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What is MLB Team Strength Oscillator and how to use it?
ZCode MLB Team Strength Oscillator shows you the current team shape in a form of an easy chart. Just by looking at the chart you can compare two teams to see each team's pattern and current trend, which team is surging, which is slumping. You will also get the current team status, their last games and the difference (delta) between their conditions. The Oscillator is calculated based on the bookie odds for the closed game.

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Arizona Diamondbacks
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
25th Aug 2019, 14:10Arizona DiamondbacksMilwaukee Brewers5:22.0301.890
24th Aug 2019, 19:10Arizona DiamondbacksMilwaukee Brewers0:42.2001.770
23rd Aug 2019, 20:10Arizona DiamondbacksMilwaukee Brewers1:62.3901.670
21st Aug 2019, 15:40Colorado RockiesArizona Diamondbacks7:22.6901.560
20th Aug 2019, 21:40Colorado RockiesArizona Diamondbacks7:82.4001.670
19th Aug 2019, 21:40Colorado RockiesArizona Diamondbacks3:52.9001.480
18th Aug 2019, 16:10San Francisco GiantsArizona Diamondbacks1:61.9801.930
17th Aug 2019, 20:10San Francisco GiantsArizona Diamondbacks11:62.0501.870
16th Aug 2019, 21:40San Francisco GiantsArizona Diamondbacks10:92.2201.760
15th Aug 2019, 21:40San Francisco GiantsArizona Diamondbacks7:02.5201.620
14th Aug 2019, 15:10Arizona DiamondbacksColorado Rockies6:71.6502.450
13th Aug 2019, 20:40Arizona DiamondbacksColorado Rockies9:31.7702.200
12th Aug 2019, 20:40Arizona DiamondbacksColorado Rockies8:61.9901.920
11th Aug 2019, 16:10Arizona DiamondbacksLos Angeles Dodgers3:92.9501.470
10th Aug 2019, 21:10Arizona DiamondbacksLos Angeles Dodgers0:42.5001.630
9th Aug 2019, 22:10Arizona DiamondbacksLos Angeles Dodgers3:22.6501.570
7th Aug 2019, 21:40Philadelphia PhilliesArizona Diamondbacks1:62.3501.690
6th Aug 2019, 21:40Philadelphia PhilliesArizona Diamondbacks4:82.1901.780
5th Aug 2019, 21:40Philadelphia PhilliesArizona Diamondbacks7:32.0401.880
4th Aug 2019, 16:10Washington NationalsArizona Diamondbacks5:71.6302.490
3rd Aug 2019, 20:10Washington NationalsArizona Diamondbacks7:181.7602.220
2nd Aug 2019, 21:40Washington NationalsArizona Diamondbacks3:02.0701.850
31st Jul 2019, 13:05Arizona DiamondbacksNew York Yankees5:72.2701.730
30th Jul 2019, 19:05Arizona DiamondbacksNew York Yankees4:23.1001.430
29th Jul 2019, 19:10Arizona DiamondbacksMiami Marlins6:111.9501.950
28th Jul 2019, 13:10Arizona DiamondbacksMiami Marlins1:51.6402.470
27th Jul 2019, 18:10Arizona DiamondbacksMiami Marlins9:21.8402.090
26th Jul 2019, 19:10Arizona DiamondbacksMiami Marlins2:31.5502.720
24th Jul 2019, 15:40Baltimore OriolesArizona Diamondbacks2:52.3201.700
23rd Jul 2019, 21:40Baltimore OriolesArizona Diamondbacks7:22.7401.540
22nd Jul 2019, 21:40Baltimore OriolesArizona Diamondbacks3:63.3501.390
21st Jul 2019, 16:10Milwaukee BrewersArizona Diamondbacks7:41.7902.170
20th Jul 2019, 20:10Milwaukee BrewersArizona Diamondbacks8:32.4001.670
19th Jul 2019, 21:40Milwaukee BrewersArizona Diamondbacks7:101.7802.180
18th Jul 2019, 21:40Milwaukee BrewersArizona Diamondbacks5:11.9401.960
17th Jul 2019, 20:05Arizona DiamondbacksTexas Rangers19:41.7902.170
16th Jul 2019, 20:05Arizona DiamondbacksTexas Rangers9:22.4801.630
14th Jul 2019, 14:15Arizona DiamondbacksSt Louis Cardinals2:51.8902.020
13th Jul 2019, 19:15Arizona DiamondbacksSt Louis Cardinals2:42.2701.730
12th Jul 2019, 20:15Arizona DiamondbacksSt Louis Cardinals4:22.1301.810

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