NCAA Men’s Basketball Picks: Utah Vs USC

NCAA Basketball Picks Introduced: Utah Vs USC

We’re still testing the computer algorithm with NCAA Basketball, but we’re comfortable enough with it to start posting our outputs to the VIP Club. I’m using this pick to showcase this new feature, though I caution against betting too aggressively until we can lock down exactly how successful this is going forward. We have high hopes, though, and I think this is ready to go!

Utah is hot and USC is falling apart. While it’s always tough to go on the road and win in college, the Utes have a big edge in momentum coming in. USC is not the powerhouse in basketball that they are in football, so there should be no fear betting against this big name school.

I like the way Utah matches up here, and I’m on them with low confidence. I think that USC is stepping on their own feet right now, stumbling down the stretch run out west. I admit these are not two teams I follow closely and the algorithm here is still relatively new, but I see some value here and I’m on the money line.

Utah 62 – USC 51


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