NCAA Basketball March Madness

It is that time of the year again with Code Systems. Don’t miss out on one of the most lucrative betting periods of the year. Win big with ZCode Systems and NCAA Basketball March Madness! The NCAA Basketball Tournament tips off next week and brackets will surely be busted within the tournament’s first 48 hours. There is still the matter of conference tournaments to be played this week, but as the NCAA Basketball Tournament approaches, the favorites for March Madness have risen to the top.

Virginia Cavaliers: +600 to win National Championship This week saw the unanimous selection of  ... 

March Madness 2016 NCAA National Championship Game: Nova vs UNC

NCAA National Championship Predictions: Villanova vs UNC Well, I was not high enough of Villanova. The kids from Philly can just flat out shoot. I thought they would struggle in the tournament but they have cruised to the National Championship. It’s been a very impressive run, but they take on the favorite to win it all in UNC and absolutely have their work cut out for them. The -2 line seems to have plenty of value on the Tar Heels.

But something about this doesn’t feel right. You have a scrappy team of sharp shooters in Villanova taking on a program  ... 

2016 March Madness Predictions: Kansas, UNC, UVA, Duke?

2016 March Madness: Duke, Kansas, UVA, UNC Final Four I think some of the best matchups were missed this year by a committee that made some very interesting regions and top seeds. That said, nobody in the field is overwhelmingly strong this year. As such, I think senior leadership and knowing how to win will be important – as always. Here are our 2016 March Madness predictions.

South Region

I like UConn in my 8 v 9 matchup, but otherwise I’m all chalk here. I’m not sure how Villanova and Philadelphia are a southern team, but it makes for an  ... 

Interview with Alexander, NBA and NHL Predictions and Analysis

Hey Guys, our guest today is Alexander, a student of Economics and Finance who has combined his experience as a sports investor with economic concepts. He’s had great results in the past few weeks on NHL, NBA, and very soon MLB. You have seen him and his recognizable Ted’s avatar around the forums, sharing his thoughts and insights very early for each game. Hi Alex; thanks for your time.

Tell us a bit about yourself, please. What’s your story?

Grew up a sports fan watching anything and everything. I used to go to AT&T Park in San Francisco  ... 

NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship: Wisconsin vs Duke

NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship: Wisconsin Vs Duke

I like Duke. I like Coach K. I like this team. I love that they’ve covered and won us a lot of money all tournament. I feel this weird sense of loyalty to them that I don’t really feel toward the Wisconsin Badgers. Still, I think Wisconsin is going to win an epic NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship to close out March Madness.

Wisconsin appears to be the better team. My only worry about the Badgers is that they have an incredibly difficult task to get back up for this game. Wisconsin was waiting a  ... 

NCAA March Madness Picks: Gonzaga vs Duke

NCAA March Madness Picks: Gonzaga Duke

I loved this region, and I loved Duke to win it. I think theyre the better team and we’ve been on them from the start to give Kentucky a run. I think this will be an interesting test for them.

Gonzaga has been on a nice run. They’re a solid team and they can fly under the Vegas radar a bit because the public doesn’t tend to think of them as a powerhouse. They’ve been strong all tournament and Duke has a history of underperforming in games they look like they should win.

This is  ... 

NCAA March Madness Picks: Can Anyone Beat the Kentucky Wildcats?

NCAA March Madness Picks, Predictions: Kentucky Vs Duke

Well, it was a long NCAA Basketball season, but March Madness is finally here. We’ve got a few upsets sprinkled in, but the road to the final four is paved in chalk. I have two of the top seeds squaring off in the finals, with UK winning the Men’s Basketball NCAA Championship this year.

Ultimately, there is too much depth. The undefeated Kentucky Wildcats have the leadership and talent necessary to win the entire thing, and they have players coming off the bench that can run away with a game. As the  ... 

Interview with Bruce – Basketball legend creator of: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Serum, Bonus NCAAB and Extravaganza.

Hi guys, today we have a conversation with Bruce, a basketball expert who has achieved a remarkable equilibrium between traditional and automated capping with his systems: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Extravaganza etc. He has been in Hulk mode these past few weeks, with very impressive results. And now he shares his insights and predictions with us.

1. Hi Bruce, please tell us more about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been involved in Sports Investing?

Hi to you and to all of my Zcode Family. It is a pleasure and honour to be a  ... 

NCAA Basketball Championship Pick and Prediction: Kentucky Vs Uconn (+3)

NCAA Basketball Championship Pick and Prediction: Kentucky Vs Uconn (+3)

The computer and I have made a lot of money on March Madness during the NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket. Where we’ve agreed, we’ve made a great deal of profit. Here, we have a very interesting split in the parameters of my system. It’s early, we’re monitoring it closely, but there are some very curious public money trends shaping up.

The computer is on UConn. They give four stars of underdog value and like them to win the game straight up. I am leaning the other way. Public money is Connecticut, but  ... 

NCAA March Madness Final Four Predictions: Florida, Kentucky Advance

NCAA March Madness Final Four Predictions: Florida, Kentucky

Wouldn’t it be wild if the SEC Final is a preview of the NCAA Championship? Well, the way Florida and Kentucky are both playing, that’s my prediction right now.

1. Florida vs 7. Uconn

I had Connecticut going far in the tournament – though I didn’t expect them to survive last round. They have leadership, dynamic guard play, and when it mattered most their defense stepped up big. Simply put, I don’t think they have the weapons to keep up with Florida. Florida has the same defensive tenacity, if not more, but they also have players to create their own offense. When push comes to shove, I think Florida controls this game.

Florida Advances

2. Wisconsin vs 8. Kentucky

I don’t like Kentucky. Freshman, talented as this group is, tend to be unreliable in the tournament. High pressure tends to break them down. That said, this group is coming together at the  ... 

NCAA March Madness Bracket Update: Sweet 16 Predictions

NCAA Sweet Sixteen March Madness Bracket Update

After a short break, the round of 16 has started in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. We thought it would be a good time to update our brackets. Our final four is largely in tact, and we even nailed the upset of Wichita State last round. That leaves us with teams we know very well, but a few surprises. It’s time to take another look:

11. Dayton Vs 10. Stanford

Who saw this one coming? Either way a double digit seed will make it to the next round. I’m not putting money on this one, but I have to believe Stanford has the edge. Then again, I thought that about everyone else Dayton has knocked off, after likely avoiding a play in game only because it was held in Dayton. I’m on Stanford, but with no confidence at all. Go Cinderella, go!

Stanford advances, barely.

6. Baylor vs 2. Wisconsin

We thought there  ... 

NCAA March Madness Picks: NDSU Vs Oklahoma

NCAA March Madness Picks: North Dakota State Vs Oklahoma

If you followed us this year in the VIP Club, you know that my biggest win of my professional gambling career came when Oklahoma upset Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Boomer Sooner, but my loyalties don’t cross sports. Oklahoma basketball means nothing to the Sooner faithful, and as such, it means nothing to me as a budding OU fan.

We already had our first big upset, as Ohio State fell to the much smaller, in-state “rival” Dayton. Epic as that game was, I’m still hunting for upsets. We’re looking for value in  ... 

$12,713 March Madness system

I got a new $12,713 March Madness system by Rich Allen

That’s a pretty bold statement, right?

(Whenever you get the chance to throw in some vintage

Ric Flair it has to be done)  ... 

NCAA Men’s Basketball Picks: Arizona at Arizona State

NCAA Basketball Picks: Arizona at Arizona State

We are not gamblers. We do not gamble. We are calculating sports investors. We have long-term goals in mind. We win. We win with discretion. We do not “over bet”. Just because Vegas has left us with only a few things to wager on today does not mean we have to pick the winners. If there is no value, we will not chase. Discretion, discretion, discretion!

We won our first college basketball game post in Z-Code history when Utah pulled off a convincing win against USC on the road, as predicted by the  ... 

NCAA Men’s Basketball Picks: Utah Vs USC

NCAA Basketball Picks Introduced: Utah Vs USC

We’re still testing the computer algorithm with NCAA Basketball, but we’re comfortable enough with it to start posting our outputs to the VIP Club. I’m using this pick to showcase this new feature, though I caution against betting too aggressively until we can lock down exactly how successful this is going forward. We have high hopes, though, and I think this is ready to go!

Utah is hot and USC is falling apart. While it’s always tough to go on the road and win in college, the Utes have a big edge in  ...