Hello and welcome to this quick review of Zcode’s Top automated Systems and our Results that we’d like to share with you guys! As you may well know, our Z-Lab Development team is constantly innovating and improving our zcode systems, so it’s no surprise that a LOT of NEW features & sytems have been added over the years. With over 250+ automated systems, it’s easy to get overwhelmed fast and lose yourself in the myriad trends that we have to offer. That’s why we created this automated system ratings list that we call Zcode Top Systems! This list contains all  ... 

New Soccer Buddy tool is here

Hi again zcode friends and followers! Today we are glad to show you a long anticipated Soccer Buddy tool to help you win and win big on soccer.

So what is it exactly?

SOCCER BUDDY TOOL is using advanced scores prediction formula that takes into account 80+ parameters, optimized on the historical data to perform 10,000 simulations of the game and predict the probability of a draw.

In simple words it scans ALL the leagues we have to quickly spot anomalies and value bets where certain outcome has higher probability, such as possible draws, possible half Over/Under, “both  ... 

“Best Betting Robot” Zcode Trend Builder Tournament – LIVE PHASE WEEK 3 RECAP

Week 3 will be remembered as a TTV week. Robert’s systems woke up and 3 of them settled in the 6 best in the 3rd part of Live Phase. This means that contest finish will be very tight with many systems fighting for prizes! We reached the most exciting moments of the contest! Enjoy it in the last week! Let’s check now which system leads in each category after 3 weeks!

Leaders in each category after 3 weeks!

“Top Automated Robot” – A system with biggest generated profit.

So far best  ... 

“Best Betting Robot” Zcode Trend Builder Tournament – LIVE PHASE WEEK 1 RECAP

Hello Zcoders! First week of the live phase in the contest is behind us! It’s time to look closer at the best systems. The leader of the race is for now Giovanni with his “The best Asian Favorite” system. In the top ten systems we have systems from 7 developers. The only guy with more than 1 system in the top 10 is Wade who has 3 of his 4 systems in the top 10! Full contest ranking you can find under link below. I am sure there are some systems which are going to explode soon  ... 

“Best Betting Robot” Zcode Trend Builder Tournament

We just launched new contest for Zcode members called “Best Betting Robot”. This is totally new concept for tournaments and i am pretty sure you will like it :). Contest idea is based on Zcode Trend Builder Tool. It is great opportunity to learn, submit new fresh trends and occasion to win a prize! Enjoy!

1. Contest concept

Contest objective for every player is creating profitable betting system by using Zcode Trend Builder Tools. Contest is dedicated for any sport that has an active regular season in February and March, so contenders create  ... 

Autopilot profits? Finally Possible!

I know you are busy and might not have time to analyze the games

That’s why we are introducing the new betting robots.

Nothing to calculate, nothing to analyze. Fully copy paste automated picks!

Step 1: Choose an active system from the list:  ... 

3 New Fully Automated systems: by Bruce, Giulio and Arnaud

We are glad to announce 3 new automated systems! Introducing new NBA systems by Bruce WELCOME TO MR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE NBA SIGNALS Signal page is here The signals are fully automated including Twitter and Wall alerts! Results are fantastic => Discussion is here Introducing NHL Giulio System A New, Fully Automated system developed by one of Zcode Contributors, Giulio and automated by Zlab! => Read Full details here Profit Chart

=> Read Full details here Introducing Automated System: Automated system: Arnaud NHL&NBA Here is the link:  ... 

[Z-podcast] Evolution of Vegas + new MLBLineReversals Tool

Today is all about Vegas and Evolution of sports betting!

But first of all let me share you some updates from ZLab:

1. Soccer world cup => Adding in Line reversals for the world cup soon… Will be ready before the start of the championship.

2. Finalizing Alpha/Delta trends. Almost all is ready. The updates and progress is posted on forum here.  ... 

Sports Betting Robots

Do you want to follow a winning sports

betting system but don’t have time to

analyze the stats and probabilities

yourself? Are you tired of losing  ...