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Adam Barbora
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
24th Sep 2020, 04:30Adam BarboraJiri Pozarsky2:32.4201.530
24th Sep 2020, 03:30Vladimir HavlicekAdam Barbora3:21.5302.420
24th Sep 2020, 02:30Adam BarboraMilos Flanderka1:32.3751.550
11th Sep 2020, 08:30Jaroslav ProkupekAdam Barbora1:32.2501.610
11th Sep 2020, 07:00Josef BelovskyAdam Barbora0:31.2703.580
11th Sep 2020, 06:00Adam BarboraMarek Sedlak0:32.1901.635
10th Sep 2020, 04:00Adam BarboraVladimir Havlicek2:32.0601.720
10th Sep 2020, 03:00Adam BarboraRotislav Hasmanda3:11.8701.880
10th Sep 2020, 02:30Tomas VarnushkaAdam Barbora2:32.7041.432
6th Sep 2020, 08:30Adam BarboraRotislav Hasmanda3:12.0701.710
6th Sep 2020, 07:30Marek SedlakAdam Barbora3:01.5602.340
6th Sep 2020, 06:30Adam BarboraWieslav Paszkiewicz3:21.8901.860
3rd Sep 2020, 12:00Adam BarboraMarek Sedlak0:31.8901.860
3rd Sep 2020, 11:00Adam BarboraJan Knot3:11.7901.968
3rd Sep 2020, 10:30Tomas VarnushkaAdam Barbora0:32.0051.760
3rd Sep 2020, 10:00Tomas VarnushkaAdam Barbora0:32.0051.770
2nd Sep 2020, 08:30Rotislav HasmandaAdam Barbora3:11.9841.780
2nd Sep 2020, 07:00Josef BelovskyAdam Barbora3:01.2303.960
2nd Sep 2020, 06:00Adam BarboraDariusz Koziej3:21.8901.860
17th Aug 2020, 08:00Adam BarboraRadek Danicek3:22.4961.510
17th Aug 2020, 07:30Adam BarboraJosef Belovsky1:32.1651.650
17th Aug 2020, 06:00Adam BarboraJiri Pozarsky3:12.7901.410
14th Aug 2020, 08:00Adam BarboraVladimir Milata Jr.2:32.3701.540
14th Aug 2020, 07:30Adam BarboraRadek Danicek1:32.2401.584
14th Aug 2020, 06:00Adam BarboraJosef Belovsky0:31.7901.968
12th Aug 2020, 08:30Adam BarboraJan Vrabec3:01.7702.005
12th Aug 2020, 07:30Tomas VarnushkaAdam Barbora2:32.1041.690
12th Aug 2020, 06:30Jaroslav SichAdam Barbora2:31.8961.850
10th Aug 2020, 08:00Adam BarboraJan Vrabec3:01.9901.770
10th Aug 2020, 07:30Adam BarboraDariusz Koziej3:22.2101.630
10th Aug 2020, 06:00Adam BarboraVladimir Milata Jr.0:32.2321.590
1st Aug 2020, 12:30Vladimir Milata Jr.Adam Barbora3:21.7451.992
1st Aug 2020, 11:00Ondrej KucirekAdam Barbora0:31.9101.840
1st Aug 2020, 10:00Milosz GoloszAdam Barbora0:31.8901.860
31st Jul 2020, 04:00Adam BarboraRadek Danicek2:32.5701.450
31st Jul 2020, 03:30Adam BarboraGabriel Vaclav Jnr3:21.6852.110
31st Jul 2020, 02:00Adam BarboraJiri Pozarsky1:33.0751.350
30th Jul 2020, 08:00Adam BarboraRadek Danicek2:32.1841.632
30th Jul 2020, 07:30Adam BarboraGabriel Vaclav Jnr3:21.7602.005
30th Jul 2020, 06:00Adam BarboraVladimir Milata1:33.5801.270

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