Interview with Bruce – Basketball legend creator of: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Serum, Bonus NCAAB and Extravaganza.

Hi guys, today we have a conversation with Bruce, a basketball expert who has achieved a remarkable equilibrium between traditional and automated capping with his systems: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Extravaganza etc. He has been in Hulk mode these past few weeks, with very impressive results. And now he shares his insights and predictions with us.


1. Hi Bruce, please tell us more about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been involved in Sports Investing?

Hi to you and to all of my Zcode Family. It is a pleasure and honour to be a part of such a great community.

I live in Sydney Australia, and I am Croatian born. I’ve been involved in sports betting since late teens, but only since I joined Zcode have I started with Sports Investing. Oh what a difference ;)

2. What parameters and stats do you value the most when analyzing the game?

I like to look for an edge, and I prefer to spot when a Dog will bite. Before, I used to look at standings, H2H, rankings etc., and I still do to an extent. However, I am getting more and more comfortable with Line Reversal charts, and I am amazed with patterns I am seeing there, so I am trying to put them to test and a positive use.

3. You are constantly tweaking your systems in the search for perfection. How have these changes affected the results?

Too much tweaking can break a system. It’s like tightening that screw one twist to many, it can snap. However, I have learned that each system I come up with next, is stronger, better than the last, and it would have never happened if I didn’t fail at some point. You need to fail to be able to pick up the pieces that worked and build something better and more accurate.

So don’t tweak too much. But be ready to fall, then rise again like a big green machine :)

4. You have worked really hard at automating your systems. Tell us the difference between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and how they have performed this season.

Yes I have, and I have to thank Mike and all the crew in Zlab for their patience and hard work they are putting towards making all of this work for us.

I want to point out that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, together with the Serum and Bonus NCAAB systems, are not 100% winning systems. There will be peaks and lows, this a part of it. The automated system is just that, automated, and it plays on selected parameters and then due to law of probability it hits more often then it loses and we profit in the long run. That is the idea.

Dr Jekyll picks dogs SU (straight up) and is highly oscillating system. Where it benefits from is ABC progression and high odds (anywhere from 2.00 to 7.00 or more sometimes). But there are few misses that one needs to be comfortable with, otherwise this is not for you, and that’s ok.

Mr Hyde picks dogs ATS (at the spread), and it’s also oscillating but less than Dr Jekyll. Most of the time these will be the same games. I recommend separate bankrolls for each of the signals. This is mainly due to a fact that we can have no signals for a while but then have quite a few on the same day. When this happens, a lot of your bankroll will be on stake, and it will not necessarily be a winning day. Then tomorrow it might be a wining day, but because you blow it all the day before you can’t play and you go down the drain…

Again, I can’t stress enough how important MM (Money Management) is. This is the most important thing, along with the Discipline.

Automated systems are all together sitting on some 125 units for this season. This is all 4 combined. Out of that Dr Jekyll is on 85 units, Mr Hyde on 18 units, the Serum on 13 units, and Bonus NCAAB on 11 units.

Now, this is where signals summary is sitting, and neither my self or anyone else has seen these profits in the current season. We had couple of hiccups and relevant changes, also we didn’t start live at the begging of the season but rather in mid December. I am hoping that we can learn from this season, do any updates needed in off season and then hit 2016 season hard and make some ridiculous profits!

5. And now, back to traditional capping: what can you tell us about Extravaganza?

Extravaganza is a system completely based on LR chart and info I get from there. The idea is to pick one game a day that will go over or under. I am still perfecting it. It started well, but then we hit a wall for a while. As with anything else this makes me mad and then I go and figure it out :)


6. Which team will be the Cinderella in NCAAB this season?

I have no idea lol, Utah Utes?

7. Who would be your fantasy NBA team?

Oh boy, he he… let’s see;

Stephen Curry, Marc Gasol, The Beard, Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge.

And I would be coaching them, we also don’t need other 5 guys :)

but if we change our mind we would like to play with Dwayne Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, Melo, Kevin Durant, DeMarcus Cousins

8. Haha, they sound like a hell of a team… Please tell us your top 3 teams from each conference and why?

In the East, they are as they stand at the moment; Atlanta, Toronto and Chicago.

How good had Atlanta been handling the business, unreal! And this is what I like about any team in any sport, team spirit. Yes, it’s cool to have stars, kings, beards, curries and roses but when you truly play like a team you are going places.

Toronto is Atlanta from Canada. Nuff said. And Chicago is old love of mine form Jordan/Pippen/Kukoc/Rodman era. The Bulls are good quality team and they need to find a touch more consistency to be on the top.

In the West, the very might Golden State Warriors. They are on full speed at the moment, but as we’ve seen they can be beaten. Goes to show that you need to plan ahead as guys do get tired. That’s why coach Popovich insist on resting his guys in San Antonio.

I also expect more form the Clippers, they have speed, power, accuracy… but they lack a bit of urgency. They haven’t smelt the blood yet so to speak.

Portland, I like Portland. But they do look lost lately, not sure why. Let’s see how it all pans out now after the break.

9. Your tips for the followers.

Again, Money Management is the key. Spice that up with Discipline and Patience, and you are a winner!

Not many know this, but when I started Zcode, I blew my Bankroll 3 times. Let me repeat that; I blew my bankroll 3 times.

How and why?

I was overwhelmed. There were picks left and right. People were posting WIN here and WIN there, +5 units, +20 units, bombs, mines etc.

This all works, but not when you pick and choose. For example, you notice that one expert is having a fantastic run raking in a lot of units and heaps of guys and girls are wining with him. You decide that it is NOW time to jump on it as well. WRONG! don’t do it! Fat chances are you will join just when the fun is over and lose your units. Then in search for a quick recovery you will jump on another system to do the same and lose more money. Then you will find that one “safe” bet and put all of your money on it because you don’t have much left anyways, and you will lose that too… I’ve been there, …three times.

Money management, discipline, patience.

I would like to thank everyone involved in this community of ours, and would like to wish everyone good luck, and be smart!

Special thanks to Mike, Zlab, Omega, Cliff, Bear, Nedyak, Valdemar, Dundee, Snork, P Andrew, Damon, Cartman, Dragon, Gergely, Munch, Mudrac, Jake, Brian, Athanasios and the rest of the gang on the Wall.

A special, special thanks to Cyril who was sort of a mentor to me, encouraging me at the start and being there in the shadows watching over my progress :) thank you mate!

Thanks so much Bruce, really appreciated, keep the awesome work!


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