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What is MLB Pitcher Strength Oscillator and how to use it?

ZCode MLB Pitcher Strength Oscillator shows you the current pitcher shape in a form of an easy chart.

Just by looking at the chart you can compare two pitchers to see their current pattern and current trend, which pitcher is surging, which is slumping.

You will also get the current team status, their last games, pitcher profitability and the difference (delta) between their profitability.

The Oscillator is calculated based on the bookie odds for the closed game.

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Jameson Taillon+$1435
Zach Eflin-$55
Jameson Taillon
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
22nd Jun 2024, 14:20New York Mets (Tylor Megill)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)1:81.8482.020
16th Jun 2024, 13:05St Louis Cardinals (Miles Mikolas)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)2:12.1841.729
11th Jun 2024, 18:50Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)2:52.2931.666
5th Jun 2024, 20:05Chicago White Sox (Erick Fedde)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)6:72.7501.486
30th May 2024, 13:10Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Milwaukee Brewers (Colin Rea)4:62.0591.816
25th May 2024, 19:15Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)St Louis Cardinals (Miles Mikolas)6:71.9401.920
19th May 2024, 14:20Pittsburgh Pirates (Mitch Keller)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)3:22.1611.744
14th May 2024, 19:20Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Atlanta Braves (Chris Sale)0:72.7191.496
4th May 2024, 14:20Milwaukee Brewers (Tobias Myers)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)5:62.1851.793
29th Apr 2024, 19:10Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)New York Mets (Luis Severino)3:12.3201.712
24th Apr 2024, 19:40Houston Astros (Spencer Arrighetti)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)3:41.9801.960
19th Apr 2024, 14:20Miami Marlins (A.J. Puk)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)3:82.5161.619
27th Sep 2023, 19:20Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Atlanta Braves (Darius Vines)5:62.3811.680
22nd Sep 2023, 14:20Colorado Rockies (Noah Davis)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)0:63.1101.441
13th Sep 2023, 15:10Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Colorado Rockies (Ty Blach)3:71.5672.650
8th Sep 2023, 14:20Arizona Diamondbacks (Zac Gallen)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)1:01.8852.063
3rd Sep 2023, 12:10Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Cincinnati Reds (Carson Spiers)15:71.7012.340
28th Aug 2023, 20:05Milwaukee Brewers (Wade Miley)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)6:22.1851.793
23rd Aug 2023, 13:10Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Detroit Tigers (Tarik Skubal)6:42.1131.845
18th Aug 2023, 14:20Kansas City Royals (Cole Ragans)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)4:32.6501.567
13th Aug 2023, 13:37Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Toronto Blue Jays (Hyun Jin Ryu)4:112.1011.854
8th Aug 2023, 19:10Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)New York Mets (Carlos Carrasco)3:21.7802.205
3rd Aug 2023, 20:05Cincinnati Reds (Luke Weaver)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)3:52.5161.619
29th Jul 2023, 19:15Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)St Louis Cardinals (Adam Wainwright)5:12.0011.939
23rd Jul 2023, 14:20St Louis Cardinals (Jordan Montgomery)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)2:71.8862.061
18th Jul 2023, 20:05Washington Nationals (Patrick Corbin)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)3:172.5161.619
7th Jul 2023, 19:05Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)New York Yankees (Carlos Rodon)3:02.4651.640
2nd Jul 2023, 17:05Cleveland Guardians (Aaron Civale)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)8:61.8452.113
18th Jun 2023, 13:05Baltimore Orioles (Dean Kremer)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)6:31.9272.014
13th Jun 2023, 20:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Luis L. Ortiz)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)3:112.1851.793
7th Jun 2023, 21:38Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Los Angeles Angels (Jaime Barria)2:62.2681.740
2nd Jun 2023, 21:40Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)San Diego Padres (Michael Wacha)2:12.5901.590
27th May 2023, 19:15Cincinnati Reds (Brandon Williamson)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)8:52.5681.598
20th May 2023, 16:05Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Philadelphia Phillies (Aaron Nola)3:122.4881.630
15th May 2023, 20:10Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Houston Astros (Framber Valdez)4:62.7081.548
9th May 2023, 19:40St Louis Cardinals (Jack Flaherty)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)6:42.0601.885
4th May 2023, 13:05Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Washington Nationals (Patrick Corbin)3:41.5902.590
20th Apr 2023, 19:40Los Angeles Dodgers (Michael Grove)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)6:21.9901.950
15th Apr 2023, 21:10Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Los Angeles Dodgers (Michael Grove)1:22.3801.680
9th Apr 2023, 14:20Texas Rangers (Jon Gray)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)8:21.9701.970
2nd Apr 2023, 14:20Milwaukee Brewers (Eric Lauer)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)9:52.1251.835
27th Mar 2023, 16:05Chicago White Sox (Mike Clevinger)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)6:62.1501.740
21st Mar 2023, 21:05Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Kansas City Royals (Jordan Lyles)6:21.9601.820
9th Mar 2023, 15:05Cincinnati Reds (Hunter Greene)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)6:82.3351.590
4th Mar 2023, 15:05Los Angeles Angels (Reid Detmers)Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)0:22.2581.630
19th Oct 2022, 19:37New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Houston Astros (Justin Verlander)2:42.7651.530
4th Oct 2022, 14:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Texas Rangers (Jon Gray)5:41.9101.940
27th Sep 2022, 19:07New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Toronto Blue Jays (Jose Berrios)5:22.0161.925
22nd Sep 2022, 19:15Boston Red Sox (Michael Wacha)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)4:52.5381.610
17th Sep 2022, 19:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Milwaukee Brewers (Brandon Woodruff)1:42.3001.722
10th Sep 2022, 13:05Tampa Bay Rays (Corey Kluber)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)3:101.9951.944
5th Sep 2022, 13:05Minnesota Twins (Chris Archer)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)2:52.5381.610
30th Aug 2022, 21:38New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Los Angeles Angels (Mike Mayers)7:41.6482.448
19th Aug 2022, 19:05Toronto Blue Jays (Kevin Gausman)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)4:02.0721.875
14th Aug 2022, 19:08New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Boston Red Sox (Michael Wacha)0:31.7842.196
8th Aug 2022, 22:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Seattle Mariners (Logan Gilbert)9:41.9102.032
2nd Aug 2022, 19:05Seattle Mariners (Logan Gilbert)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)8:62.5521.604
28th Jul 2022, 19:05Kansas City Royals (Brady Singer)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)0:13.2601.410
22nd Jul 2022, 19:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Baltimore Orioles (Tyler Wells)7:61.6322.480
16th Jul 2022, 19:15Boston Red Sox (Nick Pivetta)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)1:142.5151.618
10th Jul 2022, 19:08New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Boston Red Sox (Nick Pivetta)6:111.7162.310
5th Jul 2022, 19:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jose Quintana)2:51.5102.828
29th Jun 2022, 13:05Oakland Athletics (Cole Irvin)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)3:53.9001.316
23rd Jun 2022, 19:05Houston Astros (Framber Valdez)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)6:72.2351.760
18th Jun 2022, 15:07New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Toronto Blue Jays (Alek Manoah)4:02.3241.710
12th Jun 2022, 13:35Chicago Cubs (Keegan Thompson)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)4:182.9701.472
2nd Jun 2022, 19:05Los Angeles Angels (Reid Detmers)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)1:22.0841.868
27th May 2022, 19:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Tampa Bay Rays (Jeffrey Springs)2:02.1451.820
17th May 2022, 19:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Baltimore Orioles (Spenser Watkins)5:41.4483.080
11th May 2022, 12:35Toronto Blue Jays (Jose Berrios)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)3:52.2761.736
3rd May 2022, 19:07New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Toronto Blue Jays (Alek Manoah)9:12.2051.780
28th Apr 2022, 13:05Baltimore Orioles (Bruce Zimmermann)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)5:102.9821.470
16th Apr 2022, 19:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Baltimore Orioles (Tyler Wells)5:21.5422.725
11th Apr 2022, 19:05Toronto Blue Jays (Alek Manoah)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)3:02.1001.856
31st Mar 2022, 13:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)3:52.4051.512
21st Mar 2022, 13:05Philadelphia Phillies (Hans Crouse)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)2:52.2351.630
3rd Oct 2021, 15:05Tampa Bay Rays (Michael Wacha)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)0:12.1481.810
28th Sep 2021, 19:07New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Toronto Blue Jays (Hyun Jin Ryu)7:22.1251.828
6th Sep 2021, 13:05Toronto Blue Jays (Hyun Jin Ryu)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)8:02.1961.768
31st Aug 2021, 21:38New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Los Angeles Angels (Jaime Barria)4:61.5552.690
26th Aug 2021, 21:40New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Oakland Athletics (James Kaprielian)7:61.8002.145
19th Aug 2021, 19:05Minnesota Twins (John Gant)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)5:73.0161.452
14th Aug 2021, 19:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Chicago White Sox (Dylan Cease)7:52.2401.758
9th Aug 2021, 20:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Kansas City Royals (Carlos Hernandez)8:61.5842.515
4th Aug 2021, 19:05Baltimore Orioles (Matt Harvey)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)3:103.4201.380
30th Jul 2021, 19:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Miami Marlins (Zach Thompson)3:11.6252.475
24th Jul 2021, 16:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Boston Red Sox (Nathan Eovaldi)4:32.6401.530
18th Jul 2021, 19:08Boston Red Sox (Martin Perez)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)1:92.1361.798
11th Jul 2021, 14:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Houston Astros (Framber Valdez)7:82.2581.736
6th Jul 2021, 22:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Seattle Mariners (Justus Sheffield)12:11.6162.525
29th Jun 2021, 19:05Los Angeles Angels (Andrew Heaney)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)5:112.4521.635
24th Jun 2021, 13:05Kansas City Royals (Brad Keller)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)1:82.8951.484
18th Jun 2021, 19:05Oakland Athletics (James Kaprielian)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)5:32.2581.736
12th Jun 2021, 16:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Philadelphia Phillies (Vince Velasquez)7:81.8502.095
5th Jun 2021, 19:15Boston Red Sox (Eduardo Rodriguez)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)7:32.2901.728
31st May 2021, 13:05Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)3:12.1481.778
23rd May 2021, 13:05Chicago White Sox (Dallas Keuchel)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)4:52.3701.685
18th May 2021, 20:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Texas Rangers (Mike Foltynewicz)7:41.7162.310
13th May 2021, 19:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)1:91.8602.095
7th May 2021, 19:05Washington Nationals (Patrick Corbin)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)11:42.6351.572
1st May 2021, 13:05Detroit Tigers (Spencer Turnbull)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)4:63.0641.450
25th Apr 2021, 13:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Cleveland Guardians (Triston McKenzie)3:71.7782.208
20th Apr 2021, 18:35Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)1:32.1051.850
13th Apr 2021, 19:07New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Toronto Blue Jays (Hyun Jin Ryu)3:72.0351.900
7th Apr 2021, 18:35Baltimore Orioles (John Means)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)4:32.8951.492
22nd Mar 2021, 18:35Philadelphia Phillies (Aaron Nola)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)4:02.5101.540
12th Mar 2021, 13:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Detroit Tigers (Julio Teheran)4:21.6602.245
6th Mar 2021, 13:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Pittsburgh Pirates (Cody Ponce)2:31.5502.500
1st May 2019, 14:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Texas Rangers (Shelby Miller)7:51.7302.270
25th Apr 2019, 12:35Arizona Diamondbacks (Zack Greinke)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)5:02.0201.890
20th Apr 2019, 16:05San Francisco Giants (Derek Holland)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)1:32.2001.770
14th Apr 2019, 13:35Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Washington Nationals (Max Scherzer)4:32.5801.600
8th Apr 2019, 14:20Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Chicago Cubs (Jon Lester)0:102.2201.760
3rd Apr 2019, 19:05St Louis Cardinals (Miles Mikolas)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)5:41.9501.950
28th Mar 2019, 16:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Cincinnati Reds (Luis Castillo)3:51.9901.920
29th Sep 2018, 16:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Cincinnati Reds (Michael Lorenzen)0:31.7202.280
24th Sep 2018, 20:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Chicago Cubs (Cole Hamels)5:12.4301.650
18th Sep 2018, 19:05Kansas City Royals (Eric Skoglund)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)1:23.0001.460
12th Sep 2018, 13:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)St Louis Cardinals (Daniel Poncedeleon)4:32.0401.880
5th Sep 2018, 19:05Cincinnati Reds (Homer Bailey)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)2:32.6501.560
31st Aug 2018, 19:35Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Atlanta Braves (Anibal Sanchez)3:22.1701.790
25th Aug 2018, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Milwaukee Brewers (Jhoulys Chacin)9:12.2501.740
19th Aug 2018, 13:35Chicago Cubs (Jose Quintana)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)1:22.0801.850
14th Aug 2018, 20:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Minnesota Twins (Jake Odorizzi)2:51.8302.110
7th Aug 2018, 20:40Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Colorado Rockies (Chad Bettis)10:21.9202.010
31st Jul 2018, 19:05Chicago Cubs (Jon Lester)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)4:52.0701.860
25th Jul 2018, 13:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Cleveland Guardians (Trevor Bauer)0:42.9001.480
20th Jul 2018, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Cincinnati Reds (Tyler Mahle)12:11.9102.020
12th Jul 2018, 19:05Milwaukee Brewers (Wade Miley)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)3:62.1001.840
7th Jul 2018, 16:05Philadelphia Phillies (Jake Arrieta)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)3:22.2401.750
1st Jul 2018, 16:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)San Diego Padres (Tyson Ross)7:51.8502.080
25th Jun 2018, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)New York Mets (Seth Lugo)6:41.8802.050
19th Jun 2018, 19:05Milwaukee Brewers (Freddy Peralta)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)3:22.1101.830
13th Jun 2018, 15:40Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Arizona Diamondbacks (Zack Greinke)5:42.3301.690
7th Jun 2018, 12:35Los Angeles Dodgers (Dennis Santana)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)8:72.1501.800
1st Jun 2018, 20:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)St Louis Cardinals (Miles Mikolas)4:02.0501.880
27th May 2018, 13:35St Louis Cardinals (Miles Mikolas)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)6:42.1101.830
22nd May 2018, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Cincinnati Reds (Matt Harvey)2:71.8802.040
16th May 2018, 12:35Chicago White Sox (Hector Santiago)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)2:32.6001.570
11th May 2018, 19:05San Francisco Giants (Andrew Suarez)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)2:112.1101.830
5th May 2018, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Milwaukee Brewers (Jhoulys Chacin)3:51.9002.030
30th Apr 2018, 19:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Washington Nationals (Tanner Roark)2:32.0101.920
19th Apr 2018, 19:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Philadelphia Phillies (Jake Arrieta)0:71.8602.070
14th Apr 2018, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Miami Marlins (Trevor Richards)1:01.5302.740
8th Apr 2018, 13:35Cincinnati Reds (Tyler Mahle)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)0:52.3601.680
2nd Apr 2018, 13:05Minnesota Twins (Lance Lynn)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)4:52.2501.740
30th Sep 2017, 19:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Washington Nationals (Max Scherzer)4:13.4101.380
24th Sep 2017, 13:35St Louis Cardinals (John Gant)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)1:41.8602.070
18th Sep 2017, 19:05Milwaukee Brewers (Brent Suter)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)3:01.9801.940
7th Sep 2017, 19:05Chicago Cubs (Jon Lester)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)8:21.7602.220
2nd Sep 2017, 19:05Cincinnati Reds (Tyler Mahle)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)0:52.2001.770
27th Aug 2017, 13:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Cincinnati Reds (Tyler Mahle)5:22.0001.930
22nd Aug 2017, 19:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Brock Stewart)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)8:51.8502.090
17th Aug 2017, 19:05St Louis Cardinals (Adam Wainwright)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)11:72.2501.740
11th Aug 2017, 19:07Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Toronto Blue Jays (Marcus Stroman)4:22.2901.710
6th Aug 2017, 13:35San Diego Padres (Clayton Richard)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)4:52.6901.540
1st Aug 2017, 19:05Cincinnati Reds (Homer Bailey)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)9:12.5401.600
25th Jul 2017, 22:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)San Francisco Giants (Madison Bumgarner)3:111.9801.940
20th Jul 2017, 12:35Milwaukee Brewers (Jimmy Nelson)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)2:42.1101.830
15th Jul 2017, 19:05St Louis Cardinals (Lance Lynn)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)4:02.1201.830
9th Jul 2017, 13:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Chicago Cubs (Jon Lester)14:32.8501.500
4th Jul 2017, 16:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Philadelphia Phillies (Mark Leiter)3:01.6902.340
29th Jun 2017, 19:05Tampa Bay Rays (Chris Archer)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)0:41.8802.050
23rd Jun 2017, 20:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)St Louis Cardinals (Adam Wainwright)4:32.0001.930
18th Jun 2017, 13:35Chicago Cubs (John Lackey)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)7:12.0401.890
12th Jun 2017, 19:05Colorado Rockies (Kyle Freeland)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)2:72.1001.840
3rd May 2017, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Cincinnati Reds (Rookie Davis)2:72.0101.920
28th Apr 2017, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Miami Marlins (Adam Conley)12:22.1601.790
22nd Apr 2017, 16:05New York Yankees (Michael Pineda)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)11:51.8802.050
16th Apr 2017, 14:20Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Chicago Cubs (Jon Lester)6:12.4901.620
11th Apr 2017, 19:05Cincinnati Reds (Rookie Davis)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)6:22.6301.560
5th Apr 2017, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Boston Red Sox (Chris Sale)0:32.4701.630
31st Mar 2017, 19:07Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Toronto Blue Jays (Marcus Stroman)1:12.1301.790
20th Mar 2017, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Tampa Bay Rays (Blake Snell)5:41.9901.900
15th Mar 2017, 13:05Baltimore Orioles (Ubaldo Jimenez)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)5:62.1101.800
5th Mar 2017, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)New York Yankees (Masahiro Tanaka)2:32.3901.640
26th Feb 2017, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Baltimore Orioles (Wade Miley)3:82.1001.810
28th Sep 2016, 19:05Chicago Cubs (Jake Arrieta)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)4:81.6102.500
23rd Sep 2016, 19:05Washington Nationals (Gio Gonzalez)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)5:62.0701.860
17th Sep 2016, 12:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Cincinnati Reds (Anthony DeSclafani)10:41.8502.090
7th Sep 2016, 19:05St Louis Cardinals (Mike Leake)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)3:42.1201.830
2nd Sep 2016, 19:05Milwaukee Brewers (Junior Guerra)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)1:02.5401.600
27th Aug 2016, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Milwaukee Brewers (Jimmy Nelson)9:61.6802.360
22nd Aug 2016, 19:05Houston Astros (Doug Fister)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)3:12.3401.690
16th Aug 2016, 22:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)San Francisco Giants (Jeff Samardzija)4:32.0601.870
11th Aug 2016, 12:35San Diego Padres (Christian Friedrich)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)0:42.7701.520
5th Aug 2016, 19:05Cincinnati Reds (Anthony DeSclafani)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)2:32.3701.670
30th Jul 2016, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Milwaukee Brewers (Chase Anderson)3:51.6102.510
24th Jul 2016, 13:35Philadelphia Phillies (Vince Velasquez)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)4:52.3201.700
19th Jul 2016, 19:05Milwaukee Brewers (Junior Guerra)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)2:32.4101.650
29th Jun 2016, 22:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Seattle Mariners (Wade Miley)8:12.2301.750
24th Jun 2016, 19:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Nick Tepesch)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)6:82.1301.820
19th Jun 2016, 20:08Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)Chicago Cubs (Kyle Hendricks)5:102.4701.630
8th Jun 2016, 19:05New York Mets (Noah Syndergaard)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)6:51.7602.210
28th Feb 2013, 00:00Boston Red Sox (John Lackey)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jameson Taillon)16:62.1201.790
Zach Eflin
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
22nd Jun 2024, 16:05Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Pittsburgh Pirates (Jared Jones)3:41.9301.930
16th Jun 2024, 13:35Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Atlanta Braves (Hurston Waldrep)8:62.0421.830
11th Jun 2024, 18:50Chicago Cubs (Jameson Taillon)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)2:52.2931.666
5th Jun 2024, 18:40Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Miami Marlins (Braxton Garrett)5:31.8212.053
18th May 2024, 15:07Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Toronto Blue Jays (Kevin Gausman)5:42.2621.683
13th May 2024, 19:10Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Boston Red Sox (Kutter Crawford)5:32.1371.827
7th May 2024, 18:50Chicago White Sox (Michael Soroka)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)1:53.5501.363
1st May 2024, 13:10Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Milwaukee Brewers (Colin Rea)1:71.9701.970
26th Apr 2024, 19:40Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Chicago White Sox (Chris Flexen)4:91.4752.965
20th Apr 2024, 13:05Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)New York Yankees (Nestor Cortes)2:02.2161.773
15th Apr 2024, 18:50Los Angeles Angels (Patrick Sandoval)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)7:32.4871.631
4th Oct 2023, 15:08Texas Rangers (Nathan Eovaldi)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)7:12.3581.692
26th Sep 2023, 19:10Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Boston Red Sox (Tanner Houck)9:71.9551.985
21st Sep 2023, 13:10Los Angeles Angels (Griffin Canning)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)4:53.6251.352
15th Sep 2023, 19:05Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Baltimore Orioles (Jack Flaherty)7:11.8452.113
10th Sep 2023, 13:10Seattle Mariners (Bryce Miller)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)3:62.2721.739
5th Sep 2023, 18:40Boston Red Sox (Kutter Crawford)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)6:82.4651.640
30th Aug 2023, 18:40Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Miami Marlins (Jesus Luzardo)3:01.8862.061
25th Aug 2023, 18:40New York Yankees (Gerrit Cole)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)6:22.1931.788
19th Aug 2023, 21:07Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Los Angeles Angels (Patrick Sandoval)18:41.8502.107
13th Aug 2023, 13:40Cleveland Guardians (Tanner Bibee)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)9:22.5911.589
8th Aug 2023, 18:40St Louis Cardinals (Miles Mikolas)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)2:42.6811.557
1st Aug 2023, 19:05Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)New York Yankees (Carlos Rodon)5:21.9262.015
26th Jul 2023, 12:10Miami Marlins (Sandy Alcantara)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)7:12.6811.557
21st Jul 2023, 18:40Baltimore Orioles (Kyle Bradish)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)0:32.3601.690
16th Jul 2023, 14:10Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Kansas City Royals (Brady Singer)4:81.4862.921
9th Jul 2023, 13:40Atlanta Braves (Bryce Elder)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)4:102.1551.814
4th Jul 2023, 16:10Philadelphia Phillies (Aaron Nola)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)3:12.4231.660
28th Jun 2023, 21:40Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Arizona Diamondbacks (Zach Davies)3:21.7172.309
23rd Jun 2023, 18:40Kansas City Royals (Zack Greinke)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)3:113.1651.430
17th Jun 2023, 19:15Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)San Diego Padres (Blake Snell)0:22.0121.929
12th Jun 2023, 21:40Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Oakland Athletics (James Kaprielian)3:41.3663.530
6th Jun 2023, 18:40Minnesota Twins (Louie Varland)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)0:72.6101.580
31st May 2023, 14:20Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Chicago Cubs (Justin Steele)4:31.7682.224
25th May 2023, 13:10Toronto Blue Jays (Alek Manoah)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)3:62.5151.618
20th May 2023, 16:10Milwaukee Brewers (Eric Lauer)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)4:82.8801.496
14th May 2023, 13:35Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)New York Yankees (Clarke Schmidt)8:71.7842.196
9th May 2023, 18:35Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Baltimore Orioles (Grayson Rodriguez)2:41.7842.196
4th May 2023, 13:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Vince Velasquez)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)2:32.6801.556
28th Apr 2023, 19:10Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Chicago White Sox (Lucas Giolito)3:21.6602.422
23rd Apr 2023, 13:40Chicago White Sox (Lucas Giolito)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)1:42.6801.556
7th Apr 2023, 18:40Oakland Athletics (Ken Waldichuk)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)5:93.4601.372
1st Apr 2023, 16:10Detroit Tigers (Spencer Turnbull)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)2:122.6801.556
20th Mar 2023, 13:05Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)Atlanta Braves (Kyle Wright)5:62.2001.660
2nd Mar 2023, 13:05Minnesota Twins (Kenta Maeda)Tampa Bay Rays (Zach Eflin)4:22.2581.630
25th Jun 2022, 22:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)San Diego Padres (Blake Snell)4:22.1951.785
19th Jun 2022, 12:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Washington Nationals (Jackson Tetreault)3:91.6252.502
14th Jun 2022, 19:05Miami Marlins (Trevor Rogers)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)11:92.3151.712
9th Jun 2022, 14:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Milwaukee Brewers (Corbin Burnes)8:32.4801.632
28th May 2022, 19:15Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)New York Mets (Taijuan Walker)2:82.1361.828
22nd May 2022, 13:35Los Angeles Dodgers (Tony Gonsolin)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)3:41.7482.258
1st May 2022, 19:08Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)New York Mets (Max Scherzer)6:102.7251.542
26th Apr 2022, 18:45Colorado Rockies (German Marquez)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)3:102.6101.580
20th Apr 2022, 15:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Colorado Rockies (German Marquez)9:61.9601.980
15th Apr 2022, 18:40Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Miami Marlins (Pablo Lopez)1:72.2121.775
10th Apr 2022, 13:05Oakland Athletics (Daulton Jefferies)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)4:12.9821.470
5th Apr 2022, 12:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Zach Thompson)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)1:52.5851.490
31st Mar 2022, 13:05New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)3:52.4051.512
26th Mar 2022, 13:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Detroit Tigers (Matt Manning)8:142.0801.710
26th Aug 2021, 19:05Arizona Diamondbacks (Zac Gallen)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)8:72.2761.736
8th Jul 2021, 20:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Chicago Cubs (Adbert Alzolay)8:02.0101.920
3rd Jul 2021, 16:05San Diego Padres (Yu Darvish)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)2:41.6152.502
26th Jun 2021, 16:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)New York Mets (Jacob deGrom)3:43.4201.370
20th Jun 2021, 16:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)San Francisco Giants (Sammy Long)2:112.1951.785
15th Jun 2021, 22:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Los Angeles Dodgers (Julio Urias)3:52.4751.625
9th Jun 2021, 19:05Atlanta Braves (Tucker Davidson)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)1:22.2401.758
30th May 2021, 13:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Tampa Bay Rays (Collin McHugh)2:62.2081.778
24th May 2021, 18:40Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Miami Marlins (Trevor Rogers)6:92.1761.798
19th May 2021, 19:05Miami Marlins (Trevor Rogers)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)3:12.1361.828
13th May 2021, 13:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Washington Nationals (Patrick Corbin)1:51.9601.980
7th May 2021, 19:20Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)12:22.3501.696
2nd May 2021, 19:08New York Mets (David Peterson)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)8:72.0601.876
27th Apr 2021, 19:45Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)St Louis Cardinals (Carlos Martinez)2:51.9002.022
21st Apr 2021, 13:05San Francisco Giants (Anthony DeSclafani)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)5:62.1361.828
16th Apr 2021, 19:05St Louis Cardinals (Carlos Martinez)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)2:92.3301.696
10th Apr 2021, 19:20Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Atlanta Braves (Ian Anderson)4:52.3101.716
4th Apr 2021, 13:05Atlanta Braves (Ian Anderson)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)1:21.9202.010
29th Mar 2021, 13:05Toronto Blue Jays (T.J. Zeuch)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)13:71.7902.010
13th Mar 2021, 13:05Detroit Tigers (Casey Mize)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)3:92.6251.452
3rd Mar 2021, 13:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Detroit Tigers (Daniel Norris)4:21.9101.900
23rd Sep 2020, 18:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Washington Nationals (Erick Fedde)12:31.6642.410
18th Sep 2020, 16:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Toronto Blue Jays (Robbie Ray)7:01.7702.100
8th Sep 2020, 16:05Boston Red Sox (Martin Perez)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)5:62.6701.570
3rd Sep 2020, 16:05Washington Nationals (Anibal Sanchez)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)5:62.6351.560
29th Aug 2020, 13:15Atlanta Braves (Josh Tomlin)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)1:42.1701.790
23rd Aug 2020, 19:08Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Atlanta Braves (Josh Tomlin)5:42.0001.910
18th Aug 2020, 19:30Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Boston Red Sox (Zack Godley)13:61.7902.170
12th Aug 2020, 19:05Baltimore Orioles (Wade LeBlanc)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)5:42.7201.550
6th Aug 2020, 18:05New York Yankees (Jordan Montgomery)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)4:51.7402.250
2nd Mar 2020, 18:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Atlanta Braves (Sean Newcomb)6:42.2001.740
28th Sep 2019, 18:05Miami Marlins (Caleb Smith)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)3:92.7501.540
23rd Sep 2019, 19:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Washington Nationals (Patrick Corbin)2:72.9001.480
18th Sep 2019, 19:20Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Atlanta Braves (Julio Teheran)4:12.4501.650
11th Sep 2019, 19:05Atlanta Braves (Dallas Keuchel)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)3:11.6902.350
6th Sep 2019, 19:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)New York Mets (Steven Matz)4:52.4801.630
1st Sep 2019, 19:05New York Mets (Marcus Stroman)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)2:51.8602.060
24th Aug 2019, 18:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Miami Marlins (Jordan Yamamoto)9:31.7702.200
17th Aug 2019, 19:05San Diego Padres (Dinelson Lamet)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)5:32.0401.880
27th Jul 2019, 19:05Atlanta Braves (Max Fried)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)15:71.7702.200
20th Jul 2019, 19:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Pittsburgh Pirates (Joe Musgrove)1:52.1801.780
15th Jul 2019, 19:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Clayton Kershaw)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)16:21.5802.610
4th Jul 2019, 19:20Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Atlanta Braves (Mike Soroka)6:122.5301.610
29th Jun 2019, 16:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Miami Marlins (Jordan Yamamoto)6:91.7302.270
24th Jun 2019, 19:05New York Mets (Steven Matz)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)7:132.2301.750
19th Jun 2019, 13:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Washington Nationals (Patrick Corbin)2:62.4001.670
12th Jun 2019, 19:05Arizona Diamondbacks (Merrill Kelly)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)2:02.2001.770
7th Jun 2019, 19:05Cincinnati Reds (Tyler Mahle)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)2:42.0201.890
1st Jun 2019, 22:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Los Angeles Dodgers (Clayton Kershaw)3:42.7101.550
26th May 2019, 14:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Milwaukee Brewers (Brandon Woodruff)1:92.4301.650
21st May 2019, 19:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Chicago Cubs (Jose Quintana)2:32.1801.780
16th May 2019, 13:05Milwaukee Brewers (Zach Davies)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)11:32.0901.840
11th May 2019, 19:15Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Kansas City Royals (Brad Keller)7:01.7802.180
5th May 2019, 14:05Washington Nationals (Anibal Sanchez)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)1:72.6001.590
28th Apr 2019, 13:05Miami Marlins (Pablo Lopez)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)1:52.5601.600
23rd Apr 2019, 19:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)New York Mets (Zack Wheeler)0:92.1901.780
18th Apr 2019, 20:40Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Colorado Rockies (Kyle Freeland)2:62.0901.840
13th Apr 2019, 18:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Miami Marlins (Caleb Smith)3:101.6302.480
7th Apr 2019, 13:05Minnesota Twins (Jose Berrios)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)1:22.2201.760
2nd Apr 2019, 19:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Washington Nationals (Max Scherzer)8:22.6501.570
24th Sep 2018, 20:40Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Colorado Rockies (Tyler Anderson)1:102.6501.560
19th Sep 2018, 18:05New York Mets (Noah Syndergaard)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)0:41.8602.070
14th Sep 2018, 19:05Miami Marlins (Wei-Yin Chen)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)2:142.6601.550
8th Sep 2018, 19:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)New York Mets (Noah Syndergaard)5:102.2901.710
1st Sep 2018, 19:05Chicago Cubs (Kyle Hendricks)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)7:11.7902.170
27th Aug 2018, 19:05Washington Nationals (Stephen Strasburg)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)5:31.9202.010
22nd Aug 2018, 19:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Washington Nationals (Stephen Strasburg)7:82.3901.660
10th Aug 2018, 22:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)San Diego Padres (Jacob Nix)0:21.6902.340
4th Aug 2018, 19:05Miami Marlins (Jose Urena)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)3:82.5501.600
29th Jul 2018, 13:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Cincinnati Reds (Luis Castillo)0:42.0401.880
23rd Jul 2018, 19:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Ross Stripling)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)7:61.6402.440
9th Jul 2018, 16:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)New York Mets (Zack Wheeler)3:41.9901.930
3rd Jul 2018, 19:05Baltimore Orioles (Alex Cobb)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)2:32.5601.590
27th Jun 2018, 19:05New York Yankees (Luis Cessa)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)0:31.8302.120
22nd Jun 2018, 19:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Washington Nationals (Tanner Roark)12:22.4401.640
16th Jun 2018, 16:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Milwaukee Brewers (Junior Guerra)4:12.4601.630
10th Jun 2018, 13:35Milwaukee Brewers (Brandon Woodruff)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)3:41.8702.060
5th Jun 2018, 20:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Chicago Cubs (Kyle Hendricks)6:12.8601.490
30th May 2018, 22:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Los Angeles Dodgers (Ross Stripling)2:82.7201.530
25th May 2018, 19:05Toronto Blue Jays (Sam Gaviglio)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)6:51.8802.040
19th May 2018, 14:15Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)St Louis Cardinals (John Gant)7:62.0101.920
7th May 2018, 19:05San Francisco Giants (Jeff Samardzija)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)0:111.8502.090
1st May 2018, 19:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Miami Marlins (Jarlin Garcia)1:22.0501.880
18th Aug 2017, 22:15Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)San Francisco Giants (Matt Moore)2:102.6101.570
13th Aug 2017, 13:35New York Mets (Chris Flexen)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)6:21.9202.010
8th Aug 2017, 19:35Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Atlanta Braves (Julio Teheran)5:22.5901.580
28th May 2017, 13:35Cincinnati Reds (Scott Feldman)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)8:41.8502.080
23rd May 2017, 19:05Colorado Rockies (German Marquez)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)8:21.7402.260
17th May 2017, 20:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Texas Rangers (Andrew Cashner)3:92.2401.750
10th May 2017, 13:05Seattle Mariners (Yovani Gallardo)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)11:61.8302.110
4th May 2017, 14:20Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Chicago Cubs (John Lackey)4:52.6101.570
29th Apr 2017, 21:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Los Angeles Dodgers (Brandon McCarthy)5:62.9701.470
23rd Apr 2017, 13:35Atlanta Braves (Mike Foltynewicz)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)2:52.0001.930
18th Apr 2017, 19:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)New York Mets (Zack Wheeler)6:22.7701.520
8th Aug 2016, 22:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Los Angeles Dodgers (Julio Urias)4:93.3601.380
2nd Aug 2016, 19:05San Francisco Giants (Madison Bumgarner)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)8:131.4103.230
27th Jul 2016, 12:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Miami Marlins (Adam Conley)1:112.5901.580
22nd Jul 2016, 19:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Pittsburgh Pirates (Gerrit Cole)4:03.3601.380
17th Jul 2016, 13:35New York Mets (Jacob deGrom)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)5:01.5702.600
10th Jul 2016, 16:10Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Colorado Rockies (Tyler Chatwood)10:32.8701.490
5th Jul 2016, 19:05Atlanta Braves (Mike Foltynewicz)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)1:51.9501.970
29th Jun 2016, 15:40Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Arizona Diamondbacks (Archie Bradley)9:82.5601.590
24th Jun 2016, 22:15Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)San Francisco Giants (Jake Peavy)4:52.6501.560
19th Jun 2016, 13:35Arizona Diamondbacks (Archie Bradley)Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)5:11.7602.210
14th Jun 2016, 12:37Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Toronto Blue Jays (Marcus Stroman)3:113.7101.330
30th Mar 2015, 13:05Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Pittsburgh Pirates (Mark Melancon)4:182.3901.640

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