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Kansas City Chiefs / Baltimore Ravens current delta = -4.52
Kansas City Chiefs
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
25th Oct 2020, 16:25Kansas City ChiefsDenver Broncos43:161.2903.740
11th Oct 2020, 13:00Las Vegas RaidersKansas City Chiefs40:324.8801.190
5th Oct 2020, 19:05New England PatriotsKansas City Chiefs10:266.3501.144
28th Sep 2020, 20:15Kansas City ChiefsBaltimore Ravens34:202.4701.550
20th Sep 2020, 16:25Kansas City ChiefsLos Angeles Chargers23:201.2603.940
10th Sep 2020, 20:20Houston TexansKansas City Chiefs20:344.5001.230
2nd Feb 2020, 18:30San Francisco 49ersKansas City Chiefs20:312.0201.820
19th Jan 2020, 15:05Tennessee TitansKansas City Chiefs24:353.8001.290
12th Jan 2020, 15:05Houston TexansKansas City Chiefs31:514.6501.220
29th Dec 2019, 13:00Los Angeles ChargersKansas City Chiefs21:314.4801.230
22nd Dec 2019, 20:20Kansas City ChiefsChicago Bears26:31.3303.500
15th Dec 2019, 13:00Denver BroncosKansas City Chiefs3:234.6001.220
8th Dec 2019, 16:25Kansas City ChiefsNew England Patriots23:162.3801.630
1st Dec 2019, 16:25Las Vegas RaidersKansas City Chiefs9:405.2501.180
18th Nov 2019, 20:15Kansas City ChiefsLos Angeles Chargers24:171.4003.100
10th Nov 2019, 13:00Kansas City ChiefsTennessee Titans32:351.4302.950
3rd Nov 2019, 13:00Minnesota VikingsKansas City Chiefs23:261.4302.950
27th Oct 2019, 20:20Green Bay PackersKansas City Chiefs31:241.4103.050
17th Oct 2019, 20:20Kansas City ChiefsDenver Broncos30:61.6502.330
13th Oct 2019, 13:00Houston TexansKansas City Chiefs31:242.6501.530
6th Oct 2019, 20:20Indianapolis ColtsKansas City Chiefs19:135.6501.160
29th Sep 2019, 13:00Kansas City ChiefsDetroit Lions34:301.2704.050
22nd Sep 2019, 13:00Baltimore RavensKansas City Chiefs28:332.7501.480
15th Sep 2019, 16:05Kansas City ChiefsLas Vegas Raiders28:101.3303.500
8th Sep 2019, 13:00Kansas City ChiefsJacksonville Jaguars40:261.5302.650
29th Aug 2019, 20:00Kansas City ChiefsGreen Bay Packers20:272.5501.570
24th Aug 2019, 20:00San Francisco 49ersKansas City Chiefs27:172.6501.530
17th Aug 2019, 19:30Kansas City ChiefsPittsburgh Steelers7:171.5902.500
10th Aug 2019, 20:00Cincinnati BengalsKansas City Chiefs17:382.5001.590
20th Jan 2019, 18:40New England PatriotsKansas City Chiefs37:312.5001.590
12th Jan 2019, 16:35Indianapolis ColtsKansas City Chiefs13:312.7501.480
30th Dec 2018, 16:25Las Vegas RaidersKansas City Chiefs3:357.3501.100
23rd Dec 2018, 20:20Kansas City ChiefsSeattle Seahawks31:381.8501.970
13th Dec 2018, 20:20Los Angeles ChargersKansas City Chiefs29:282.7001.500
9th Dec 2018, 13:00Baltimore RavensKansas City Chiefs24:273.3501.360
2nd Dec 2018, 16:05Kansas City ChiefsLas Vegas Raiders40:331.1007.350
19th Nov 2018, 20:15Kansas City ChiefsLos Angeles Rams51:542.5501.570
11th Nov 2018, 13:00Arizona CardinalsKansas City Chiefs14:269.0301.080
4th Nov 2018, 13:00Kansas City ChiefsCleveland Browns37:211.2904.010
28th Oct 2018, 13:00Denver BroncosKansas City Chiefs23:304.4601.250
Baltimore Ravens
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
18th Oct 2020, 13:00Baltimore RavensPhiladelphia Eagles30:281.2304.260
11th Oct 2020, 13:00Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore Ravens3:275.6001.150
4th Oct 2020, 13:00Baltimore RavensWashington Football Team31:171.1206.780
28th Sep 2020, 20:15Kansas City ChiefsBaltimore Ravens34:202.4701.550
20th Sep 2020, 16:25Baltimore RavensHouston Texans33:161.3003.660
13th Sep 2020, 13:00Cleveland BrownsBaltimore Ravens6:383.6601.300
11th Jan 2020, 20:15Tennessee TitansBaltimore Ravens28:124.7501.210
29th Dec 2019, 16:25Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Ravens10:281.7402.150
22nd Dec 2019, 13:00Baltimore RavensCleveland Browns31:151.2304.450
12th Dec 2019, 20:20New York JetsBaltimore Ravens21:429.7501.080
8th Dec 2019, 13:00Baltimore RavensBuffalo Bills24:171.3803.250
1st Dec 2019, 13:00San Francisco 49ersBaltimore Ravens17:203.0501.410
25th Nov 2019, 20:15Baltimore RavensLos Angeles Rams45:61.6002.470
17th Nov 2019, 13:00Houston TexansBaltimore Ravens7:412.9001.430
10th Nov 2019, 13:00Baltimore RavensCincinnati Bengals49:131.1905.150
3rd Nov 2019, 20:20New England PatriotsBaltimore Ravens20:371.6102.450
20th Oct 2019, 16:25Baltimore RavensSeattle Seahawks30:162.3501.650
13th Oct 2019, 13:00Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore Ravens17:235.1501.190
6th Oct 2019, 13:00Baltimore RavensPittsburgh Steelers26:231.5702.550
29th Sep 2019, 13:00Cleveland BrownsBaltimore Ravens40:253.9001.290
22nd Sep 2019, 13:00Baltimore RavensKansas City Chiefs28:332.7501.480
15th Sep 2019, 13:00Arizona CardinalsBaltimore Ravens17:236.0001.140
8th Sep 2019, 13:00Baltimore RavensMiami Dolphins59:101.3103.600
29th Aug 2019, 19:30Baltimore RavensWashington Football Team20:71.3803.200
22nd Aug 2019, 19:30Baltimore RavensPhiladelphia Eagles26:151.5102.680
15th Aug 2019, 19:30Green Bay PackersBaltimore Ravens13:262.6001.540
8th Aug 2019, 19:30Jacksonville JaguarsBaltimore Ravens0:292.5501.570
6th Jan 2019, 13:05Los Angeles ChargersBaltimore Ravens23:172.2801.680
30th Dec 2018, 16:25Cleveland BrownsBaltimore Ravens24:263.5001.330
22nd Dec 2018, 20:20Baltimore RavensLos Angeles Chargers22:102.8001.450
16th Dec 2018, 13:00Tampa Bay BuccaneersBaltimore Ravens12:204.1001.270
9th Dec 2018, 13:00Baltimore RavensKansas City Chiefs24:273.3501.360
2nd Dec 2018, 13:00Baltimore RavensAtlanta Falcons26:162.2001.710
25th Nov 2018, 13:00Las Vegas RaidersBaltimore Ravens17:346.2501.130
18th Nov 2018, 13:00Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore Ravens21:243.3001.370
4th Nov 2018, 13:00Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Ravens23:162.1101.810
28th Oct 2018, 13:00Baltimore RavensCarolina Panthers21:361.7002.290
21st Oct 2018, 16:05New Orleans SaintsBaltimore Ravens24:232.2701.710
14th Oct 2018, 16:25Baltimore RavensTennessee Titans21:01.7602.190
7th Oct 2018, 13:00Baltimore RavensCleveland Browns9:121.6002.520

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