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New High Converting Email Series

Send these emails in a sequence of 3-4 in a row. Remember Zcode is medium/high ticket offer so to ensure high conversions your leads must be properly preheated first!

Most of the swipes come in a new HTML format with images that guarantees high conversions! Make sure to replace ZZZ with your clickbank ID in the links inside the emails and change your name of course in the signaure!

Are you tired of promoting those cheap, low-cost products, working your butt off for a mere 20 dollar commission?

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Promote the one and only Sports Betting Product that is not only leading the Clickbank marketplace in an astonishing 399 USD per sale on average, but also has one of the best conversions in the industry, as high as 5%, the lowest refund rate of just 4%, and the longest stick rate of members of over 1 year average! That means for just 1 sale you’ll be receiveing a full year of huge monthly commissions, that’s 60% month after month!

But don't take my word for it — you can verify those numbers in the clickbank marketplace yourself!
We have nothing to hide because Zcode Sports Picks and VIP club became one of the rare genuine products in the industry overcrowded by scam artists and so called "handicapping gurus," and thanks to its winning systems and transparency, it could build a huge fan base of successful sports investors! You’ll see the hundreds of great reviews and testimonials we’ve received, and the thousands of fans on our facebook pages as well!

Remember Zcode is an evergreen product. We have sports all year round. You can join our affiliate program any time of the year and start getting a mouthwatering 399 dollars per sale.

Go through the affiliate materials we prepared, you’ll be surprised to see the great conversion tricks and alternative landing pages including multilingual salespages, giveaway tools, a sports investing bible ebook, free widgets for your site, game simulators, totals predictors, webinars, and of course best converting swipes, keywords and banners that we prepared for you!

Why promote Zcode?

  • Top Betting Product on Clickbank Marketplace = PROVEN TO SELL
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  • Our sports cover whole year = MAKE MONEY ALL YEAR ROUND

Signup as an affiliate via Clickbank and lets get started. Time to make great money together on the product that really works and converts like candy. I am sure you will love it!

* Note: The base commission is set to 50% to reduce affiliate fraud from newbie affiliates. After 90 days and 10 sales you can request to be moved to 60% commission tier.

Become A ZCode Affiliate In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Sign up as a Clickbank Affiliate

In order to start selling our Z-Code System, the first thing you'd need to do is sign-up at Clickbank as an affiliate: Sing Up Here.

If you have any questions or doubts about Clickbank' affiliate system, please check their FAQ here below: Clickbank Affiliate FAQ

Step 2: Get your personal Clickbank referral link and enter your e-mail
Enter your Clickbank Affiliate ID:
Enter your e-mail:
Submit & Get A Link

Step 3: Promote Your personal referral link and make sales
Start promoting our product, Z-Code System & VIP Club, and drive as much traffic as possible to the link above, and since this is a recurring product, you'll soon begin to reap the benefits on a MONTHLY basis... That's one of the BEST advantages about promoting our Z-Code product!! Recurring HIGH earnings that feed you trough the summer :)

Z Code Selling Funnel includes 2 products:

* Note: The base commission is set to 50% to reduce affiliate fraud from newbie affiliates. After 90 days and 10 sales you can request to be moved to 60% commission tier.

Promote via Zcode Affiliate Traffic Rotator

Here is how it works:

Your Traffic Goes into Traffic Rotator => The rotator spreads it over the top converting salespages-variations automatically. This way you not only promote just 1 salespage but all available salespages variations automatically getting top conversions.

Why? You never know which salespage type converts best for your traffic. Some traffic sources like hype-over-the-top salespages, other traffic sources prefer serious, down-to earth salespages. Using the rotator you automatically spread the traffic over the salespages for you keeping the best of the best.

There is no extra tracking needed to be done on your side. Simply send traffic via:

ZZZ = your clickbank ID and you will see your hops and sales inside your clickbank account as usual!
Affiliate Contest — Win Amazing Prizes Simply By Promoting Zcode!
Take a look on amazing conversions our affiliates have! 5-10% conversion rates!

Each and every affiliate could reach amazing 5-10% conversion rates! Sells like Candy

Zcode Amazing Conversions

Zcode already showed amazing Clickbank conversions of 5.85% and a very high gravity in the marketplace, which means it sells very well and everyone is promoting it now!

Don't miss the train!

Take a look on the marketplace stats:

Clickbank Marketplace link:

We have been tweaking and re-tweaking our salesletter to ensure the best conversion. Our first launch showed amazing 5.85% Conversion rate on a high priced recurring product which is an amazing number!

Risk Management Tier Level: Excellent!

It means high quality product = low refund rate = safe to promote

Zcode Prediction Widgets

Copy & Paste ZCode Sports Predictions Widget on your own website and blog for free!

This way you will improve your website with free sports predictions for your visitors. Moreover we will include a backlink to your website in our Partner Catalog. The best part is every prediction widget has your affiliate link built inside the "powered by" that will automatically drive you affiliate sales if the visitors click on them and join us.

Here is how it looks on your website:

Create your own widget now in 2 minutes and get a code! Click here

Zcode Giveaway Tools

We have prepared a lot of great free bonuses and giveaways for lead generation tools that are given to the leads during prelaunch such as Head-to-Head Tool, Zcode Oscillator (NBA, NFL, NHL), Zcode Power rankings Indicator, Zcode Totals predictor and other great free tools that help people to predict game outcomes.

Here is your customized Totals Predictor Zcode Giveaway tool

Send the following link to your members/visitors or put it on the site/blog..

The link has A Total predictor which automatically places a clickbank cookie on your members that means later when he buys

How to check it to make sure it works?

  1. Clean cookies
  2. Visit your totals predictor
  3. Then try to buy zcode:

You will notice a small [affiliate = ZZZ ] in the bottom of the order form!

The cookies stay around 180 days which means even if they buy later from the waiting list you are still paid :)

Use The Evergreen Webinar and Convert Through The Roof!

We prepared a special webinar script that looks as if it was Live but is actually prerecorded.. So called "evergreen" webinar than you can run 24/7!

Using this special link you will convert even better at a lower price ($50 off) and earn a ton of money.. Its a great way to reach the less powerful wallet holders.. But don't forget to advertise the regular Zcode page aswell.. We have different target markets with both and both work equally well in their market segment.

Webinar affiliate Link:

Change ZZZ with your clickbank ID!

Remember, people, who already have members area account at Zcode are automatically not allowed to access the webinar, so you will not lose any sales from old buyers seeing the discount! If you see "Error, webinar full capacity" it means you are the client so it blocks you !

A swipe:

Promote Zcode Live Game Simulator

Zcode Live Game simulator has your clickbank ID built in

Replace ZZZ with your ID

This hot converting optin page has a special game simulator that converts really well and enters people into the follow up sequence to convert them into buyers for you! Send the traffic with your affiliate ID and the simulator will do the rest!

Espanol Version

We just added Spanish version support into Zcode. We translated everything from salesletter to members area, guides and video tutorials and added some cool features such as Live commentary auto-translations. You can get into untapped huge betting market in Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica , Canary, Islands, Venezuela, Ecuador , Cuba, Honduras, Chile , Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Republics Dominicana, Uruguay and even Brazil (they also understand spanish)

Remember, The early bird catches the worm! Hurry up, conquer the spanish betting markets! They are huge especially on soccer and zcode experts are crashing the bookies on soccer!!

Here is your personal SPANISH affiliate link to promote Zcode to those markets.


Russian Version

We just added russian version of zcode! We translated the salesletter and the members area to help you promote to Russian speaking countries such as Russia (dah), Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan! Over 300 Million russian speaking potential customers - fully untapped market for you to promote to! Russian speakers are big fans of sports such as hockey (we have KHL pics for them) and soccer (football)!

Here is your personal Russian affiliate link to promote Zcode to those markets.

Russian Banners

German version

A new German version is perfect for promotions in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and other German speaking countries.

Use the following link, replacing ZZZ with your clickbank ID

No popup version

Some ads networks require a page with no popups, you can use the following link

No autoplay version

Promote salespage version without the autoplay

No popup + no autoplay version

Great for PPC campaigns that dont allow popups or autoplay videos

Direct Checkout Form Link

If you wish to promote directly to checkout form, you can use the following link:

or discounted version $50 OFF

Where ZZZ = your clickbank id

Please note other IDs are not allowed for direct checkout form promotions

Zcode Sports Blog with Free Picks

Promote Zcode Sports Blog with your affiliate link to build interest in sports fans.

Use the following link

Zcode Testimonials Page Affiliate Link

Hundreds of live testimonials, streamed from the members area from happy members! Converts like crazy!

Zcode First Sport Betting Robot Promo Page

This new page was designed to promote automated sports betting, a brand new feature of Zcode VIP club. A sports betting robot is a fully no brainer, doing all the work on finding the picks, calculating the unit size and telling exactly what to bet! Amazing conversions:

Here is your link:

Zcode Alternative Salesletter (Non-hypy version)

This salesletter fits well if you want to promote in serious, traditional, non-hypy style! It features live game predictions and have multi-page support. Here is how it looks like:

Here is your link to alternative salesletter

Get Picks Trial

For people who want to have a taste of it you can promote Zcode trial using the following link:

Verified results - road to million

Join to start winning with us. Get instant access to verified winning picks and predictions based on statistical data. Each system we post has a fully verified track record that you can check. Take your betting to the next level and become one of our members who are making living by professionally trading sports. Each system is giving you an easy pick with a team name, type of the bet and unit size - nothing to analyze and calculate, complete no brainer!

Promote Line Reversals Tool

Line reverals tool is a unique give away software that allows the user to track the bookies lines, odds and public percentages in real time. It is one of the most popular zcode tools and a great value for your traffic.

The tool does not sell directly but allows to build value and contains the optin form for future follow up. Remember the cookies stay 180 days, so no matter when they buy, you are getting commission!

Your link:

Betatester Response and VIP members feedback

Zcode Gathered over 10,000 fans on facebook during our 3 month -betatest and the response was Awesome because our system really works and the community of experts is helping the new members to achieve success with us.

Check out and use the live testimonials here:

The response we receive from the VIP members

How to promote Z Code Sports Picks Service

Here are some ideas for you on how to promote:

  • Start the new Sport related blog or site and add ZCode ads
  • Monetize the existing Sport related blog or review site by adding promo materials
  • Write a review or an article or video review for the service and publish on your blog/ youtube channel.
  • Send the blast to your list of subscribers or clients (Do not use spam of course)
  • Start PPC, Facebook or PPV campaign. Make sure to use no-popup version for them
  • Create a Fan page on Twitter or Facebook, share news in social media sites
  • Create a mobile marketing campaign on Admob, Adfonic and other platforms.
  • Start a thread on sports betting forums sharing your great betatesting results with Zcode

The list can go on and on. There are hundreds of ways to promote and it's really easy when product sells and works so well!

Remember just from 1 sale you could get up to $1776 per year!!! Sell just 3 copies and you could earn up to 5.3K per year!!

Marketing Tips and Tricks how to promote Zcode by Steve

1. Marketing Hint #1 -> Forum Profiles and Signatures

Todays marketing hint is: SIGNATURES (underestimated!)

Step 1: Identify the biggest gambling and investment forums online (I won`t spoil the fun for you here since this letter goes out to more than 5000 people so we don`t want everyone to jump on the same train)... and make a profile..

Now key here is.. do NOT SPAM YOUR URL!

contribute in the discussions and post as much as you can while creating a good signature for your profile that will be displayed with every message you post!


Still gambling? I`m using Zcode that destroys handicappers and makes cash everyday. Click here to investigate!

Or: (funny one)

You are ugly. So am I, but im also getting filthy rich through Zcode so i couldn't care less.. Find out why Zcode beats every handicappers pick and makes hundreds of people thousands of dollars.. daily..


Proven since 1999 without a losing month ever. Don`t gamble, INVEST!
Find out how.


I follow the secret insider's system that brought me $4,211 last month on MLB. Find out how it works here.

I think you got the idea.. be creative so you can pull a lot of clicks to you opt in page!

2. Marketing Hint #2 -> Facebook Fanpage

facebook is a huge resource. HUGE!

Step 1:

Build a fanpage and copy the "daily" pick from our MLB and NHL sites: and

Feel free not to mention Zcode as a resource but to build a mysterious around it... like:

Ron`s winning Picks or
*The Sports Insider" or how to make money consistently by betting on sports

use your imagination!

Then start a facebook ad campaign and target the right demographics such as:

Males age between 18 and 60
interested in sports (choose sport communities)
and use a budget you can afford...

remember each potential buyer is worth several $100s to you.. keep that in mind! plus you are building a list that you can sell to over and over again.

then amass fans and keep them engaged! slowly as the launch day is nearing unveil your winning secret!

build your own approach to the launch (you know the dates and tell a story like)

I lied to you all the wins came form my betatester account at zcode.. its time you get them directly at xxx..

youre the marketer, write up a compelling sequence and let them know...

then rake in those sales till we close the doors and feed of the earnings for months to come :)

Again feel free to use testimonials and videos from our affiliate page!

3. Marketing Hint #3 -> Posting videos!

This is probably one of my favorite... and very effective for people who don`t own huge lists.. On our affiliate page

we offer a lot of video materials.. use them feel free to post them (especially the sneak peek of whats inside the members area)

along with an url to your OPT IN page!

So people watch the video... follow the url and opt in for an additional bonus you can offer (such as support on Z-Code once it launches, or analytical statistics.. or some testimonial feedback youc an copy from oru affiliate page, like the very powerful statement of the blind guy that uses Z-code to great effect!)

SO to summarize..

Post the videos (not only in youtube, there are many other video portals such as myvideo or clipfish for example... and link them to your opt in page...

Promise them something valuable for signing up to your waiting list ... and start recruiting E-mail contacts...

Remember 1 sale of Zcode might go a long way of making you $ 1509 usd per year!

We had one guy that never did any affiliate marketing before , and with that method scored 7 sales spontaneously during our inner testing that lasted 3 days (yes it was private and internal but he kept asking to try and we gave him a link )

but those 7 sales make him now over $740 every month .. no refund in sight yet! Pretty incredible isn`t it?

Hes pretty pumped now and can`t wait for the launch... seems we showed someone a new way of life :)

That`s all for today

I plan on writing more about guerrilla marketing tactics so stick with us and most importantly get to work as the early bird catches the worm :)

Z Code System Promotional videos sources

You can use the following youtube video:

Download a source file here:

Download a source file here:

Download a source file here:

Z Code Keywords

High search volume keywords

Facebook PPC ads

Here is example of PPC ads and ideas for you

Use different combinations and try to target next big event that is going to happen next week (Super Bowl / World Cup winner etc) to have better CTR!

ZCode EVERGREEN email swipes

These are everygreen swipes that can be used any time during or after the launch. We reopen our doors when the new spots are available to the waiting list so your get your commission paid properly any time the customer joins us later because the cookies stay 180 days!

Change [fname] with your autoresponder firstname-tag. Make sure to use the proper link

Email Swipe #1

This swipe is oriented for people who are familiar with sports picks services. The link goes directly to the marketing pitch video.

For maximum effect you should send a sequence of 2 emails in 2 days! First is a preheat, second is call to action.



EMAIL #2. Call to action

Send 1 day after the first one.



EMAIL #3. Less-hype version

Some affiliates prefer less hype approach so we prepared alternative email swipe for you



SWIPE For non-sport email lists / newsletters

If you have a list of clients who are not into sports they can still make great money with our service. Z Code is not about sports. It is about following the system and winning in a long run. That is why it is called sports investing and not gambling.



New High Converting HTML based Swipes

Use these 3 new high converting html based swipes in a sequence for 3 day promo of Zcode. It guarantees high conversion no matter what time of the year you are! Best evergreen swipe. Some swipes include customized links!

How to Get Automated winning picks for NFL, NCAA and MLB?

Let me ask you this

Do you want to follow a winning sports
betting system but don't have time to
analyze the stats and probabilities yourself?

Are you tired of losing by following so called sports
guru's that have no clue what they are doing?

Imagine if you had a fully automated Sports betting robot that not only calculates all the stats and probabilities but also gives you EXACT picks you need to place to win? With EXACT unit sizes! Yes, complete No Brainer.

Nothing to calculate
Nothing to worry about
Human error free winning picks

Then check this out: Click here

Click here to get the picks


To your success,

Your Friend

Download your Automated game predictor software for NFL, MLB and NCAA!

Imagine if you had a tool that could predict the results of NFL,

MLB and even NCAA games automatically for you?

Then check this out:

Download game predictor software

My friends geeks from zcode has developed a tool that can put over 80+ parameters

into the forumal to predict the winners with a high accuracy

Here is how works:

1. Choose the game from the list
2. Click "Calculate winner"
3. Win!

Go here to download

Your Friend

Hurry up, Live Webinar starts in 6 minute!

Hey, Steve just sent me the link to the live webinar that starts in 6 minutes!

You go to see it,

here is the link: =>> Click here

P.S. Spoiler: it's about the FREE Training Webinar: An insider system
that made $23,481 in last 6 weeks!


Your Friend

Zcode Launch Sequence Swipes

These swipes are prepared for the launch sequence that we used! We have prepared 3 types of email swipes: For sports betting lists, for Forex Lists, General Internet Marketing lists. Choose the one that fits your list type Don't forget to replace [[firstname]] with your firstname autoresponder tag.

Day 1 9 AM EST time - Prelaunch starts. First preheat email, leads generation and a great Zcode free membership chance and free predictions giveaways and the "Journey for profits".

Day 2 - Zcode Proof email of the 3 day journey, The profit generated, testimonials and results!

Day 3 - We publish the 2nd results of the 3 day journey commenting on the profitability of Z-codes picks showing how much beta-testers earned + show them an extreme testimonial of a guy who is BLIND and uses Zcode to make money.. very powerful!

Day 4 - Time to recap another Z-Code day and let them know that Z-Code will be open for sale by Day 5 9 am est time!

Day 5 9 AM Est time - Launch Day, Doors are open for the limited time. The counter is ticking!

Day 6 - Follow up, Doors are closing soon.

Day 7 - Final follow up - Less than 24 hours left till doors are closed! Hurry up!

The new dynamic banners that BEG to be clicked
(reinvented the banners)

We reinvented the banners once again. Nobody clicks old-school static banners anymore, people became banners-blind. That's why we re-invented the banners in a new style that BEG to be clicked!!

Take a look on these awesome dynamic banners that show REAL TIME game predictions providing the value to the visitor and making him WANT to click "Left" or "Right" buttons to see MORE games! Instead he will be redirected to our salespage on your affiliate link offering him Join VIP club and see our picks and predictions!!

Don't forget to replace "ZZZ" with your clickbankID if that was not replaced automatically for you!

Rotational banners - never get old!

We invented the new type of banners - "rotational banners" that change every day! This never gets old because next day your visitors see the new image on the banner.

The images are taken from the great converting predefined set:

Here are the banners and the codes:
(remember the image you see now will automatically change tomorrow to the next banner!)

Don't forget to replace "ZZZ" with your clickbankID if that was not replaced automatically for you!

Z Code Banners

Static JPG Banners

Animated GIF Banners

Zcode Bible: Gift Book + Sales Generator

We just released a free PDF version + Amazon Print version of our new book

Zcode Sports Investing BIBLE => Perfect Gift (Give away) for your AFF lists or sites!

A great idea to offer a free copy to your list or your site/blog visitors to provide better value!

People enjoy the book and probably join the VIP club and you receive affiliate commission! Easy!

You can check it out yourself here

Use following materials and links to promote a free book + get commissions on zcode sales:

Description for your promotions:
Make sure to replace ZZZ with your clickbank ID!



Book images for promotions:

Promote Daily Fantasy Sports (USA, Canada only)

Your link to promote it:

Promote Zcode Fantasy Sports Predictor using the following swipe.

Please note this offer is for USA and Canada only. Other countries are not accepted and to prevent them from buying and refunding or losing traffic we simply redirect them to the general betting offer so you still get commission and your clicks are not lost!



Note: This is a special new tool for USA and Canada players only. Other countries are not accepted at this time unfortuantely. That is not our restriction, it's a restriction of the fantasy sports sites.

So if you are from USA or Canada read on!

Let me ask you this,

Did you know there is a new, growing industry in US and Canada that produced more profit last year than video games, movies, TV and other industries COMBINED!?

I am talking about Daily Fantasy Sports
If you've been missing the “next big thing”,
you better listen carefully.

=> Watch here how you can win on Fantasy Sports
(USA and Canada players only)

Because even child-friendly Disney just decided to ride the growing trend - they invested a mouthwatering $250 million dollars into Draft Kings, a popular Fantasy Sports website.

Yes the sport might be fantasy, but the money you are going to win is very much REAL

Take a look at the recent winnings:

=> Watch here how you can win on Fantasy Sports

Wondering how you can win on Fantasy sports and crush your competition?

Introducing new "Daily Fantasy Predictor". Download it here
(USA and Canada players only)

For all those who are new to this type of sport investing Daily Fantasy Sports is hitting the West by storm.

Instead of betting on outcomes of games, you bet on performance of individuals of the game.

For example in NHL I have been learning a ton from all of you about predicting who wins what game. For example many of you bet on who would win the Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa. With Daily Fantasy you create a lineup or who would you roster if you coach in the game. The key restriction is that each player has a salary "to hire" them for the game and you have a limit on the amount of fantasy funds to create your team.

=> Watch here how you can win on Fantasy Sports

See you inside


Scores Predictor

Promote brand new hockey and soccer scores predictor tool! Your traffic will gonna LOVE it! Sick conversions guaranteed.

Here is how it looks. It predicts the winners with high accuracy + plants your affiliate cookie so even if they buy later using the followup optin you still get commissions!

Use following link to promote:

Promote "Playoff Simulator":

Get Postseason Brackets. What if Playoffs Started today?

It shows the predicted playoff brackets + plants your affiliate cookie so even if they buy later using the followup optin you still get commissions!

Use following link to promote:

Promote "Top Automated Systems Rating"

Promote new Automated Systems Rating:

Here is how it looks. It shows the full list of best automated systems and trends + plants your affiliate cookie so even if they buy later using the followup optin you still get commissions!

Use following link to promote:

Promote the New Sports Trader

New tools and systems every month = tons of commissions for you again!

Promote the new Professional Sports Trader Platform and get insane $399/sale commission recurring.

Promo link to the salespage directly

Where ZZZ = your clickbank ID

A hot new video, "what is inside" sneak peak, LIVE proof and much more = tons of conversions for you!

Zcode Viral Images

These are zcode fun images for viral marketers. Feel free to use, edit and tweak them for your needs. They are fun and powerful for viral marketing on facebook, twitter, google+ and other social media tools where you promote the product in a friendly, fun and non-pushy ways to your followers and friends.

How to do aff review site that convert sales like crazy?

Being a successful vendor in sports betting (currently nr 1 in clickbank marketplace in sportsbetting) I can tell you few secrets that make our top affiliate so successful.

If you google "Zcode system review" or "Zcode system scam" you will find their top affiliate blogs.

Adding "review" or "scam" to product is a sure way to get easy traffic from Google when people look for the product itself and might check the reviews before buying.

Here are what most successful review blogs are doing:

  1. Make a honest review. Buy or get a review copy first, show the knowledge that you have used the product yourself and WON yourself. Prove that product works that's why you honestly promote it.
  2. Make a video review. Nobody likes to read long texts, make a quick video like here showing how you used the product. If you are too shy to be on camera, get an actor spokeperson on for $5 :)
  3. Make a "What is inside" so called "unpackaging" video showing what they get.
  4. List PROs and CONs honestly, if you praise too much people will think it's fake
  5. Make sure you are also building a list, add signup boxes, optins, exit splashes.
  6. If you are a newbie to coding use to get cheap coder to install wordpress review blog for you!
  7. Make sure your review site is SEO friendly and has proper mobile optimization and keywords installed
  8. Cloack your affiliate links under redirects, nobody likes to feel like they are taken advantage of.
  9. Put some zcode widgets and predictions widgets on the blog to provide extra value.
  10. Sometimes you can give direct link to checkout page if you want to bypass the salespage. But in this case your blog must have a strong call to action to force people buy.
  11. Provide extra bonuses and gifts if people buy by your link
  12. Add comments to review and pre-fill it from comments so it's not looking empty. Some negative honest comments is better than "cheesy" fake comments.
  13. Remember people love revealing "SCAM" and other shocking terms. So make sure start your blog like "INVESTIGATION" as "is it a scam or a real deal" kind of review.
  14. Add some pages with real helpful value for people, for example teaching how to use Line Reversals, Oscillators or other free bonus tools. For example
  15. Make sure to provide good support, people like to buy from people who CARE and provide support.

And have fun and great sales!

Remember to push hard and sell well :)

Last Words And Our Promise To You.

Me (Steve), Mike & Alberto are comitted to make this not one of the best but the VERY best launch you have ever participated in. Сoming out of the forex industry, we are aware of the the overflooding of the market and every decreasing conversions.. that`s why we really go the extra mile to develop new ideas and projects that take the community by suprise.

ZCODE is an amazing archievement.. We couldn`t be any prouder and you will see the polish and care that have gone into devleoping this product, reflect in your comissions.

If you have any questions or need help with promotion dont hesitate to chat us up on skype : steve25m or email

We will assist you all the way in building a recurring moneystream that feeds you trough the summer (and possibly the next winter)

Steve, Mike & Alberto
PS: Skype Contact: steve25m

Clickbank Disclaimer: This bonus offer has been created by the applicable Vendor and not by ClickBank. Accordingly, ClickBank is not responsible for any information contained in the offer, including, but not limited to, any product information, promotions, incentives, expected returns or other information contained herein. In addition, ClickBank is not responsible for any links to third party websites in conjunction with this offer. Such links do not imply any endorsement by ClickBank of such websites or the content, products or services available from such websites. By clicking on or accessing a third party website listed, you acknowledge sole responsibility for and assume all risk arising from your use of any such websites.
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