“Best Betting Robot” Zcode Trend Builder Tournament – LIVE PHASE WEEK 3 RECAP

Week 3 will be remembered as a TTV week. Robert’s systems woke up and 3 of them settled in the 6 best in the 3rd part of Live Phase. This means that contest finish will be very tight with many systems fighting for prizes! We reached the most exciting moments of the contest! Enjoy it in the last week! Let’s check now which system leads in each category after 3 weeks!


Leaders in each category after 3 weeks!

“Top Automated Robot” – A system with biggest generated profit.

So far best of the best with solid advantage over other systems with $5682.75 of profit!

The best Asian Favorite developed by Giovanni with $5682.75 of profit
Pick The Winner Soccer developed by Christos with $2868.31 of profit
NHL Road Favs developed by Robert with $2490.00 of profit
Gimme my milk money! developed by WadeWilson with $2159.50 of profit
Burning Hot Spreads System by Ron with $2004.00 of profit

“Never Lost Robot” – A system that never had a losing week during the Live Phase.

This is one of the best battles in this contest! We have still 3 systems without a losing week and all of them generated similar profit! Robert Wade and Jay are still in the fantastic race here!

NHL ROAD DOGS developed by Robert with $2490.00 of total profit in live phase
Gimme my milk money! developed by Wade Wilson $2159.50 of total profit in live phase
NBA Score Predictors developed by Jay with $1858.00 of total profit in live phase

“Mr Stable” $200 – 3 systems from the developer generated profit during the Live Phase.

At the moment at least 3 profitable systems have Mikhail and Robert TTV. However there are guys in the rank with two profitable systems and with big chance to get 3rd in last week. Big favorite to get the prize here is Robert who has 4 very profitable systems at the moment, but it’s not yet a competition between Robert and Mikhail only!

Robert TTV System (NHL Road Favs, NBA Home Dog, NHL ROAD DOGS, NHL Home Favs)
Mikhail Systems (Lazy Horse with underdogs NCAAB, Sancho Panza in Soccer, TbDQ with favorite)

“Best ROI %” – System with best return on investment (Calculated ROI = NET_PROFIT / TOTAL_BET_SUM * 100% )

Robert’s system is again a class of his own here. It’s the only one system with ROI over 40%. It will be hell of a job to beat Robert’s NBA Home Dog systems in this competition.

NBA Home Dog developed by Robert TTV with ROI 46.90%
Burning Hot Spreads System developed by Ron with ROI 39.30%
LH with underdogs NCAAB developed by Mikhail with ROI 38,8%
Oklahoma City Trend developed by Scot with ROI 36,8%

„Best Profit Chart” $150 Most stable chart (System ended in profit + Avg Square Deviation % as low as possible)

For now there are in the rank three profitable systems with Average Deviation below 30%. Most probably we will get a winner in this rank among these 3 systems:

Oklahoma City Trend developed by Scot with Avg.Dev. 25,78% and profit $1234,00
The best Asian Favorite developed by Giovani with Avg.Dev. 26,36% and profit $5682,75
NHL Underdog Select developed by Jay with Avg.Dev. 29,36% and profit $217,00


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