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What is NBA Team Strength Oscillator and how to use it?

ZCode NBA Team Strength Oscillator is a chart that shows the current team shape. It compares two teams' patterns and current trends, allowing you to see which team is surging and which is slumping. The chart also displays the current team status, their last games, and the difference between their conditions. The Oscillator is calculated using bookie odds for closed games.

The "Select System" option allows you to choose between traditional betting (betting on the favorite) or an "antisystem" where you bet on the opponent of your team. The "Select Place" option lets you choose which games to pick (any, home, or away).

You can use this indicator to identify common patterns, similar to those found in technical trading (support and resistance levels) or common patterns like WLWLWL or WWLWWL for specific teams. You can also easily see how streaky your selected team is. For example, some teams go on long winning and losing streaks, while others tend to bounce back after each loss but cannot get two wins in a row.

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Dallas / Golden State current delta = -4.05
Dallas Mavericks
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
14th Apr 2024, 15:30Dallas MavericksOklahoma City Thunder86:13511.0001.057
12th Apr 2024, 20:30Detroit PistonsDallas Mavericks107:895.5101.170
10th Apr 2024, 19:30Dallas MavericksMiami Heat111:921.7172.204
9th Apr 2024, 19:00Dallas MavericksCharlotte Hornets130:1041.1326.540
7th Apr 2024, 15:30Houston RocketsDallas Mavericks136:1474.2051.252
5th Apr 2024, 20:30Golden State WarriorsDallas Mavericks106:1081.9711.891
4th Apr 2024, 19:30Atlanta HawksDallas Mavericks95:1096.2801.140
2nd Apr 2024, 22:00Dallas MavericksGolden State Warriors100:1041.8492.018
31st Mar 2024, 19:00Dallas MavericksHouston Rockets125:1071.6552.314
29th Mar 2024, 22:00Dallas MavericksSacramento Kings107:1031.8392.030
26th Mar 2024, 22:00Dallas MavericksSacramento Kings132:961.9301.930
25th Mar 2024, 21:00Dallas MavericksUtah Jazz115:1051.3173.610
21st Mar 2024, 20:30Utah JazzDallas Mavericks97:1138.0001.097
19th Mar 2024, 20:00Dallas MavericksSan Antonio Spurs113:1071.2704.020
17th Mar 2024, 15:30Denver NuggetsDallas Mavericks105:1071.8502.107
14th Mar 2024, 22:00Dallas MavericksOklahoma City Thunder119:1264.5151.227
13th Mar 2024, 20:30Golden State WarriorsDallas Mavericks99:1094.0201.270
11th Mar 2024, 20:00Dallas MavericksChicago Bulls127:921.6232.505
9th Mar 2024, 19:00Dallas MavericksDetroit Pistons142:1241.2524.205
7th Mar 2024, 19:30Miami HeatDallas Mavericks108:1142.6051.533
5th Mar 2024, 20:30Indiana PacersDallas Mavericks137:1202.7631.483
3rd Mar 2024, 13:00Philadelphia 76ersDallas Mavericks120:1163.6651.309
1st Mar 2024, 19:30Dallas MavericksBoston Celtics110:1383.9251.279
28th Feb 2024, 19:30Dallas MavericksToronto Raptors136:1251.6322.360
27th Feb 2024, 19:00Dallas MavericksCleveland Cavaliers119:1212.4541.590
25th Feb 2024, 17:00Dallas MavericksIndiana Pacers111:1331.7702.122
22nd Feb 2024, 19:30Phoenix SunsDallas Mavericks113:1232.1101.778
14th Feb 2024, 20:30San Antonio SpursDallas Mavericks93:1165.5101.170
12th Feb 2024, 20:30Washington WizardsDallas Mavericks104:1126.2801.140
10th Feb 2024, 15:00Oklahoma City ThunderDallas Mavericks111:1461.8492.018
8th Feb 2024, 19:30Dallas MavericksNew York Knicks122:1081.4322.960
6th Feb 2024, 19:30Dallas MavericksBrooklyn Nets119:1071.6552.314
5th Feb 2024, 19:00Dallas MavericksPhiladelphia 76ers118:1021.6802.267
3rd Feb 2024, 20:30Milwaukee BucksDallas Mavericks129:1171.5902.454
31st Jan 2024, 20:00Dallas MavericksMinnesota Timberwolves87:1217.0401.118
29th Jan 2024, 20:30Orlando MagicDallas Mavericks129:1312.5621.548
27th Jan 2024, 21:00Sacramento KingsDallas Mavericks120:1151.6552.314
26th Jan 2024, 19:00Dallas MavericksAtlanta Hawks148:1432.0181.849
24th Jan 2024, 20:30Phoenix SunsDallas Mavericks132:1091.8282.136
22nd Jan 2024, 20:30Boston CelticsDallas Mavericks119:1101.7522.249
Golden State Warriors
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
16th Apr 2024, 22:00Golden State WarriorsSacramento Kings94:1181.6802.267
14th Apr 2024, 15:30Utah JazzGolden State Warriors116:1234.9351.199
12th Apr 2024, 22:00New Orleans PelicansGolden State Warriors114:1092.5621.548
11th Apr 2024, 22:00Golden State WarriorsPortland Trail Blazers100:921.1187.040
9th Apr 2024, 22:00Golden State WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers134:1201.7702.122
7th Apr 2024, 20:30Utah JazzGolden State Warriors110:1186.2801.140
5th Apr 2024, 20:30Golden State WarriorsDallas Mavericks106:1081.9711.891
4th Apr 2024, 20:00Golden State WarriorsHouston Rockets133:1101.6802.267
2nd Apr 2024, 22:00Dallas MavericksGolden State Warriors100:1041.8492.018
31st Mar 2024, 19:00Golden State WarriorsSan Antonio Spurs117:1131.1935.040
29th Mar 2024, 19:00Golden State WarriorsCharlotte Hornets115:971.1077.500
27th Mar 2024, 19:00Golden State WarriorsOrlando Magic101:932.4391.597
26th Mar 2024, 19:30Golden State WarriorsMiami Heat113:921.5312.609
24th Mar 2024, 19:00Golden State WarriorsMinnesota Timberwolves110:1142.2671.680
22nd Mar 2024, 22:00Indiana PacersGolden State Warriors123:1112.5621.548
20th Mar 2024, 22:00Memphis GrizzliesGolden State Warriors116:1375.5101.170
18th Mar 2024, 22:00New York KnicksGolden State Warriors119:1123.0651.408
16th Mar 2024, 20:30Golden State WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers128:1211.9721.889
13th Mar 2024, 20:30Golden State WarriorsDallas Mavericks99:1094.0201.270
11th Mar 2024, 20:00Golden State WarriorsSan Antonio Spurs112:1021.5112.670
9th Mar 2024, 20:30San Antonio SpursGolden State Warriors126:1135.7701.159
7th Mar 2024, 22:00Chicago BullsGolden State Warriors125:1223.8601.287
6th Mar 2024, 22:00Milwaukee BucksGolden State Warriors90:1252.2901.667
3rd Mar 2024, 15:30Golden State WarriorsBoston Celtics88:1403.7601.298
1st Mar 2024, 19:30Golden State WarriorsToronto Raptors120:1051.7172.204
29th Feb 2024, 19:30Golden State WarriorsNew York Knicks110:991.6112.407
27th Feb 2024, 19:00Golden State WarriorsWashington Wizards123:1121.1815.280
25th Feb 2024, 19:00Denver NuggetsGolden State Warriors119:1032.1101.778
23rd Feb 2024, 22:00Charlotte HornetsGolden State Warriors84:976.0301.149
22nd Feb 2024, 22:00Los Angeles LakersGolden State Warriors110:1282.9151.442
15th Feb 2024, 21:00Golden State WarriorsUtah Jazz140:1371.7462.157
14th Feb 2024, 22:00Los Angeles ClippersGolden State Warriors130:1252.3601.632
12th Feb 2024, 21:00Golden State WarriorsUtah Jazz129:1071.9301.930
10th Feb 2024, 20:30Phoenix SunsGolden State Warriors112:1131.8122.064
8th Feb 2024, 19:00Golden State WarriorsIndiana Pacers131:1093.0651.408
7th Feb 2024, 19:30Golden State WarriorsPhiladelphia 76ers127:1041.6552.314
5th Feb 2024, 19:30Golden State WarriorsBrooklyn Nets109:981.9101.950
3rd Feb 2024, 19:30Golden State WarriorsAtlanta Hawks134:1412.0641.812
2nd Feb 2024, 20:00Golden State WarriorsMemphis Grizzlies121:1011.3173.610
30th Jan 2024, 22:00Philadelphia 76ersGolden State Warriors107:1192.0301.839

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