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What is MLB Pitcher Strength Oscillator and how to use it?
ZCode MLB Pitcher Strength Oscillator shows you the current pitcher shape in a form of an easy chart. Just by looking at the chart you can compare two pitchers to see their current pattern and current trend, which pitcher is surging, which is slumping. You will also get the current team status, their last games, pitcher profitability and the difference (delta) between their profitability. The Oscillator is calculated based on the bookie odds for the closed game.

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Charlie Morton-$605
Rich Hill-$335
Charlie Morton
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
25th Sep 2022, 13:05Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Philadelphia Phillies (Kyle Gibson)8:71.7652.230
20th Sep 2022, 19:20Washington Nationals (Patrick Corbin)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)2:34.0801.296
14th Sep 2022, 15:45Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)San Francisco Giants (Carlos Rodon)1:41.8282.136
9th Sep 2022, 21:40Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Seattle Mariners (Robbie Ray)6:41.8962.050
2nd Sep 2022, 19:20Miami Marlins (Sandy Alcantara)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)1:82.6801.556
27th Aug 2022, 19:15Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)St Louis Cardinals (Jordan Montgomery)5:62.0221.920
21st Aug 2022, 13:35Houston Astros (Jose Urquidy)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)5:42.3601.690
16th Aug 2022, 19:20New York Mets (Taijuan Walker)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)0:52.4001.670
9th Aug 2022, 19:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)9:71.7102.320
3rd Aug 2022, 12:20Philadelphia Phillies (Zack Wheeler)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)3:12.1841.792
27th Jul 2022, 12:35Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Philadelphia Phillies (Kyle Gibson)2:71.7252.296
22nd Jul 2022, 19:20Los Angeles Angels (Shohei Ohtani)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)1:82.4601.644
13th Jul 2022, 12:20New York Mets (Chris Bassitt)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)7:32.2761.736
8th Jul 2022, 19:20Washington Nationals (Erick Fedde)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)2:123.1151.440
3rd Jul 2022, 13:40Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Cincinnati Reds (Luis Castillo)3:41.6642.410
28th Jun 2022, 19:05Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Philadelphia Phillies (Zack Wheeler)5:32.0841.868
22nd Jun 2022, 19:20San Francisco Giants (Carlos Rodon)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)3:42.2761.736
17th Jun 2022, 14:20Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Chicago Cubs (Keegan Thompson)0:11.5622.664
11th Jun 2022, 16:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Zach Thompson)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)4:103.0241.460
5th Jun 2022, 15:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Colorado Rockies (Ryan Feltner)8:71.7482.258
31st May 2022, 21:40Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Arizona Diamondbacks (Humberto Castellanos)7:81.6442.460
25th May 2022, 19:20Philadelphia Phillies (Ranger Suarez)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)4:82.2641.744
20th May 2022, 18:40Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Miami Marlins (Trevor Rogers)5:31.8602.095
14th May 2022, 16:05San Diego Padres (Sean Manaea)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)5:62.2761.736
8th May 2022, 13:35Milwaukee Brewers (Aaron Ashby)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)2:92.2961.725
27th Apr 2022, 19:20Chicago Cubs (Mark Leiter Jr.)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)6:32.7701.528
20th Apr 2022, 15:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Los Angeles Dodgers (Tony Gonsolin)1:52.1521.816
14th Apr 2022, 20:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)San Diego Padres (Joe Musgrove)1:121.9501.990
27th Mar 2022, 13:05Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Tampa Bay Rays (Ryan Yarbrough)1:42.2641.620
26th Oct 2021, 20:09Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Houston Astros (Framber Valdez)6:22.1121.845
19th Oct 2021, 17:08Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Los Angeles Dodgers (Walker Buehler)5:62.5701.525
8th Oct 2021, 16:37Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Milwaukee Brewers (Corbin Burnes)1:22.3761.665
3rd Oct 2021, 15:20New York Mets (Noah Syndergaard)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)0:52.3501.696
28th Sep 2021, 19:20Philadelphia Phillies (Zack Wheeler)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)1:22.1251.828
23rd Sep 2021, 15:40Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Arizona Diamondbacks (Madison Bumgarner)4:61.5322.756
18th Sep 2021, 21:05Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)San Francisco Giants (Alex Wood)0:21.9441.984
11th Sep 2021, 19:20Miami Marlins (Elieser Hernandez)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)6:43.4201.380
5th Sep 2021, 15:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Colorado Rockies (Ryan Feltner)9:21.5652.658
31st Aug 2021, 22:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Los Angeles Dodgers (Walker Buehler)2:32.7561.522
24th Aug 2021, 19:20New York Yankees (Andrew Heaney)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)5:42.2581.748
18th Aug 2021, 19:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Miami Marlins (Jesus Luzardo)11:91.4503.064
7th Aug 2021, 19:20Washington Nationals (Josiah Gray)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)3:23.2001.420
1st Aug 2021, 13:20Milwaukee Brewers (Brett Anderson)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)2:12.5451.605
22nd Jul 2021, 19:05Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Philadelphia Phillies (Matt Moore)7:21.6962.310
16th Jul 2021, 19:20Tampa Bay Rays (Michael Wacha)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)7:62.2281.755
9th Jul 2021, 19:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Miami Marlins (Zach Thompson)5:01.7162.310
4th Jul 2021, 13:20Miami Marlins (Zach Thompson)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)7:82.6581.565
29th Jun 2021, 19:20New York Mets (Tylor Megill)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)4:32.5021.625
22nd Jun 2021, 19:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)New York Mets (Marcus Stroman)3:01.9701.970
17th Jun 2021, 19:20St Louis Cardinals (John Gant)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)0:42.7201.535
11th Jun 2021, 19:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Miami Marlins (Sandy Alcantara)3:41.8702.045
5th Jun 2021, 19:15Los Angeles Dodgers (Clayton Kershaw)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)4:61.7982.176
31st May 2021, 17:10Washington Nationals (Joe Ross)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)3:52.7561.532
25th May 2021, 19:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Boston Red Sox (Garrett Richards)3:11.9001.970
19th May 2021, 19:20New York Mets (David Peterson)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)4:52.7561.532
13th May 2021, 12:20Toronto Blue Jays (Ross Stripling)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)8:42.4521.645
7th May 2021, 19:20Philadelphia Phillies (Zach Eflin)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)12:22.3501.696
1st May 2021, 19:37Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Toronto Blue Jays (Travis Bergen)5:61.7582.240
26th Apr 2021, 19:10Chicago Cubs (Zach Davies)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)7:82.8601.502
20th Apr 2021, 18:35Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)1:32.1051.850
14th Apr 2021, 19:20Miami Marlins (Nick Neidert)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)6:53.1081.430
9th Apr 2021, 19:20Philadelphia Phillies (Zack Wheeler)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)1:82.1651.808
3rd Apr 2021, 16:05Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Philadelphia Phillies (Zack Wheeler)0:41.8901.990
28th Mar 2021, 13:05Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Tampa Bay Rays (Ryan Yarbrough)5:161.8201.952
17th Mar 2021, 18:05Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Baltimore Orioles (John Means)2:51.6202.302
7th Mar 2021, 13:05Boston Red Sox (Garrett Richards)Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)4:52.3441.550
23rd Oct 2020, 20:08Los Angeles Dodgers (Walker Buehler)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)6:21.6502.325
17th Oct 2020, 20:37Houston Astros (Lance McCullers Jr.)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)2:42.0701.825
12th Oct 2020, 16:07Houston Astros (Lance McCullers Jr.)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)2:42.0001.850
7th Oct 2020, 19:10Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (Masahiro Tanaka)8:42.2561.680
25th Sep 2020, 18:40Philadelphia Phillies (Vince Velasquez)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)4:62.3001.715
19th Sep 2020, 19:35Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Baltimore Orioles (Jorge Lopez)3:11.5522.690
13th Sep 2020, 13:10Boston Red Sox (Martin Perez)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)6:32.8961.495
7th Sep 2020, 18:05Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Washington Nationals (Max Scherzer)1:62.0001.930
2nd Sep 2020, 19:05Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (Jordan Montgomery)5:22.1601.790
9th Aug 2020, 13:10New York Yankees (James Paxton)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)3:42.0101.900
4th Aug 2020, 18:40Boston Red Sox (Nathan Eovaldi)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)1:52.2301.750
29th Jul 2020, 19:10Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Atlanta Braves (Mike Soroka)4:72.1301.810
24th Jul 2020, 18:40Toronto Blue Jays (Hyun Jin Ryu)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)6:42.3501.690
2nd Mar 2020, 13:05Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Baltimore Orioles (Asher Wojciechowski)3:31.5802.580
7th Oct 2019, 13:05Houston Astros (Zack Greinke)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)3:101.8402.090
2nd Oct 2019, 20:09Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Oakland Athletics (Sean Manaea)5:12.1301.810
25th Sep 2019, 19:10New York Yankees (Jonathan Loaisiga)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)0:42.3501.690
20th Sep 2019, 19:10Boston Red Sox (Rick Porcello)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)4:52.6501.570
13th Sep 2019, 22:07Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Los Angeles Angels (Andrew Heaney)11:41.6602.300
7th Sep 2019, 18:10Toronto Blue Jays (Anthony Kay)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)3:53.3001.400
1st Sep 2019, 13:10Cleveland Guardians (Adam Plutko)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)2:82.8301.510
27th Aug 2019, 20:10Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Houston Astros (Justin Verlander)1:152.8101.520
21st Aug 2019, 13:10Seattle Mariners (Cory Gearrin)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)6:73.7001.330
16th Aug 2019, 19:10Detroit Tigers (Daniel Norris)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)2:03.8501.320
5th Aug 2019, 19:10Toronto Blue Jays (Jacob Waguespack)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)2:03.5001.360
30th Jul 2019, 19:10Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Boston Red Sox (David Price)6:52.2501.740
24th Jul 2019, 12:10Boston Red Sox (David Price)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)2:31.9901.920
18th Jul 2019, 19:05Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (J.A. Happ)1:52.0801.850
13th Jul 2019, 19:05Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Baltimore Orioles (John Means)12:41.4303.100
7th Jul 2019, 13:10New York Yankees (James Paxton)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)1:22.1001.830
2nd Jul 2019, 19:10Baltimore Orioles (Asher Wojciechowski)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)3:63.6501.340
26th Jun 2019, 20:10Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Minnesota Twins (Jake Odorizzi)4:61.8902.020
20th Jun 2019, 22:07Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Oakland Athletics (Frankie Montas)4:51.9801.930
15th Jun 2019, 13:10Los Angeles Angels (Jose Suarez)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)5:32.7501.450
10th Jun 2019, 19:10Oakland Athletics (Tanner Anderson)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)2:63.1501.430
5th Jun 2019, 19:10Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Detroit Tigers (Spencer Turnbull)4:01.5102.830
30th May 2019, 19:10Minnesota Twins (Martin Perez)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)3:142.4001.670
25th May 2019, 16:10Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Cleveland Guardians (Carlos Carrasco)6:22.1501.800
19th May 2019, 13:05Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (Chad Green)5:132.0201.890
14th May 2019, 19:10Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Miami Marlins (Caleb Smith)4:01.7002.320
8th May 2019, 13:10Arizona Diamondbacks (Robbie Ray)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)3:22.4301.650
2nd May 2019, 14:15Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Kansas City Royals (Danny Duffy)3:11.6002.570
27th Apr 2019, 16:05Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Boston Red Sox (David Price)2:12.1501.800
20th Apr 2019, 18:10Boston Red Sox (Rick Porcello)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)6:52.2401.750
14th Apr 2019, 13:07Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)Toronto Blue Jays (Marcus Stroman)8:41.7902.160
3rd Apr 2019, 13:10Colorado Rockies (German Marquez)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)1:02.1401.810
29th Mar 2019, 19:10Houston Astros (Gerrit Cole)Tampa Bay Rays (Charlie Morton)2:41.7002.320
17th Oct 2018, 20:39Boston Red Sox (Rick Porcello)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)8:62.4001.660
30th Sep 2018, 15:05Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Baltimore Orioles (Jimmy Yacabonis)0:41.4403.060
23rd Sep 2018, 14:10Los Angeles Angels (Tyler Skaggs)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)2:62.9101.480
15th Sep 2018, 19:10Arizona Diamondbacks (Zack Godley)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)4:102.5101.610
8th Sep 2018, 16:05Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Boston Red Sox (Eduardo Rodriguez)5:32.1001.840
28th Aug 2018, 20:10Oakland Athletics (Edwin Jackson)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)4:33.0401.450
22nd Aug 2018, 16:10Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Seattle Mariners (Marco Gonzales)10:71.6702.380
17th Aug 2018, 22:05Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Oakland Athletics (Edwin Jackson)3:41.7102.300
11th Aug 2018, 19:10Seattle Mariners (Wade LeBlanc)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)3:22.9001.480
6th Aug 2018, 22:15Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)San Francisco Giants (Dereck Rodriguez)3:11.7502.240
31st Jul 2018, 22:10Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Seattle Mariners (Mike Leake)5:21.6102.500
25th Jul 2018, 20:40Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Colorado Rockies (Jon Gray)2:31.8802.050
12th Jul 2018, 14:10Oakland Athletics (Trevor Cahill)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)6:42.9201.480
7th Jul 2018, 16:10Chicago White Sox (James Shields)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)6:124.2201.280
1st Jul 2018, 13:10Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Tampa Bay Rays (Blake Snell)2:31.7102.290
20th Jun 2018, 20:10Tampa Bay Rays (Nathan Eovaldi)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)1:53.2001.410
15th Jun 2018, 20:15Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Kansas City Royals (Jakob Junis)7:31.4902.880
9th Jun 2018, 19:15Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Texas Rangers (Mike Minor)4:31.5702.620
3rd Jun 2018, 19:35Boston Red Sox (Rick Porcello)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)9:32.6001.570
29th May 2018, 19:05Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (CC Sabathia)5:61.8302.110
24th May 2018, 18:10Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Cleveland Guardians (Mike Clevinger)8:21.8602.070
18th May 2018, 20:10Cleveland Guardians (Mike Clevinger)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)1:42.5201.610
12th May 2018, 19:10Texas Rangers (Doug Fister)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)1:63.0401.450
5th May 2018, 20:10Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Arizona Diamondbacks (Zack Greinke)3:41.8002.150
30th Apr 2018, 20:10New York Yankees (Sonny Gray)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)1:22.5501.600
24th Apr 2018, 20:10Los Angeles Angels (Shohei Ohtani)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)8:72.2901.710
19th Apr 2018, 15:40Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Seattle Mariners (Marco Gonzales)9:21.5602.630
14th Apr 2018, 16:05Texas Rangers (Mike Minor)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)6:53.1001.430
8th Apr 2018, 14:10San Diego Padres (Tyson Ross)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)1:43.4101.380
2nd Apr 2018, 19:10Baltimore Orioles (Chris Tillman)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)1:63.0101.450
28th Oct 2017, 20:00Los Angeles Dodgers (Alex Wood)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)6:21.9701.950
21st Oct 2017, 20:00New York Yankees (CC Sabathia)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)0:42.2601.730
16th Oct 2017, 20:00Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (CC Sabathia)1:82.1801.780
9th Oct 2017, 13:00Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Boston Red Sox (Rick Porcello)5:41.8402.100
29th Sep 2017, 19:10Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Boston Red Sox (Doug Fister)3:21.9102.020
23rd Sep 2017, 13:05Los Angeles Angels (Bud Norris)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)2:62.3401.690
15th Sep 2017, 20:10Seattle Mariners (James Paxton)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)2:52.1501.800
9th Sep 2017, 16:05Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Oakland Athletics (Daniel Gossett)1:111.6102.510
2nd Sep 2017, 14:10New York Mets (Matt Harvey)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)8:123.3601.380
27th Aug 2017, 15:37Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Los Angeles Angels (Ricky Nolasco)7:51.7302.260
22nd Aug 2017, 20:10Washington Nationals (Tanner Roark)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)4:32.5601.590
16th Aug 2017, 20:10Arizona Diamondbacks (Taijuan Walker)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)5:92.5001.610
11th Aug 2017, 20:05Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Texas Rangers (Cole Hamels)4:61.8602.070
5th Aug 2017, 19:10Toronto Blue Jays (Marco Estrada)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)4:32.5001.610
31st Jul 2017, 20:10Tampa Bay Rays (Alex Cobb)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)7:142.3001.710
25th Jul 2017, 19:05Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Philadelphia Phillies (Nick Pivetta)5:01.6802.360
19th Jul 2017, 14:10Seattle Mariners (James Paxton)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)4:11.9601.960
14th Jul 2017, 20:10Minnesota Twins (Jose Berrios)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)5:102.4801.620
7th Jul 2017, 19:07Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Toronto Blue Jays (Aaron Sanchez)12:22.0201.910
24th May 2017, 20:10Detroit Tigers (Daniel Norris)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)6:32.5001.610
19th May 2017, 20:10Cleveland Guardians (Trevor Bauer)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)5:32.2501.740
14th May 2017, 19:35Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (Masahiro Tanaka)10:72.1201.830
9th May 2017, 20:10Atlanta Braves (Bartolo Colon)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)3:82.7901.510
3rd May 2017, 20:10Texas Rangers (Nick Martinez)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)1:102.6601.550
28th Apr 2017, 20:10Oakland Athletics (Jharel Cotton)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)4:92.5401.600
22nd Apr 2017, 18:10Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Tampa Bay Rays (Blake Snell)3:61.8802.050
17th Apr 2017, 20:10Los Angeles Angels (Jesse Chavez)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)0:32.3401.690
10th Apr 2017, 17:10Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Seattle Mariners (James Paxton)0:62.2101.760
5th Apr 2017, 20:10Seattle Mariners (James Paxton)Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)3:52.0201.910
24th Mar 2017, 13:10Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)New York Mets (Noah Syndergaard)2:02.2201.730
18th Mar 2017, 13:05Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)Washington Nationals (Joe Ross)5:42.1101.800
13th Mar 2017, 13:05Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)St Louis Cardinals (Michael Wacha)3:62.1301.790
3rd Mar 2017, 13:10Houston Astros (Charlie Morton)New York Mets (Noah Syndergaard)3:112.1201.790
23rd Apr 2016, 19:10Philadelphia Phillies (Charlie Morton)Milwaukee Brewers (Chase Anderson)10:62.2801.720
17th Apr 2016, 13:35Washington Nationals (Gio Gonzalez)Philadelphia Phillies (Charlie Morton)2:31.7102.290
12th Apr 2016, 19:05San Diego Padres (Robbie Erlin)Philadelphia Phillies (Charlie Morton)0:31.9301.990
7th Apr 2016, 12:35Philadelphia Phillies (Charlie Morton)Cincinnati Reds (Robert Stephenson)6:102.1501.800
23rd Mar 2016, 18:05Philadelphia Phillies (Charlie Morton)Houston Astros (Michael Feliz)1:22.2001.740
18th Mar 2016, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Kyle Lobstein)Philadelphia Phillies (Charlie Morton)12:152.0501.850
6th Mar 2016, 13:05New York Yankees (Masahiro Tanaka)Philadelphia Phillies (Charlie Morton)5:61.8702.020
30th Sep 2015, 19:05St Louis Cardinals (Tyler Lyons)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)11:12.1501.800
23rd Sep 2015, 20:40Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Colorado Rockies (Christian Bergman)13:71.7402.260
17th Sep 2015, 12:35Chicago Cubs (Kyle Hendricks)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)9:62.0001.930
11th Sep 2015, 19:05Milwaukee Brewers (Jimmy Nelson)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)3:62.5701.580
5th Sep 2015, 16:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)St Louis Cardinals (Jaime Garcia)1:42.4701.630
30th Aug 2015, 13:35Colorado Rockies (Jorge De La Rosa)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)5:02.7001.540
25th Aug 2015, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Miami Marlins (Brad Hand)2:51.7102.290
20th Aug 2015, 19:05San Francisco Giants (Jake Peavy)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)0:42.2001.770
15th Aug 2015, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)New York Mets (Jon Niese)5:32.0201.910
9th Aug 2015, 20:08Los Angeles Dodgers (Alex Wood)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)6:131.8702.060
2nd Aug 2015, 13:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Cincinnati Reds (Keyvius Sampson)3:01.7202.280
28th Jul 2015, 20:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Minnesota Twins (Mike Pelfrey)8:71.9701.950
22nd Jul 2015, 20:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Kansas City Royals (Edinson Volquez)1:52.1701.790
17th Jul 2015, 20:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Milwaukee Brewers (Mike Fiers)1:42.0101.920
8th Jul 2015, 19:05San Diego Padres (Andrew Cashner)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)2:52.2101.760
3rd Jul 2015, 19:05Cleveland Guardians (Trevor Bauer)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)5:22.0701.860
27th Jun 2015, 16:05Atlanta Braves (Julio Teheran)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)4:82.4101.650
21st Jun 2015, 13:35Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Washington Nationals (Gio Gonzalez)2:91.9302.000
16th Jun 2015, 19:05Chicago White Sox (Jose Quintana)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)0:32.4701.630
10th Jun 2015, 19:05Milwaukee Brewers (Kyle Lohse)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)0:22.5201.610
5th Jun 2015, 19:35Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Atlanta Braves (Williams Perez)10:81.7902.170
30th May 2015, 22:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)San Diego Padres (Tyson Ross)5:22.1201.830
25th May 2015, 19:05Miami Marlins (David Phelps)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)2:42.1801.780
4th Apr 2015, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Philadelphia Phillies (David Buchanan)4:61.9301.960
22nd Mar 2015, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Houston Astros (Roberto Hernandez)2:142.0201.870
11th Mar 2015, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Philadelphia Phillies (Cole Hamels)2:31.9401.940
16th Sep 2014, 19:05Boston Red Sox (Anthony Ranaudo)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)0:42.6501.560
15th Aug 2014, 19:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Washington Nationals (Tanner Roark)4:52.3901.660
10th Aug 2014, 13:35San Diego Padres (Tyson Ross)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)8:22.0101.920
5th Aug 2014, 19:05Miami Marlins (Brad Hand)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)6:32.2001.770
30th Jul 2014, 15:45Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)San Francisco Giants (Tim Lincecum)5:72.0401.880
25th Jul 2014, 20:40Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Colorado Rockies (Brett Anderson)1:81.8802.040
19th Jul 2014, 19:05Colorado Rockies (Brett Anderson)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)2:32.4601.630
12th Jul 2014, 19:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Cincinnati Reds (Mike Leake)6:51.9901.930
7th Jul 2014, 20:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)St Louis Cardinals (Adam Wainwright)0:22.6601.550
2nd Jul 2014, 19:05Arizona Diamondbacks (Chase Anderson)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)1:52.5501.600
25th Jun 2014, 12:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Tampa Bay Rays (David Price)1:52.4701.630
20th Jun 2014, 16:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Chicago Cubs (Edwin Jackson)3:61.8702.060
14th Jun 2014, 16:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Miami Marlins (Randy Wolf)8:61.7902.170
9th Jun 2014, 19:05Chicago Cubs (Edwin Jackson)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)2:62.3501.680
2nd Jun 2014, 22:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)San Diego Padres (Tim Stauffer)10:32.1201.830
28th May 2014, 13:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)New York Mets (Bartolo Colon)0:51.9701.950
23rd May 2014, 19:05Washington Nationals (Jordan Zimmermann)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)3:42.0401.880
18th May 2014, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (Hiroki Kuroda)3:42.2801.720
11th May 2014, 20:05St Louis Cardinals (Shelby Miller)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)6:51.9401.980
6th May 2014, 19:05San Francisco Giants (Tim Hudson)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)1:21.8802.040
1st May 2014, 16:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Baltimore Orioles (Bud Norris)1:52.1401.810
23rd Apr 2014, 19:05Cincinnati Reds (Alfredo Simon)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)5:22.0501.880
18th Apr 2014, 19:05Milwaukee Brewers (Kyle Lohse)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)5:32.1201.830
13th Apr 2014, 14:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Milwaukee Brewers (Kyle Lohse)1:42.0601.870
8th Apr 2014, 20:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Chicago Cubs (Edwin Jackson)7:61.8502.080
2nd Apr 2014, 19:05Chicago Cubs (Edwin Jackson)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)3:42.3801.670
28th Mar 2014, 19:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Philadelphia Phillies (Kyle Kendrick)3:01.8102.090
4th Mar 2014, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Detroit Tigers (Rick Porcello)5:22.1201.790
27th Feb 2014, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)New York Yankees (David Phelps)8:22.1301.790
7th Oct 2013, 15:00St Louis Cardinals (Michael Wacha)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)2:11.8802.040
28th Sep 2013, 13:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Cincinnati Reds (Bronson Arroyo)8:32.2101.760
23rd Sep 2013, 20:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Chicago Cubs (Jeff Samardzija)2:11.7602.210
18th Sep 2013, 19:05San Diego Padres (Tyson Ross)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)3:22.4401.640
13th Sep 2013, 19:05Chicago Cubs (Jake Arrieta)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)5:42.6501.560
8th Sep 2013, 14:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)St Louis Cardinals (Michael Wacha)2:92.2701.720
2nd Sep 2013, 14:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Milwaukee Brewers (Tyler Thornburg)5:21.8002.150
28th Aug 2013, 19:05Milwaukee Brewers (Tom Gorzelanny)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)1:72.3801.670
23rd Aug 2013, 22:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)San Francisco Giants (Madison Bumgarner)3:12.2601.740
18th Aug 2013, 13:35Arizona Diamondbacks (Wade Miley)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)4:22.1901.780
13th Aug 2013, 20:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)St Louis Cardinals (Adam Wainwright)3:42.6101.570
7th Aug 2013, 19:05Miami Marlins (Tom Koehler)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)2:42.7601.520
1st Aug 2013, 19:05St Louis Cardinals (Joe Kelly)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)13:02.0301.900
27th Jul 2013, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Miami Marlins (Tom Koehler)7:41.6802.350
22nd Jul 2013, 19:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Washington Nationals (Dan Haren)6:52.2501.740
12th Jul 2013, 19:05New York Mets (Jeremy Hefner)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)2:32.3201.700
6th Jul 2013, 16:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Chicago Cubs (Edwin Jackson)1:41.8302.110
30th Jun 2013, 13:35Milwaukee Brewers (Kyle Lohse)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)1:22.3601.680
23rd Jun 2013, 15:35Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Los Angeles Angels (Joe Blanton)10:92.2201.760
18th Jun 2013, 19:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Cincinnati Reds (Mat Latos)4:02.7901.510
13th Jun 2013, 19:05San Francisco Giants (Matt Cain)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)10:01.8502.080
29th May 2012, 19:05Cincinnati Reds (Homer Bailey)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)8:11.8302.140
23rd May 2012, 12:35New York Mets (Jon Niese)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)3:12.0101.930
18th May 2012, 19:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)Detroit Tigers (Justin Verlander)0:63.1501.430
12th May 2012, 19:05Houston Astros (J.A. Happ)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)2:52.2201.770
6th May 2012, 13:35Cincinnati Reds (Mat Latos)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)5:01.8002.180
1st May 2012, 20:15Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)St Louis Cardinals (Adam Wainwright)7:102.7501.540
25th Apr 2012, 16:35Colorado Rockies (Jhoulys Chacin)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)1:51.8602.090
20th Apr 2012, 19:05St Louis Cardinals (Lance Lynn)Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)4:11.7402.250
14th Apr 2012, 21:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton)San Francisco Giants (Barry Zito)3:42.5001.630
Rich Hill
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
23rd Sep 2022, 19:05Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)New York Yankees (Gerrit Cole)4:53.2001.420
17th Sep 2022, 16:10Kansas City Royals (Brady Singer)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)9:02.3001.722
11th Sep 2022, 13:05Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Baltimore Orioles (Kyle Bradish)1:02.1251.835
6th Sep 2022, 18:40Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Tampa Bay Rays (Drew Rasmussen)4:82.2801.732
1st Sep 2022, 19:10Texas Rangers (Glenn Otto)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)8:92.4881.630
27th Aug 2022, 16:10Tampa Bay Rays (Jeffrey Springs)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)1:51.8682.085
17th Aug 2022, 19:05Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Pittsburgh Pirates (Roansy Contreras)8:31.6902.360
9th Aug 2022, 19:10Atlanta Braves (Charlie Morton)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)9:71.7102.320
1st Jul 2022, 14:20Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Chicago Cubs (Adrian Sampson)5:61.7362.276
26th Jun 2022, 13:40Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Cleveland Guardians (Aaron Civale)8:31.9601.980
21st Jun 2022, 19:10Detroit Tigers (Beau Brieske)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)4:52.7251.542
16th Jun 2022, 13:35Oakland Athletics (Paul Blackburn)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)4:32.6501.568
5th Jun 2022, 16:07Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Oakland Athletics (Frankie Montas)5:22.0101.930
30th May 2022, 19:10Baltimore Orioles (Tyler Wells)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)10:02.6641.562
25th May 2022, 20:10Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Chicago White Sox (Lucas Giolito)1:32.2961.725
19th May 2022, 19:10Seattle Mariners (George Kirby)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)6:122.1361.828
14th May 2022, 19:05Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Texas Rangers (Glenn Otto)11:32.0221.920
5th May 2022, 13:35Los Angeles Angels (Shohei Ohtani)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)8:01.7882.192
24th Apr 2022, 13:10Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Tampa Bay Rays (Shane McClanahan)2:52.6101.580
18th Apr 2022, 11:10Minnesota Twins (Dylan Bundy)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)8:32.2601.745
12th Apr 2022, 13:10Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Detroit Tigers (Tyler Alexander)5:31.8452.112
1st Apr 2022, 13:05Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Tampa Bay Rays (Ryan Yarbrough)3:92.0701.710
22nd Mar 2022, 13:05Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Tampa Bay Rays (Chris Mazza)4:22.2721.640
30th Sep 2021, 19:10Miami Marlins (Edward Cabrera)New York Mets (Rich Hill)3:122.8951.492
25th Sep 2021, 19:10New York Mets (Rich Hill)Milwaukee Brewers (Corbin Burnes)1:22.8201.512
19th Sep 2021, 19:08Philadelphia Phillies (Kyle Gibson)New York Mets (Rich Hill)2:31.9841.850
13th Sep 2021, 19:10St Louis Cardinals (Adam Wainwright)New York Mets (Rich Hill)7:01.9301.980
8th Sep 2021, 18:40New York Mets (Rich Hill)Miami Marlins (Sandy Alcantara)1:21.8602.022
3rd Sep 2021, 19:05New York Mets (Rich Hill)Washington Nationals (Sean Nolin)6:21.7982.176
2nd Sep 2021, 19:10Miami Marlins (Sandy Alcantara)New York Mets (Rich Hill)3:42.4101.664
27th Aug 2021, 19:10Washington Nationals (Paolo Espino)New York Mets (Rich Hill)2:12.8951.492
21st Aug 2021, 16:05New York Mets (Rich Hill)Los Angeles Dodgers (Max Scherzer)3:43.3601.390
16th Aug 2021, 21:45New York Mets (Rich Hill)San Francisco Giants (Kevin Gausman)5:72.9751.462
5th Aug 2021, 12:10New York Mets (Rich Hill)Miami Marlins (Braxton Garrett)2:41.7582.208
31st Jul 2021, 19:10Cincinnati Reds (Wade Miley)New York Mets (Rich Hill)4:52.1881.778
25th Jul 2021, 13:10Toronto Blue Jays (Ross Stripling)New York Mets (Rich Hill)4:51.8902.045
18th Jul 2021, 13:20Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Atlanta Braves (Drew Smyly)7:52.0561.880
11th Jul 2021, 13:10Toronto Blue Jays (Robbie Ray)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)3:11.8402.105
5th Jul 2021, 19:10Cleveland Guardians (Logan Allen)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)8:92.8901.485
29th Jun 2021, 19:05Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Washington Nationals (Joe Ross)3:42.0221.910
23rd Jun 2021, 19:10Boston Red Sox (Garrett Richards)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)2:82.3701.675
17th Jun 2021, 22:10Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Seattle Mariners (Justin Dunn)5:61.5522.605
12th Jun 2021, 16:10Baltimore Orioles (Jorge Lopez)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)4:53.0641.450
5th Jun 2021, 16:05Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Texas Rangers (Kolby Allard)3:01.6962.350
31st May 2021, 13:05Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)3:12.1481.778
25th May 2021, 19:10Kansas City Royals (Brad Keller)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)2:12.9381.460
20th May 2021, 12:35Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Baltimore Orioles (Dean Kremer)10:11.6352.475
13th May 2021, 19:10New York Yankees (Jameson Taillon)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)1:91.8602.095
7th May 2021, 21:40Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Oakland Athletics (Sean Manaea)1:22.2081.778
2nd May 2021, 13:10Houston Astros (Cristian Javier)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)4:51.7982.176
26th Apr 2021, 19:10Oakland Athletics (Sean Manaea)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)2:11.9002.032
20th Apr 2021, 20:10Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Kansas City Royals (Brad Keller)14:71.9801.960
15th Apr 2021, 19:10Texas Rangers (Jordan Lyles)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)6:42.7201.535
9th Apr 2021, 15:10New York Yankees (Corey Kluber)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)5:101.6762.310
3rd Apr 2021, 18:10Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Miami Marlins (Elieser Hernandez)7:121.9601.980
29th Mar 2021, 13:05Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Baltimore Orioles (Bruce Zimmermann)8:31.7402.060
19th Mar 2021, 13:05Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Boston Red Sox (Nathan Eovaldi)7:112.2921.635
13th Mar 2021, 13:05Minnesota Twins (Randy Dobnak)Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)1:02.5001.550
5th Mar 2021, 13:05Tampa Bay Rays (Rich Hill)Boston Red Sox (Eduardo Rodriguez)5:62.0401.790
27th Sep 2020, 15:10Cincinnati Reds (Sonny Gray)Minnesota Twins (Rich Hill)5:32.2401.760
18th Sep 2020, 20:15Minnesota Twins (Rich Hill)Chicago Cubs (Kyle Hendricks)0:12.0451.880
12th Sep 2020, 20:07Cleveland Guardians (Zach Plesac)Minnesota Twins (Rich Hill)4:81.9701.970
6th Sep 2020, 14:10Detroit Tigers (Casey Mize)Minnesota Twins (Rich Hill)10:82.7101.544
31st Aug 2020, 20:10Chicago White Sox (Lucas Giolito)Minnesota Twins (Rich Hill)8:51.8902.020
25th Aug 2020, 19:10Minnesota Twins (Rich Hill)Cleveland Guardians (Shane Bieber)2:42.5701.600
19th Aug 2020, 20:10Milwaukee Brewers (Brett Anderson)Minnesota Twins (Rich Hill)9:32.4501.650
29th Jul 2020, 20:10St Louis Cardinals (Daniel Ponce de Leon)Minnesota Twins (Rich Hill)0:32.4501.650
7th Oct 2019, 18:40Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Washington Nationals (Max Scherzer)1:62.1201.820
29th Sep 2019, 15:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)San Francisco Giants (Dereck Rodriguez)9:01.6102.550
24th Sep 2019, 22:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)San Diego Padres (Ronald Bolanos)6:31.4802.900
12th Sep 2019, 19:15Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Baltimore Orioles (Dylan Bundy)4:21.4503.000
19th Jun 2019, 22:10San Francisco Giants (Drew Pomeranz)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)2:93.1001.430
14th Jun 2019, 22:10Chicago Cubs (Kyle Hendricks)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)3:52.3701.680
8th Jun 2019, 19:15Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)San Francisco Giants (Jeff Samardzija)7:21.4802.900
2nd Jun 2019, 16:10Philadelphia Phillies (Nick Pivetta)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)0:82.6301.580
28th May 2019, 22:10New York Mets (Steven Matz)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)7:32.8301.510
22nd May 2019, 19:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Tampa Bay Rays (Ryne Stanek)1:81.8502.080
17th May 2019, 19:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Cincinnati Reds (Anthony DeSclafani)6:01.7202.280
9th May 2019, 22:10Washington Nationals (Patrick Corbin)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)6:02.3901.670
4th May 2019, 20:40Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)San Diego Padres (Joey Lucchesi)7:62.0701.850
28th Apr 2019, 16:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Trevor Williams)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)6:72.7501.540
16th Oct 2018, 21:09Milwaukee Brewers (Gio Gonzalez)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)1:22.3501.680
8th Oct 2018, 16:30Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Atlanta Braves (Mike Foltynewicz)6:21.6702.370
30th Sep 2018, 15:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)San Francisco Giants (Andrew Suarez)15:01.4403.060
22nd Sep 2018, 21:10San Diego Padres (Jacob Nix)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)2:73.7501.330
21st Sep 2018, 22:10San Diego Padres (Eric Lauer)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)5:33.4001.380
15th Sep 2018, 13:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)St Louis Cardinals (John Gant)17:41.7702.200
9th Sep 2018, 15:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Colorado Rockies (Tyler Anderson)9:61.8802.040
4th Sep 2018, 22:10New York Mets (Jason Vargas)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)4:113.1401.430
30th Aug 2018, 22:10Arizona Diamondbacks (Robbie Ray)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)3:12.4201.650
24th Aug 2018, 22:10San Diego Padres (Clayton Richard)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)1:113.1801.420
18th Aug 2018, 22:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Seattle Mariners (Erasmo Ramirez)4:51.6802.350
12th Aug 2018, 15:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Colorado Rockies (Chad Bettis)3:41.5602.650
7th Aug 2018, 22:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Oakland Athletics (Sean Manaea)4:21.8402.100
1st Aug 2018, 22:10Milwaukee Brewers (Chase Anderson)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)4:62.4701.630
26th Jul 2018, 19:35Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Atlanta Braves (Anibal Sanchez)8:21.7702.200
20th Jul 2018, 20:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Milwaukee Brewers (Wade Miley)6:41.7602.220
10th Jul 2018, 22:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)San Diego Padres (Eric Lauer)1:41.6402.450
4th Jul 2018, 20:10Pittsburgh Pirates (Clay Holmes)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)4:63.1001.430
29th Jun 2018, 22:10Colorado Rockies (Tyler Anderson)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)3:12.4601.630
19th Jun 2018, 20:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Chicago Cubs (Mike Montgomery)1:22.1301.820
19th May 2018, 20:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Washington Nationals (Max Scherzer)5:42.9301.470
13th May 2018, 16:10Cincinnati Reds (Luis Castillo)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)5:32.3601.680
8th May 2018, 22:10Arizona Diamondbacks (Zack Godley)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)8:52.1001.840
14th Apr 2018, 21:10Arizona Diamondbacks (Taijuan Walker)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)9:12.6501.560
7th Apr 2018, 18:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)San Francisco Giants (Chris Stratton)5:71.8102.140
1st Apr 2018, 20:37San Francisco Giants (Chris Stratton)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)0:92.6801.550
31st Oct 2017, 20:00Houston Astros (Justin Verlander)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)1:32.2001.770
25th Oct 2017, 20:00Houston Astros (Justin Verlander)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)7:61.9202.010
15th Oct 2017, 19:30Chicago Cubs (Jon Lester)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)1:42.4901.620
7th Oct 2017, 21:00Arizona Diamondbacks (Robbie Ray)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)5:82.3501.680
27th Sep 2017, 22:10San Diego Padres (Clayton Richard)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)0:103.2801.400
22nd Sep 2017, 22:10San Francisco Giants (Jeff Samardzija)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)2:43.0601.440
16th Sep 2017, 13:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Washington Nationals (A.J. Cole)3:21.6602.400
10th Sep 2017, 16:10Colorado Rockies (Tyler Chatwood)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)8:13.1401.430
4th Sep 2017, 20:10Arizona Diamondbacks (Robbie Ray)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)13:02.5601.590
29th Aug 2017, 21:40Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Arizona Diamondbacks (Zack Godley)6:71.9102.020
23rd Aug 2017, 19:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Pittsburgh Pirates (Trevor Williams)0:11.6402.450
18th Aug 2017, 19:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Detroit Tigers (Jordan Zimmermann)8:51.4702.950
11th Aug 2017, 22:10San Diego Padres (Clayton Richard)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)4:33.4501.370
5th Aug 2017, 16:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)New York Mets (Seth Lugo)7:41.4702.930
29th Jul 2017, 16:05San Francisco Giants (Ty Blach)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)1:23.7501.330
22nd Jul 2017, 21:10Atlanta Braves (Julio Teheran)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)2:63.2301.410
16th Jul 2017, 13:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Miami Marlins (Chris O'Grady)3:21.6002.550
6th Jul 2017, 22:10Arizona Diamondbacks (Robbie Ray)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)4:52.3201.700
1st Jul 2017, 22:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)San Diego Padres (Dillon Overton)8:01.5202.750
26th Jun 2017, 22:10Los Angeles Angels (Ricky Nolasco)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)4:03.0001.460
21st Jun 2017, 22:10New York Mets (Tyler Pill)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)2:83.0801.440
15th Jun 2017, 12:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Cleveland Guardians (Josh Tomlin)5:121.9302.000
9th Jun 2017, 22:10Cincinnati Reds (Amir Garrett)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)2:72.8801.490
3rd Jun 2017, 16:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Milwaukee Brewers (Matt Garza)10:81.6402.440
29th May 2017, 14:15Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)St Louis Cardinals (Mike Leake)5:11.9901.930
24th May 2017, 22:10St Louis Cardinals (Mike Leake)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)6:12.1801.780
16th May 2017, 22:15Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)San Francisco Giants (Ty Blach)1:21.6902.340
16th Apr 2017, 16:10Arizona Diamondbacks (Taijuan Walker)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)3:12.7401.530
5th Apr 2017, 22:10San Diego Padres (Trevor Cahill)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)1:33.2301.410
31st Mar 2017, 22:07Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Los Angeles Angels (Garrett Richards)3:11.9101.980
14th Mar 2017, 16:05Cincinnati Reds (Tim Adleman)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)5:62.3701.650
18th Oct 2016, 20:00Chicago Cubs (Jake Arrieta)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)0:62.0201.910
9th Oct 2016, 13:00Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Washington Nationals (Tanner Roark)2:51.8602.070
30th Sep 2016, 22:15Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)San Francisco Giants (Madison Bumgarner)3:92.3801.670
20th Sep 2016, 22:10San Francisco Giants (Johnny Cueto)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)2:02.3601.680
15th Sep 2016, 21:40Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Arizona Diamondbacks (Archie Bradley)3:71.4902.880
10th Sep 2016, 19:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Miami Marlins (Tom Koehler)5:01.4702.930
3rd Sep 2016, 21:10San Diego Padres (Luis Perdomo)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)1:53.4901.360
31st Aug 2016, 20:10Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)Colorado Rockies (Jeff Hoffman)10:81.6302.460
24th Aug 2016, 22:10San Francisco Giants (Johnny Cueto)Los Angeles Dodgers (Rich Hill)0:12.2501.740
17th Jul 2016, 16:05Toronto Blue Jays (J.A. Happ)Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)5:31.9301.990
7th Jul 2016, 20:10Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)Houston Astros (Doug Fister)3:12.0901.850
2nd Jul 2016, 22:05Pittsburgh Pirates (Chad Kuhl)Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)4:22.4101.650
29th May 2016, 16:05Detroit Tigers (Mike Pelfrey)Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)2:42.4801.620
23rd May 2016, 22:10Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)Seattle Mariners (Taijuan Walker)5:02.1501.810
18th May 2016, 15:35Texas Rangers (Martin Perez)Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)1:82.3501.680
13th May 2016, 19:10Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)Tampa Bay Rays (Jake Odorizzi)6:32.0601.870
7th May 2016, 13:05Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)Baltimore Orioles (Mike Wright)8:41.8002.150
1st May 2016, 16:05Houston Astros (Doug Fister)Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)2:12.3901.660
26th Apr 2016, 19:10Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)Detroit Tigers (Mike Pelfrey)5:11.7502.230
21st Apr 2016, 19:05Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)New York Yankees (Luis Severino)7:32.1801.780
15th Apr 2016, 22:05Kansas City Royals (Edinson Volquez)Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)4:22.0901.850
9th Apr 2016, 21:10Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)Seattle Mariners (Nathan Karns)6:12.1401.810
30th Mar 2016, 15:05Arizona Diamondbacks (Shelby Miller)Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)12:91.7902.130
15th Mar 2016, 16:10Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)Colorado Rockies (Jorge De La Rosa)2:62.0501.850
10th Mar 2016, 15:05Los Angeles Dodgers (Kenta Maeda)Oakland Athletics (Rich Hill)8:31.8702.020
1st Oct 2015, 19:05Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)New York Yankees (CC Sabathia)1:42.2901.710
25th Sep 2015, 19:10Baltimore Orioles (Kevin Gausman)Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)0:71.9302.000
20th Sep 2015, 13:07Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Toronto Blue Jays (Mark Buehrle)4:32.7001.540
13th Sep 2015, 13:10Boston Red Sox (Rich Hill)Tampa Bay Rays (Drew Smyly)2:02.4501.640

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