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Adelaide Crows
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
23rd Mar 2019, 01:35Hawthorn HawksAdelaide Crows87:552.331.58
25th Aug 2018, 05:25Adelaide CrowsCarlton Blues165:611.087.15
19th Aug 2018, 02:40North Melbourne KangaroosAdelaide Crows77:863.031.39
11th Aug 2018, 05:25Adelaide CrowsGreater Western Sydney92:1062.751.46
4th Aug 2018, 02:35Port Adelaide PowerAdelaide Crows93:961.802.03
28th Jul 2018, 05:40Melbourne DemonsAdelaide Crows90:772.111.74
21st Jul 2018, 05:25Adelaide CrowsBrisbane Lions93:881.652.26
12th Jul 2018, 05:50Geelong CatsAdelaide Crows97:1121.871.95
6th Jul 2018, 05:50Adelaide CrowsRichmond Tigers56:1034.361.22
30th Jun 2018, 02:35West Coast EaglesAdelaide Crows78:882.811.45
16th Jun 2018, 05:25Adelaide CrowsHawthorn Hawks32:882.741.47
10th Jun 2018, 02:40Adelaide CrowsFremantle Dockers68:711.293.64
3rd Jun 2018, 02:40Greater Western SydneyAdelaide Crows97:813.391.32
27th May 2018, 01:20Adelaide CrowsMelbourne Demons55:1462.251.68
18th May 2018, 05:50Western BulldogsAdelaide Crows26:633.471.33
12th May 2018, 03:10Adelaide CrowsPort Adelaide Power90:951.692.23
5th May 2018, 05:40Carlton BluesAdelaide Crows70:12510.621.03
28th Apr 2018, 05:40Gold Coast SunsAdelaide Crows62:1107.221.11
20th Apr 2018, 05:50Adelaide CrowsSydney Swans85:754.121.26
13th Apr 2018, 05:50Collingwood MagpiesAdelaide Crows106:584.821.20
7th Apr 2018, 05:25Adelaide CrowsSt Kilda Saints104:551.363.32
29th Mar 2018, 04:50Richmond TigersAdelaide Crows82:1182.071.80
23rd Mar 2018, 04:50Adelaide CrowsEssendon Bombers87:992.061.81
30th Sep 2017, 00:30Richmond TigersAdelaide Crows108:602.291.69
22nd Sep 2017, 05:50Geelong CatsAdelaide Crows75:1363.011.43
7th Sep 2017, 05:50Greater Western SydneyAdelaide Crows48:842.441.56
27th Aug 2017, 02:40Adelaide CrowsWest Coast Eagles71:1001.931.95
18th Aug 2017, 05:50Sydney SwansAdelaide Crows83:802.441.61
12th Aug 2017, 05:25Adelaide CrowsEssendon Bombers123:801.284.06
6th Aug 2017, 02:40Port Adelaide PowerAdelaide Crows46:1302.591.56
30th Jul 2017, 01:20Adelaide CrowsCollingwood Magpies103:1031.542.62
21st Jul 2017, 05:50Geelong CatsAdelaide Crows70:912.671.53
15th Jul 2017, 05:40Adelaide CrowsMelbourne Demons116:701.333.59
7th Jul 2017, 05:50Western BulldogsAdelaide Crows45:1043.511.34
1st Jul 2017, 00:10Adelaide CrowsCarlton Blues89:771.283.99
22nd Jun 2017, 05:50Hawthorn HawksAdelaide Crows96:828.001.11
9th Jun 2017, 05:50St Kilda SaintsAdelaide Crows54:1115.101.16
2nd Jun 2017, 05:50Adelaide CrowsGeelong Cats74:961.762.16
27th May 2017, 05:40Fremantle DockersAdelaide Crows43:1435.471.18
20th May 2017, 05:25Adelaide CrowsBrisbane Lions140:601.058.70

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