What is your sports betting win rate?

What is your sports betting win rate? It is something that is asked all the time in sports betting circle. But it is a statistic that is overvalued in betting.


Yes, that is correct, sports betting win rate is overvalued in gambling. Many sports betting handicappers and so-called experts preach the importance of win rate. On the surface, it makes complete sense. The win rate is how many wins you get from the number of bets you make.

If you make 10 bets on NFL games and win eight of those wagers, then you would have a phenomenal 80 percent win rate. Sounds great, right? Problem is, you may not have won very much money while compiling that 80 percent win rate.

This is a common misconception newer sports bettors make and one way handicappers sell their services. Handicappers proclaim they can enable bettors to accumulate a high win rate. But using common sense in certain sports, it isn’t difficult to reach a high win rate on educated bets.

For example, a handicapper may advise you to bet over 1.5 goals for a random NHL game. While that seems great, common sense should tell you that the NHL is a high-scoring league and games rarely finish 0-0. If you wager on one NHL game to finish with over 1.5 goals and it does, then you have a great win rate, right? Of course.

But how much money did you actually win from that bet? Not much. So, rather than believe handicappers who talk up their massive win rates, why not ask a more important question.

That question is: What are your sports betting profits?

A sports bettor, especially newbies, should be more concerned with the profits a handicapper makes rather than a win rate.

When you go to your local bookie, you are far more concerned with making profits and walking away with cash. Therefore, worrying about win rate is foolish and it is used by handicappers to distract you from the fact they haven’t won very much money.

By worrying about win rate, a bettor is too distracted — or afraid — to take advantage of the bets at his or her disposal. To achieve a high win rate, many bettors will make such small bets that they will be only winning $1 here and there.

In fact, you actually run a real risk of damaging your bankroll in this fashion. Small winnings means you may be staking large amounts of cash. If you happened to lose a bet, you would then lose a decent amount of money. Is risking a large stake for a small profit really worth it?

Rather than making “sure thing” bets to increase win rate, making a riskier bet in which the profits would be significantly higher is a better play.


Win rate is used to lure novice bettors, but it isn’t the stat sports gamblers should focus on. Sports bettors should always be worried about their profits. You don’t go to work and receive a paycheck in win rates. Cold hard cash is what is important.

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  1. I use also line reversals tool from zcode a lot.. just find teams with tons of public percentage and bet opposite runline or puckline!! works like magic!!

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