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23 thoughts on “Take a look at our weekend winner picks!

  1. Alright I will watch that and that is the plan! Right now I am about to go to college and found this and was amazed because I love sports and making money from it is even better. I would pay for this site even if I wasn't using it to bet. And hey maybe this could be a possible job some day!
  2. Last three days with one push!! Follow a system guys, its better not to guess who is going to win and and try to make up your money all the time!! It would be better than that but im a little more less aggressive than Mr Score!!
  3. haha , i am fully in now!! i invested enough money now to get a nice longterm income here!! i love everybody who helps us with his picks to get our own strategie!! it was great luck for me to come here! lets rock the worl of betting!! ;-)
  4. This is to good to be true, and i mean that in everyway! I fear the day Zcode and this community issent here anymore. But for now ill embrace every day :-)
  5. Hi folks. Figured I'd post something so I can win an Ipad. ;) I haven't posted before and generally just lurk, but I thought I'd add my voice to those saying how impressive this site is, and how nice it is to see such a supportive group of people here. I've been doing very well following the hot t
  6. i follow zcode since early facebook times and it has been nothing but good and helpful experience for me. guys are very helpful and try to explain how you can not just blindly follow but also understand the transparent system based on statistics.
  7. good night for me. small winnings, but winnings!! small winnings every month bring us good winnings in a year!! better than investing with bankers! hahaha
  8. I'm new to this, joined few days ago and spent whole night reading forums, could not stop. so much value and you seem like a nice banch of people, i already making plans what to follow, reading experts!! very excited!!

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