“Best Betting Robot” Zcode Trend Builder Tournament

We just launched new contest for Zcode members called “Best Betting Robot”. This is totally new concept for tournaments and i am pretty sure you will like it :). Contest idea is based on Zcode Trend Builder Tool. It is great opportunity to learn, submit new fresh trends and occasion to win a prize! Enjoy!

1. Contest concept

Contest objective for every player is creating profitable betting system by using Zcode Trend Builder Tools. Contest is dedicated for any sport that has an active regular season in February and March, so contenders create systems based on those sports data. Tournament consists of 3 parts:

a) Preliminary stage – 1 month systems preparation 20 January – 20 February.
Users submit systems settings. When they create profitable and historically proven system they save settings to text file and send it to the contest manager to michal.contest@gmail.com. Contest manager run and test provided systems to see if they fit requirements, do not have fake odds etc. During this stage the contenders can modify/improve their systems. The submissions at this stage are not shown to other participants to avoid cloning settings.

b) Qualification 20 February – 28 February
During this stage contest administrators analyse the systems and qualify the best of them for the live phase.

c) Live phase – 1 month tournament. 1 March – 30 March (included)
Systems go 1 month live test and most profitable ones in that month win. Systems are automated and provide picks automatically. Contest manager compare results and provide weekly recaps. During this stage all of the systems are fixed and can’t be changed.

2. How does Trend Builder Tool work?

Zcode Trend Builder Tool is great and easy to use tool for sports investors data analyzing. It is available under the links:


Don’t be scared by number of switchers and parameters that Trend Builder offers. You can find there great video tutorial which will help to you to understand this tool. Tutorial is recorded in English and Russian languages and you can even download transcript of the video tutorial. It’s very detailed and very helpful stuff. Trend Builder offers you also easy to use features to test your trends and to export or import settings to text files. Play with it in next days to get familiar with it. Worth to give it a shot!

Video Tutorial you can start by clicking play button on the right side of the page.

3. How to save and send system settings?

a) Zcode Trend Builder Tool allows to export system settings. For this purpose you need to click “EDIT & SHARE SETTINGS” button on the bottom of the page.

b) You will see then additional window with system settings in the text format.

c) You should copy it and paste to the text file.

d) Saved file with system settings you attach to the email and send to michal.contest@gmail.com

4. Contest rules

a) We only accept original systems. You cant clone existing systems or systems made by other contestants. If someone is noticed cloning existing systems, he will be disqualified from the contest. The decision is made by contest administrator.

b) Single contender may provide up to 10 systems systems in the first stage. All of them must be original and not slight copies of each other. For second stage qualifies only best 3 systems with best profit in the current season and last season.

c) Each system must have a catchy original name. Please be creative.

d) Creator of the system with biggest profit in the live phase gets the top prize!

e) 1 unit = $100 when developing a system and counting results. Maximum bet allowed 30 units. Bankroll allowed per system : 250 units.

f) The system must provide at least 5 bets per month during the last 3 months.

g) The profit chart must look stable, the system must generate consistent profits and not make all profits in a lucky bet on over aggressive progressions. The decision is left for contest administrator.

h) The system must use realistic odds. In case real bookie odds are available it must use real odds. In case they are not available simulated odds must be within 20% range of real odds.

i) In case technical issues are detected in the system or its signals, the decision is left to contest administrator how to proceed about such issue and keep it fair.

j) Start date to set for creating a trend “2014-01-01” to make sure trends are current from the last 2 years.

k) The systems submitted for contest must be NEW and original. Old systems and their clones submitted prior to contest dont participate because the goal of the contest is to stimulate development of the new systems.

l) The sport you choose must have an active season during the live phase 1-31 march so don’t choose sports like MLB”

5. Prizes for the developers of the winning systems

There are several categories with possible prizes:

a) “Top Automated Robot”. $300 a system that generated biggest amount of profit in units. To qualify the system must make at least 10 bets during the contest live phase to make sure it’s a deserved win, not a lucky bet.

b) “Never Lost Robot”. $200 A system that never had a losing week during the Live Phase. The system finished in profit and all 4 weeks were profitable.

c) “Mr Stable” $200. all 3 systems from the developer generated profit during the Live Phase. Great job, you nailed it mr developer superman!

d) “Best ROI %” $150 (Calculated ROI = NET_PROFIT / TOTAL_BET_SUM * 100% ) Great return on investment is always what we look for.

e) „Best Profit Chart” $150 Most stable chart (System ended in profit + Avg Square Deviation % as low as possible). We all look for stable systems without huge drawdowns.

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