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What is NBA Team Strength Oscillator and how to use it?
ZCode NBA Team Strength Oscillator shows you the current team shape in a form of an easy chart. Just by looking at the chart you can compare two teams to see each team's pattern and current trend, which team is surging, which is slumping. You will also get the current team status, their last games and the difference (delta) between their conditions. The Oscillator is calculated based on the bookie odds for the closed game.

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Orlando / Boston current delta = -0.07
Orlando Magic
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
18th Nov 2018, 18:00New York KnicksOrlando Magic117:1312.701.50
17th Nov 2018, 19:00Los Angeles LakersOrlando Magic117:1301.572.55
14th Nov 2018, 19:00Philadelphia 76ersOrlando Magic106:1111.432.90
12th Nov 2018, 19:00Orlando MagicWashington Wizards109:1173.871.30
11th Nov 2018, 19:30Orlando MagicNew York Knicks115:892.431.63
9th Nov 2018, 19:00Washington WizardsOrlando Magic108:1171.592.52
7th Nov 2018, 19:00Detroit PistonsOrlando Magic103:961.682.34
5th Nov 2018, 19:00Cleveland CavaliersOrlando Magic100:1022.601.56
4th Nov 2018, 19:00Orlando MagicSan Antonio Spurs117:1103.791.31
2nd Nov 2018, 19:00Los Angeles ClippersOrlando Magic120:951.622.46
30th Oct 2018, 19:00Sacramento KingsOrlando Magic107:992.751.51
27th Oct 2018, 20:30Orlando MagicMilwaukee Bucks91:1134.601.24
25th Oct 2018, 19:00Portland Trail BlazersOrlando Magic128:1141.652.38
22nd Oct 2018, 19:30Orlando MagicBoston Celtics93:907.221.13
20th Oct 2018, 19:30Orlando MagicPhiladelphia 76ers115:11610.161.08
19th Oct 2018, 19:00Charlotte HornetsOrlando Magic120:881.882.03
17th Oct 2018, 19:00Miami HeatOrlando Magic101:1041.772.17
12th Oct 2018, 19:00San Antonio SpursOrlando Magic100:811.911.93
8th Oct 2018, 19:30Orlando MagicMiami Heat89:902.561.53
1st Oct 2018, 19:00Orlando MagicPhiladelphia 76ers114:1202.961.42
11th Apr 2018, 20:00Washington WizardsOrlando Magic92:1011.393.29
9th Apr 2018, 20:00Orlando MagicMilwaukee Bucks86:1025.431.19
8th Apr 2018, 18:00Orlando MagicToronto Raptors101:1126.881.14
6th Apr 2018, 19:00Charlotte HornetsOrlando Magic137:1001.333.70
4th Apr 2018, 19:00Dallas MavericksOrlando Magic100:1052.021.89
3rd Apr 2018, 19:30Orlando MagicNew York Knicks97:732.001.91
1st Apr 2018, 18:00Orlando MagicAtlanta Hawks88:942.021.88
30th Mar 2018, 19:00Chicago BullsOrlando Magic90:823.271.39
28th Mar 2018, 19:00Brooklyn NetsOrlando Magic111:1041.722.25
24th Mar 2018, 19:00Phoenix SunsOrlando Magic99:1053.781.32
22nd Mar 2018, 19:00Philadelphia 76ersOrlando Magic118:981.284.15
20th Mar 2018, 19:00Toronto RaptorsOrlando Magic93:861.224.91
16th Mar 2018, 19:00Boston CelticsOrlando Magic92:831.383.34
14th Mar 2018, 19:00Milwaukee BucksOrlando Magic117:1261.195.45
13th Mar 2018, 20:30Orlando MagicSan Antonio Spurs72:1086.231.16
10th Mar 2018, 22:30Orlando MagicLos Angeles Clippers105:1137.191.13
9th Mar 2018, 22:00Orlando MagicSacramento Kings88:942.261.71
7th Mar 2018, 22:30Orlando MagicLos Angeles Lakers107:1083.331.38
5th Mar 2018, 21:00Orlando MagicUtah Jazz80:945.101.21
3rd Mar 2018, 19:00Memphis GrizzliesOrlando Magic100:1073.481.36
Boston Celtics
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
17th Nov 2018, 19:30Utah JazzBoston Celtics98:862.551.57
16th Nov 2018, 19:00Toronto RaptorsBoston Celtics116:1232.101.77
14th Nov 2018, 19:30Chicago BullsBoston Celtics82:1117.751.10
11th Nov 2018, 21:00Boston CelticsPortland Trail Blazers94:1002.141.79
9th Nov 2018, 21:30Boston CelticsUtah Jazz115:1233.061.43
8th Nov 2018, 21:00Boston CelticsPhoenix Suns116:1091.205.28
5th Nov 2018, 21:00Boston CelticsDenver Nuggets107:1152.001.91
3rd Nov 2018, 19:00Boston CelticsIndiana Pacers101:1021.632.44
1st Nov 2018, 20:00Milwaukee BucksBoston Celtics113:1172.191.76
30th Oct 2018, 19:30Detroit PistonsBoston Celtics105:1084.331.26
27th Oct 2018, 19:00Boston CelticsDetroit Pistons109:891.642.41
25th Oct 2018, 20:00Boston CelticsOklahoma City Thunder101:952.011.90
22nd Oct 2018, 19:30Orlando MagicBoston Celtics93:907.221.13
20th Oct 2018, 19:30Boston CelticsNew York Knicks103:1011.215.03
19th Oct 2018, 20:00Boston CelticsToronto Raptors101:1132.341.68
16th Oct 2018, 20:00Philadelphia 76ersBoston Celtics87:1052.901.47
6th Oct 2018, 19:30Boston CelticsCleveland Cavaliers102:1131.323.49
2nd Oct 2018, 20:00Cleveland CavaliersBoston Celtics102:953.511.32
30th Sep 2018, 18:00Charlotte HornetsBoston Celtics112:1152.881.44
27th May 2018, 20:30Cleveland CavaliersBoston Celtics87:792.271.71
25th May 2018, 20:30Boston CelticsCleveland Cavaliers99:1093.771.32
23rd May 2018, 20:30Cleveland CavaliersBoston Celtics83:962.101.83
21st May 2018, 20:30Boston CelticsCleveland Cavaliers102:1113.791.31
19th May 2018, 20:30Boston CelticsCleveland Cavaliers86:1163.541.35
15th May 2018, 20:30Cleveland CavaliersBoston Celtics94:1071.971.93
13th May 2018, 15:30Cleveland CavaliersBoston Celtics83:1081.842.08
9th May 2018, 20:00Philadelphia 76ersBoston Celtics112:1142.031.88
7th May 2018, 18:00Boston CelticsPhiladelphia 76ers92:1033.821.31
5th May 2018, 17:00Boston CelticsPhiladelphia 76ers101:984.931.22
3rd May 2018, 20:30Philadelphia 76ersBoston Celtics103:1081.612.49
30th Apr 2018, 20:00Philadelphia 76ersBoston Celtics101:1171.502.80
28th Apr 2018, 20:00Milwaukee BucksBoston Celtics96:1122.731.52
26th Apr 2018, 20:00Boston CelticsMilwaukee Bucks86:972.761.51
24th Apr 2018, 19:00Milwaukee BucksBoston Celtics87:922.691.53
22nd Apr 2018, 13:00Boston CelticsMilwaukee Bucks102:1042.951.46
20th Apr 2018, 21:30Boston CelticsMilwaukee Bucks92:1162.891.47
17th Apr 2018, 20:00Milwaukee BucksBoston Celtics106:1201.981.93
15th Apr 2018, 13:00Milwaukee BucksBoston Celtics107:1132.521.59
11th Apr 2018, 20:00Brooklyn NetsBoston Celtics97:1101.552.65
10th Apr 2018, 20:00Boston CelticsWashington Wizards101:1133.801.31

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