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02:51 AM

Michal says:
Good day for me :)

MON Canadiens @ BUF Sabres UNDER 5.5 WON
NAS Predators +1.0 WON (thx ZCODE!)
Nashville Predators ML WON (thx ZCODE!)
Nashville Predators - X in reg WON (Mike, thx you very much!)
Colorado ML WON (thx Steve!)
Colorado over 2,5 WON (thx Steve!)

Thx you ZCODE and all community, i love you write ups!

04:09 AM

Stamos says:
Oh boy, we are unstoppable!!! Stamos won again! Thank you everyone! Well done on preds zcodesystem and Mark on sharks!

04:50 AM

Danilo says:
+$744 for ZCode PODers! When mad February ends it's time for March madness! :)

05:26 AM

Rolando says:
Super day for me again, my crazy parlays "All under 5.5" and "All goes overtime nearly" nearly all won bringing me 900 bucks today (I invested around 200 only)

05:56 AM

jerry w says:
Haha great day again !
I hit the 4 teams parlays and also all the team deliver most of the packages. What a tough day for all the teams ! great to watch this awesome sport and make profits ! I love u guys !

05:57 AM

Rob says:
Mon Tie - Won
Ducks Tie - Won
Sharks Tie - Lost
Preds Tie - Won
Preds ML - Won
Preds TTO2.5 - Won
Mon +1 - Push
Ducks +1 - Push
Mon U5.5 - Won

6-1 and 2 push.

Very pleased with that and couldn't have done it without you all.

05:57 AM

Bails says:
another great night!bookies must be getting nervous...thanks zcode and fellow investors..lets keep knocking them off!!

07:32 AM

Yasen says:
Sharks + 1, Avs ML on for me yesterday. Good times!

06:57 PM

Alan says:
i've been very successful lately.

02:33 AM

Michal says:
Amazing day for me! Thank you ZCODE (full package form Rangers!), Rolando, Steve.S, Alberto, Mike, Stanley, Jonathan, Cyril, Yasen. I placed few bets with yours yesteday picks, i added few mine pickes and i went 14-5-1! What a pity that my bankroll is not big enough ;)!

LA over 2.5 WIN
LA-DET over 5 WIN
LA X in reg LOST
Wahington Capitals ML WIN
capitals x WIN
capitals game under 5.5 LOST
Florida ML WIN
Dallas ML WIN
St. Louis ML LOST
St. Louis X WIN
St. Louis game under 5,5 LOST
Panthers over 2.5 WIN
Rangers ML WIN
Rangers -1 WIN
Rangers over 2,5 WIN
boston game over 5 WIN
Capitals -1 PUSH
calgary X in reg WIN
toronto x in reg LOST

03:14 AM

Stamos says:
Oh boy, I am on fire! Yet another winner!

03:50 AM

Danilo says:
+$654 for A-league PODers!
My Kings've finally started to play some hockey! That was only the lonely bet for me last night. So we coud say I went 100% haha

04:22 AM

Alberto says:
What a fantastic day again :)! You are awesome guys! lets keep rocking :)!

04:36 AM

Danilo says:
6.3.12 +1493
7.312 +760
8.3.12 +1032
9.3.12 +1064
10.3.12 +1725
11.3.12 +2253
12.3.12 +3226
13.3.12 +3970
14.3.12 +4624

04:46 AM

Kacper says:
WOW, I went 9-1 yesterday !! What a great tools and support, what a great comnunity ! What else to say ? THANK YOU :)

04:47 AM

Marko says:
I went 100% last night: PHI TTO won,LA ML won,LA -1 won,LA Over 5 won,WAS ML won,RANGERS ML,-1,TTO and TTU all won,MINN TTU,TOR TTU,DALL ML and PANTHERS ML,-1,TTO!!!
When I saw it I almost start crying.........thanks to all who post yesterday.

04:50 AM

Jonny says:
Marko, 15-0 night, that is amazing!

06:25 AM

Tim says:
Another big day for Z-code.
Ranger,200 to win 109.29 won
Rangers,-1.0,200 to win 183.49 won
Washington,200 to win 176.99 won
San Jose/Calgary,over 5.0,200 to win 145.99 push
Detroit/Kings,over 5.0,200 to win 172.41 won
Total won=$642.18
That now takes me to $4,031.29 in 23 days.Thanks Z-code and to everyone who posts ideas in this forum.If anyone is thinking of giving up because this seems too hard,don't.It takes a week or two but it becomes easier the more you read all the posts.

01:43 PM

Jens says:
I must say we are a group of winners.
Dallas ML winn
Blues-Hawks OT winn
Panthers Over 2.5 winn
Panthers ML winn
L.A.Kings Over 2.5. winn
Capitals ML winn
Blues-Hawks U. 5.5 .Loss
Red Wings-L.A. O 5 winn
Boston -Tamba O 5.5. winn
Boston ML Loss
Rangers ML winn
Islander O 2.5. winn
Toronto U 2.5. winn
So I am so glad 11-2

and I still use a little bankroll but it is for sure getting bigger so a ROI last night of 61.9% Wow.

02:10 AM

Jonny says:
NHL: WIN ML WON +200, ANA ML WON +200 = +400
NBA: PHI -2 LOSS -110, TOR +2 LOSS -110, DET +3.5 WON +100, DET ML WON +115 = -5
MLB: TOR ML WON +100, DET ML WON +100, DET -1.5 LOSS -100, WAS ML LOSS -110, SEA ML WON +100 = +90

Finished +485 for the day.

05:09 AM

Trey says:
I expect very profitable week on NBA / College Basketball
Like I said my systems work in cycles and now I am on the up-trend.

06:17 AM

Yasen says:
Nice evening - Avs draw + Avs+1 + Jets Ml + Detroit ML(not sure why I keep trusting them) = nice profit!

02:25 AM

Danilo says:
So Bernard won again right? haha Amazing streak continues - 17 in a row! Bravo!

04:10 AM

Michal says:
Great day for me. I hit 5/5 :)
Los Angeles Kings ML @2,01
Montreal Canadiens +1,5 @1,52
Oilers over 2,5 @1,66
Jets over 2,5 @1,67
Chicago Blackhawks at Dallas Stars UNDER 5,5 @1,78

04:55 AM

Emil says:
2-0 nice :) Kings ML and OTT ML

04:55 AM

Daryl says:
Great day again thanks to Z-Code!! 4/4 Wins - DAL/CHI under 5.5, CHI +1.5, OTT/MON Under 5.5, and MON +1.5.

04:55 AM

Rolando says:
very good day for me as well. I was right on Ottawa, very strong oscillator signal there and they could find a power to win despite losing 1-0 whole game!

05:00 PM

Jens says:
Hi Stanley I agree I got ROI of 30% last night ...
Hope you post your picks at the forum again before the nights games

11:22 PM

Mudrac says:
4-1 today,very good night,solid profit...We won on Flames under 5.5,Oilers under 5.5,Jackets TTU 2.5 and Jets TTO 2.5...We missed only Ducks vs Preds over 5(Ducks couldnt score anything).Low score in Calgary and Edmonton as we expected,not much goals from Jackets for us.Jets lost but scored 3 goals for TTO.Move on,next day is coming! Regards for all!

05:02 AM

Trey says:
Very good day for me again, 12 Wins, including 2 PODs on NHL, 5 losses , full package on MLB with new Zcode mlb-beta!

The sports are in a good balance. When MLB is going down usually I win big time on NBA/NHL like on Sunday.. When NHL fails I get my profit from MLB and basketball like yesterday :)

12:02 PM

Jens says:
Thanks Mike and I am thanksfull to be a part of this 100 percent winning team and will be around as long as Zcode HI HI

02:47 AM

Jonny says:
Great Day!

MLB: Detroit -1.5 RL - WIN
NHL: Chicago -1.5 PL - WIN
NBA: Milwaukee +3.5 - WIN
Parylay: Chicago -1.5 PL and Milwaukee +3.5 - WIN

Chicago -1.5 PL - WIN
Pittsburgh -1.5 PL - WIN
Parlay: Chicago -1.5 PL and Pittsburgh -1.5 PL - WIN

Up over $700 for the day!

02:53 AM

Mark says:
Wow that's a great job. I think today was my best day of the season. 7-0 is really impressive Jonathan!

04:38 AM

Stamos says:
Kings won big time! Stamos is in profit!

05:48 AM

Stanley says:
I paid my dues, another profit cashed for mr. score
TOTAL: -600 + 709 -142 + 603 + 624 = 1,194 PROFIT
will be drinking hard tonight. don't bet much today, games are kind of random like Mark said. Have patience and wait for the kill!

08:29 AM

Marko says:
One of the best nights this year!! Both my PODS(huge bets) hit, PITT and HAWKS!!
I even got -1.5 on both,Jonny I so happy for you,you deserved this kind of profit!
Trey and Alberto thank you for MLB picks,awesome ;) :)

10:02 AM

Daryl says:
Won 7 out of 7 bets yesterday - very happy - thx everyone!

04:25 PM

Leonard says:
Good job yesterday Al like I said you're the MAN.

04:57 PM

Mudrac says:
I posted my pics for today.You are welcome to comment about them on forum.Regards and good luck for all!

05:38 PM

Alberto says:
My picks qlreqdy for those interested!
Hurry Up!

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