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Acadie-Bathurst Titan
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
23rd Jan 2020, 19:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanVictoriaville Tigres2:43.6501.510
18th Jan 2020, 18:00Rimouski OceanicAcadie-Bathurst Titan5:01.2506.650
17th Jan 2020, 19:30Acadie-Bathurst TitanRimouski Oceanic4:38.6901.120
12th Jan 2020, 15:00Chicoutimi SagueneensAcadie-Bathurst Titan3:21.1508.020
10th Jan 2020, 18:00Baie-Comeau DrakkarAcadie-Bathurst Titan5:11.4504.470
8th Jan 2020, 18:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanCharlottetown Islanders2:17.7701.200
4th Jan 2020, 18:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanHalifax Mooseheads2:33.8301.510
29th Dec 2019, 14:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanCharlottetown Islanders1:45.4301.390
28th Dec 2019, 15:00Saint John Sea DogsAcadie-Bathurst Titan2:51.5903.800
14th Dec 2019, 15:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanMoncton Wildcats0:38.2001.150
13th Dec 2019, 18:00Saint John Sea DogsAcadie-Bathurst Titan6:31.6503.660
8th Dec 2019, 15:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanQuebec Remparts5:83.3101.630
6th Dec 2019, 19:30Acadie-Bathurst TitanChicoutimi Sagueneens2:47.4201.190
4th Dec 2019, 19:30Acadie-Bathurst TitanBaie-Comeau Drakkar5:34.4301.380
28th Nov 2019, 18:00Halifax MooseheadsAcadie-Bathurst Titan6:31.5404.460
24th Nov 2019, 14:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanSaint John Sea Dogs1:52.8401.850
23rd Nov 2019, 18:00Saint John Sea DogsAcadie-Bathurst Titan4:32.5702.020
16th Nov 2019, 18:00Charlottetown IslandersAcadie-Bathurst Titan2:31.3405.970
14th Nov 2019, 18:00Gatineau OlympiquesAcadie-Bathurst Titan2:61.3905.380
10th Nov 2019, 15:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanMoncton Wildcats3:67.9301.180
9th Nov 2019, 18:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanHalifax Mooseheads3:45.6001.310
8th Nov 2019, 18:00Moncton WildcatsAcadie-Bathurst Titan3:51.2007.460
2nd Nov 2019, 18:00Charlottetown IslandersAcadie-Bathurst Titan3:21.5404.700
1st Nov 2019, 18:00Halifax MooseheadsAcadie-Bathurst Titan4:11.5203.880
27th Oct 2019, 16:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanGatineau Olympiques2:32.8401.870
25th Oct 2019, 19:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanVal-d'Or Foreurs0:105.0001.420
24th Oct 2019, 19:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanRouyn-Noranda Huskies3:59.8101.150
19th Oct 2019, 18:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanMoncton Wildcats1:66.7101.250
18th Oct 2019, 18:00Moncton WildcatsAcadie-Bathurst Titan6:51.2506.980
17th Oct 2019, 18:00Saint John Sea DogsAcadie-Bathurst Titan2:12.4002.230
12th Oct 2019, 18:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanCharlottetown Islanders1:27.4501.240
10th Oct 2019, 18:00Rouyn-Noranda HuskiesAcadie-Bathurst Titan4:31.2107.950
6th Oct 2019, 14:00Charlottetown IslandersAcadie-Bathurst Titan3:11.3005.710
5th Oct 2019, 18:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanSaint John Sea Dogs2:42.7201.940
3rd Oct 2019, 18:00Quebec RempartsAcadie-Bathurst Titan3:11.5603.700
28th Sep 2019, 18:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanHalifax Mooseheads1:24.3201.500
27th Sep 2019, 18:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanMoncton Wildcats5:63.0401.910
14th Sep 2019, 15:00Rimouski OceanicAcadie-Bathurst Titan0:22.6001.970
6th Sep 2019, 19:30Acadie-Bathurst TitanRimouski Oceanic5:32.1002.450
24th Aug 2019, 14:00Acadie-Bathurst TitanCharlottetown Islanders4:22.6301.950

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