confirm no profits return. Line reversal tool is one of best tactics that everyone is using now and beating the bookies.
8. You preach conservative aka-Stamos approach in betting. Is that right? What are your words of wisdom to the people who are just starting out.
This is something new that i have learned from Stamos. You are right. People tend to be greedy easily. No matter how good you are, without this mindset, you will lose all the money. If you had check my result, there are parts i still forget Stamos’s words. Now you remind me, i must put a note in front of my computer to remind myself.
Thank you and keep up great job!
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