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Salzburg / Maccabi Tel Aviv current delta = -9.37
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
27th Oct 2020, 16:00SalzburgAtl. Madrid2:35.7001.696
24th Oct 2020, 11:00SalzburgAustria Vienna2:01.3607.400
21st Oct 2020, 12:55Lokomotiv MoscowSalzburg2:211.2801.270
17th Oct 2020, 08:45SalzburgSt. Polten3:01.15212.500
4th Oct 2020, 08:30HartbergSalzburg1:735.7101.050
30th Sep 2020, 15:00Maccabi Tel AvivSalzburg1:313.4601.200
26th Sep 2020, 11:00SalzburgRied3:11.23011.020
22nd Sep 2020, 15:00SalzburgMaccabi Tel Aviv2:11.31010.400
19th Sep 2020, 11:00AltachSalzburg1:418.1001.100
13th Sep 2020, 11:00SalzburgAC Wolfsberger3:11.3408.550
25th Aug 2020, 10:00LiverpoolSalzburg2:21.5104.590
22nd Aug 2020, 10:00AjaxSalzburg4:12.0103.060
14th Aug 2020, 12:00Ceske BudejoviceSalzburg0:29.2101.170
8th Aug 2020, 10:00NiceSalzburg1:42.6102.300
3rd Aug 2020, 11:00BravoSalzburg2:221.9201.040
5th Jul 2020, 11:00SalzburgLASK Linz3:01.6304.640
1st Jul 2020, 14:30Sturm GrazSalzburg2:514.8101.150
28th Jun 2020, 11:00HartbergSalzburg0:325.4001.050
24th Jun 2020, 14:30SalzburgRapid Vienna7:21.4106.980
21st Jun 2020, 11:00AC WolfsbergerSalzburg2:216.2201.160
17th Jun 2020, 12:30SalzburgAC Wolfsberger0:01.3508.100
14th Jun 2020, 13:30LASK LinzSalzburg1:36.6701.460
10th Jun 2020, 14:30SalzburgSturm Graz5:11.3308.850
7th Jun 2020, 11:00SalzburgHartberg6:01.19012.840
3rd Jun 2020, 14:30Rapid ViennaSalzburg0:27.1901.400
29th May 2020, 14:45A. LustenauSalzburg0:519.7001.080
22nd May 2020, 11:00TirolSalzburg1:111.7501.130
8th Mar 2020, 09:30Sturm GrazSalzburg0:27.8201.380
5th Mar 2020, 14:45LASK LinzSalzburg0:13.2402.170
2nd Mar 2020, 13:00SalzburgAltach2:31.4906.230
28th Feb 2020, 12:00Eintracht FrankfurtSalzburg2:23.8201.820
23rd Feb 2020, 11:00SalzburgAustria Vienna2:21.5705.050
20th Feb 2020, 12:55SalzburgEintracht Frankfurt1:43.1802.150
14th Feb 2020, 13:00LASK LinzSalzburg3:24.1701.800
9th Feb 2020, 12:00SalzburgAmstetten3:01.05024.690
14th Dec 2019, 11:00SalzburgHartberg2:21.2608.710
10th Dec 2019, 12:55LiverpoolSalzburg2:01.7604.140
7th Dec 2019, 11:00TirolSalzburg1:523.7801.070
1st Dec 2019, 08:30SalzburgAdmira1:11.18011.900
27th Nov 2019, 15:00SalzburgGenk4:11.5605.180
Maccabi Tel Aviv
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
25th Oct 2020, 15:00H. Beer ShevaMaccabi Tel Aviv0:04.0001.920
22nd Oct 2020, 15:00QarabagMaccabi Tel Aviv0:13.3402.410
30th Sep 2020, 15:00Maccabi Tel AvivSalzburg1:313.4601.200
22nd Sep 2020, 15:00SalzburgMaccabi Tel Aviv2:11.31010.400
16th Sep 2020, 13:00Dynamo BrestMaccabi Tel Aviv0:17.7801.440
12th Sep 2020, 13:30Maccabi Tel AvivYehuda2:21.6605.590
30th Aug 2020, 14:00Maccabi Petah TikvaMaccabi Tel Aviv2:112.1301.280
26th Aug 2020, 12:00Maccabi Tel AvivSuduva3:01.6804.940
7th Jul 2020, 14:00Maccabi Tel AvivH. Beer Sheva0:21.5506.510
4th Jul 2020, 14:00Maccabi Tel AvivMaccabi Haifa1:02.7302.750
1st Jul 2020, 14:00Beitar JerusalemMaccabi Tel Aviv0:13.7002.190
27th Jun 2020, 14:00Hapoel Tel AvivMaccabi Tel Aviv0:39.3901.350
23rd Jun 2020, 13:50Maccabi Tel AvivHapoel Haifa3:01.6005.590
20th Jun 2020, 14:00Maccabi Tel AvivHapoel Tel Aviv2:01.5307.540
15th Jun 2020, 13:45H. Beer ShevaMaccabi Tel Aviv1:16.1701.650
8th Jun 2020, 13:45Maccabi Tel AvivBeitar Jerusalem0:01.6305.650
3rd Jun 2020, 13:45Maccabi HaifaMaccabi Tel Aviv0:24.8301.790
30th May 2020, 13:00Hapoel HaifaMaccabi Tel Aviv0:211.5501.280
20th May 2020, 12:00Maccabi Tel AvivMoadon Sport Ashdod3:11.5306.100
16th May 2020, 10:30H. RaananaMaccabi Tel Aviv1:39.0001.260
29th Feb 2020, 10:15Maccabi Tel AvivNetanya1:01.34010.340
24th Feb 2020, 13:15Hapoel Tel AvivMaccabi Tel Aviv0:310.8601.310
16th Feb 2020, 13:15ShmonaMaccabi Tel Aviv0:316.0101.170
8th Feb 2020, 12:50Maccabi Tel AvivHapoel Haifa1:11.4308.870
3rd Feb 2020, 13:15H. RaananaMaccabi Tel Aviv1:219.7101.170
29th Jan 2020, 13:15Maccabi Tel AvivH. Beer Sheva1:11.7405.300
25th Jan 2020, 12:50Moadon Sport AshdodMaccabi Tel Aviv0:211.9701.280
18th Jan 2020, 12:50Maccabi Tel AvivHapoel Hadera3:01.30012.500
13th Jan 2020, 13:15Beitar JerusalemMaccabi Tel Aviv0:05.5301.710
6th Jan 2020, 13:15Maccabi Tel AvivMaccabi Haifa4:32.3503.320
28th Dec 2019, 08:00Hapoel Kfar-SabaMaccabi Tel Aviv0:417.3901.200
24th Dec 2019, 13:15Maccabi Tel AvivYehuda3:01.5806.920
14th Dec 2019, 08:00Nes TzionaMaccabi Tel Aviv1:116.0301.140
7th Dec 2019, 12:50NetanyaMaccabi Tel Aviv0:010.5701.340
4th Dec 2019, 13:15Maccabi Tel AvivHapoel Tel Aviv3:01.4109.620
30th Nov 2019, 10:30Maccabi Tel AvivShmona1:01.39010.650
9th Nov 2019, 12:50Hapoel HaifaMaccabi Tel Aviv0:38.5701.410
2nd Nov 2019, 11:30Maccabi Tel AvivH. Raanana2:01.32011.870
28th Oct 2019, 14:15H. Beer ShevaMaccabi Tel Aviv0:24.4101.930
21st Oct 2019, 13:00Maccabi Tel AvivMoadon Sport Ashdod1:01.5606.720

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