NCAA March Madness Bracket Update: Sweet 16 Predictions

NCAA Sweet Sixteen March Madness Bracket Update

After a short break, the round of 16 has started in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. We thought it would be a good time to update our brackets. Our final four is largely in tact, and we even nailed the upset of Wichita State last round. That leaves us with teams we know very well, but a few surprises. It’s time to take another look:

11. Dayton Vs 10. Stanford

Who saw this one coming? Either way a double digit seed will make it to the next round. I’m not putting money on this one, but I have to believe Stanford has the edge. Then again, I thought that about everyone else Dayton has knocked off, after likely avoiding a play in game only because it was held in Dayton. I’m on Stanford, but with no confidence at all. Go Cinderella, go!
Stanford advances, barely.

6. Baylor vs 2. Wisconsin

We thought there was value on Baylor in the last round and the computer was right. Here, they say the same. I don’t think Wisconsin is that great and I think they’re very beatable. Baylor is hot and coming together down the stretch. I kind of like an upset, even at the expense of my original bracket. I’ll give this one to Baylor, but again, with limited confidence.
Baylor Advances

1. Florida Vs 4. UCLA

We saw this one coming and I see no reason to change my mind about who the better team is. UCLA has some holes, while Florida is incredibly talented on defense and has some of the best guard play in the nation. As Dicky V always says, guards and seniors win this tourney. I’m on Florida.
Florida Advances

1. Arizona Vs 4. SDSU

Again, we thought this matchup could be on the horizon. I think that Arizona, despite their struggles down the stretch, has really come together lately. They seem to know what’s at stake and I don’t think SDSU will be able to contain them. SDSU has a great defense, but they won’t keep up. Good game, maybe an under play, but I think the Cats move on.
Arizona advances

11. Tennessee Vs 2. Michigan

Neither team has broken a sweat so far in the tournament, but I don’t think Tennessee can keep up this magical run. They have talent inside, but Michigan has talent everywhere. I think they display that here and finally end Tennessee’s play-in run.
Michigan advances

7. Connecticut Vs 3. Iowa State

I love Connecticut. They made a nice run and I predicted them on upsets all the way to this point. Now, I begin to grow unsure. They’re volatile and hard to trust, and I wouldn’t throw big money on them or against them at this point. Still, I’ll take them in my updated bracket and hope the underdog scratches out a win.
Uconn advances

8. Kentucky Vs 4. Louisville

This is the matchup the bracketologists dreamed up when they screwed up the seeding this year. I think Louisville, the defending champs, take out the top-ranked preseason team in the nation. Kentucky is no 8 seed, but Louisville is no four. I think this is going to be a great game, and I’m hoping that the upstart Kentucky team can’t trounce the defending champions and ruin my bracket..
Louisville advances

1. Virginia Vs 4. Michigan State

I’ve got MSU, as a trendy pick like everyone else, making a run to the final four and possibly the championship game. I don’t think Virginia is a true one seed and MSU is finally healthy. Still, this is a tough game for both sides. It feels more like a 1 Vs. 2 game or a Final Four matchup. It’s a shame they meet so early, but I think MSU advances.
Michigan State advances


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