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3 de Febrero
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
8th Dec 2018, 18:00Olimpia Asuncion3 de Febrero0:12.0403.620
30th Nov 2018, 17:003 de FebreroNacional Asuncion2:45.3901.580
23rd Nov 2018, 16:003 de FebreroSol de America1:34.4901.700
17th Nov 2018, 16:00Libertad Asuncion3 de Febrero4:41.6704.990
11th Nov 2018, 17:503 de FebreroGuarani0:54.1501.810
3rd Nov 2018, 18:00Independiente3 de Febrero1:43.4502.070
28th Oct 2018, 18:303 de FebreroCerro Porteno1:18.4901.400
19th Oct 2018, 18:30Deportivo Capiata3 de Febrero0:02.9402.470
12th Oct 2018, 17:003 de FebreroSp. Luqueno1:13.8602.020
6th Oct 2018, 17:45Deportivo Santani3 de Febrero0:02.7402.790
1st Oct 2018, 19:003 de FebreroDiaz5:13.1902.370
22nd Sep 2018, 17:453 de FebreroOlimpia Asuncion0:17.0501.390
16th Sep 2018, 15:45Nacional Asuncion3 de Febrero3:12.1103.620
8th Sep 2018, 18:30Sol de America3 de Febrero2:02.5502.830
3rd Sep 2018, 17:153 de FebreroLibertad Asuncion0:09.1901.400
24th Aug 2018, 19:10Guarani3 de Febrero1:22.0003.560
18th Aug 2018, 16:003 de FebreroIndependiente4:14.0501.900
13th Aug 2018, 18:00Cerro Porteno3 de Febrero3:11.5506.210
4th Aug 2018, 15:303 de FebreroDeportivo Capiata1:24.1501.940
30th Jul 2018, 19:00Sp. Luqueno3 de Febrero2:02.7402.650
21st Jul 2018, 15:303 de FebreroDeportivo Santani3:13.5802.080
17th Jul 2018, 16:50Diaz3 de Febrero1:12.8202.510
10th Jun 2018, 19:203 de FebreroGuarani1:15.1801.630
4th Jun 2018, 19:40Sp. Luqueno3 de Febrero2:02.5302.850
31st May 2018, 17:303 de FebreroDiaz2:33.4402.360
25th May 2018, 17:30Independiente3 de Febrero2:03.0502.260
20th May 2018, 17:303 de FebreroOlimpia Asuncion2:39.4801.300
14th May 2018, 17:30Deportivo Capiata3 de Febrero0:32.8902.450
10th May 2018, 19:153 de FebreroLibertad Asuncion0:29.5001.320
3rd May 2018, 19:15Sol de America3 de Febrero1:22.3303.100
28th Apr 2018, 17:00Nacional Asuncion3 de Febrero1:11.8403.990
21st Apr 2018, 17:503 de FebreroCerro Porteno1:310.1501.320
6th Apr 2018, 19:40Guarani3 de Febrero2:12.0803.190
2nd Apr 2018, 18:303 de FebreroSp. Luqueno1:14.6901.760
24th Mar 2018, 16:30Diaz3 de Febrero2:22.8702.700
18th Mar 2018, 18:453 de FebreroIndependiente1:13.2602.090
15th Mar 2018, 18:50Olimpia Asuncion3 de Febrero4:01.4406.750
9th Mar 2018, 16:003 de FebreroDeportivo Capiata1:24.1001.880
4th Mar 2018, 17:50Libertad Asuncion3 de Febrero4:11.7904.510
24th Feb 2018, 18:003 de FebreroSol de America1:44.6401.830

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