New Soccer Buddy tool is here

Hi again zcode friends and followers! Today we are glad to show you a long anticipated Soccer Buddy tool to help you win and win big on soccer.

So what is it exactly?


SOCCER BUDDY TOOL is using advanced scores prediction formula that takes into account 80+ parameters, optimized on the historical data to perform 10,000 simulations of the game and predict the probability of a draw.

In simple words it scans ALL the leagues we have to quickly spot anomalies and value bets where certain outcome has higher probability, such as possible draws, possible half Over/Under, “both teams to score”, “first half over 0.5 goals” etc.

The color coding shows the confidence levels. The tool analyses all the soccer games of the day through many popular leagues. I know it can be overwhelming so among selections you will find summary of leagues such as “Show leagues with most draws” or “Most high scoring leagues” etc

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If you hover the mouse over the games you can see additional information popup with the recent games.

If we predicted several outcomes with a great probability they are also marked in the hot trends.

You can also use the calendar on top to go back to previous dates and see check the results. The correct outcome is usually marked in Green.

If you scroll down, under the big table you will also find a list of active value bets that you can use.

Take a look what it just found for us, some very profitable draw picks, first half over 0.5 goals and other value bets.

Remember it’s a new powerful tool to help you win and I believe next few months new and new ways to use it will be found by our members, so feel free to share how you use it and strategies to win.

We also plan to develop the live betting version of it in future!

Take care and make sure to share with us how Soccer buddy works for you and helped you win!

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