Meet Uncle Tito Part 2 – Setbacks, victories and lessons – One year after going professional

ūüŹÜ Meet Uncle Tito Part 2 – Setbacks, victories and lessons – One year after going professional

As times are challenging and coronavirus has put uncertainty around the sports, there’s one person who has made an extraordinary announcement to become professional a year ago. In this podcast Tito talks about his setbacks, lessons learnt and most importantly his victories that put him in the position that he’s in now. He’s a living legend and a sheer example that determination, dedication and knowledge combined will help you succeed in becoming a pro.

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How do sportsbooks work and how do you find a bookmaker?

If you want to invest money into sports betting, then you will need to find a sportsbook to take your bets. Individuals new to sports betting may have a few questions about sportsbooks before getting started and this blog aims to answer two of the biggest questions that may be kicking around in your brain. 

The first question you may have is: How do sportsbooks work? This is a simple question to answer and will be addressed shortly. The other question you may have is: How do you find a bookmaker? Of course, you don’t want to find  ... 


Hello and welcome to this quick review of Zcode’s Top automated Systems and our Results that we’d like to share with you guys! As you may well know, our Z-Lab Development team is constantly innovating and improving our zcode systems, so it’s no surprise that a LOT of NEW features & sytems have been added over the years. With over 250+ automated systems, it’s easy to get overwhelmed fast and lose yourself in the myriad trends that we have to offer. That’s why we created this automated system ratings list that we call Zcode Top Systems! This list contains all  ... 

Results are in 26W-3L

I hope you are following Zcode experts?

Nikita’s results –

Recap statistics for 4 days – he is posting picks on the Wall

26W – 3L  ... 

Advantages and Disadvantages of making accumulator (parlay) bets

Accumulator bets are incredibly popular methods of wagering on sports. However, like all betting methods, accumulators have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at some of the reasons you may like to make an accumulator bet and why you may think twice before laying on down.

An accumulator, or parlay depending on the terminology you prefer to use, is a single¬†bet¬†that¬†comprises¬†two or more individual wagers. An accumulator’s result is dependent on all of the individual wagers winning.

Example of winning parlay (Stamos system)

If you make¬†a soccer accumulator bet on four Premier League matches, you would need all four  ... 

Zcode System giving back to sports donations help youth soccer club

Zcode System loves sports and the creators of the company were all impacted by various sports from an early age. That is why Zcode System is giving back and donating a variety of items to some very lucky youth soccer clubs and sports schools.

Our all-new charity program “Zcode¬†System giving back to sports”¬†gives us the chance to¬†support kids clubs and sports schools in different countries. Our aim is to¬†provide¬†these organizations¬†with the necessary equipment needed to be successful.¬†

Not only does the program give needed items to sports schools and kids clubs, but it helps to improve local communities in areas where  ... 

What is your sports betting win rate?

What is your sports betting win rate? It is something that is asked all the time in sports betting circle. But it is a statistic that is overvalued in betting.

Yes, that is correct, sports betting win rate is overvalued in gambling. Many sports betting handicappers and so-called experts preach the importance of win rate. On the surface, it makes complete sense. The win rate is how many wins you get from the number of bets you make.

If you make 10 bets on NFL games and win eight of those wagers, then you would have a phenomenal¬†80  ... 

ZCode System Top Performing Automated Systems for February 2019

February is upon us and you know what that means in the sports world. February will see the biggest American sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl and millions of dollars will be wagered on the game.

Check top systems here

(You can click Active only and Profit: by Live signals)

The month will also see the NBA’s midpoint and NCAA basketball is gearing up for March Madness. February also sees the return of the Champions League, Europa League, and top European soccer leagues heading into the home stretch. Yes, February is a great time  ... 

Sneak Peek – New Cool features are coming: WALL 2.0 and more!

Today I am very excited to show you a sneak peek of the new amazing features that are coming to Zcode this year.

AS you know 2019 is a special year for Zcode. It’s a year when we are finally going to introduce major improvements, it’s a year when we could finally get our old experts team back together again and it’s a really special time for our zcode family of sports investors. You will see several major upgrades and improvements for the first time in 8 years!

The time has changed so have the tools and it’s  ... 

The new VIP Wall 2.0 is coming soon!

The new Wall 2.0 is in final stages of testing, here is a sneak peek into a new fresh and clean Vip picks page 2.0

The theme becomes blue instead of brown-red and the wall will have lighter background, easier for the eyes comparing to black and white. The elements and layout will remain familiar to avoid “fixing what’s not broken”.

One of the main concerns was to make it mobile friendly. It will be ONE wall for all devices, it automatically becomes mobile friendly instead of having 2 walls like in the past.

The main changes will  ... 

Take a look at our weekend winner picks!

This sunday we had an amazing day, and we’re glad to share it with you!

Take a look at some of our winning picks. This is just a glance of the amazing day we had in all sports.

We win DAILY

Are you already winning with us?  ... 

Thank you!

We are entering that magic time of the year and I would like to thank all our fellow zcoders and followers for this amazing and profitable year that we had together! I really hope 2019 will be even better and may all your dreams come true! Wishing you Merry Christmas and happy new year!

+ watch Live proof update from JAKE and his results

This is how Jake (Our Tennis handicapper) just did during 2018 Tennis season. Amazing Results, over 500 units of profit!

Jake is one of the great contributors who is sharing his plays and tracking his bets  ... 

Road To Million – challenge

Road To Million – challenge I know you must be tired of losing by following unverified systems that never show you last performance..

“I am 9-3 in the last 12 games” is the best you can get from such scam handicappers.

What about other 20 games that they lost before getting on that hot streak?

They NEVER mention that.  ... 

This is how it’s done

If your bets’ results, are not looking like this ones,

you’re using the wrong strategy.

Everyday our community wins,

It’s inevitable!¬† Since we’re the only ones with a system that has¬†proven being the only one giving you real profits on your bets.  ...