NCAA March Madness Final Four Predictions: Florida, Kentucky Advance

NCAA March Madness Final Four Predictions: Florida, Kentucky

Wouldn’t it be wild if the SEC Final is a preview of the NCAA Championship? Well, the way Florida and Kentucky are both playing, that’s my prediction right now.

1. Florida vs 7. Uconn
I had Connecticut going far in the tournament – though I didn’t expect them to survive last round. They have leadership, dynamic guard play, and when it mattered most their defense stepped up big. Simply put, I don’t think they have the weapons to keep up with Florida. Florida has the same defensive tenacity, if not more, but they also have players to create their own offense. When push comes to shove, I think Florida controls this game.
Florida Advances

2. Wisconsin vs 8. Kentucky
I don’t like Kentucky. Freshman, talented as this group is, tend to be unreliable in the tournament. High pressure tends to break them down. That said, this group is coming together at the perfect moment. Wisconsin is a great passing team with no real weaknesses. I respect what they’ve done this season, but the talent of Kentucky finally clicking could be enough to get Kentucky into the final.
Kentucky advances, low confidence.


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