Copy & Paste ZCode Sports Predictions Widget on your own website and blog for free!

This way you will improve your website with free sports predictions for your visitors. Moreover we will include a backlink to your website in our Partner Catalog. The best part is every prediction widget has your affiliate link built inside the "powered by" that will automatically drive you affiliate sales if the visitors click on them and join us.

Here is how it looks on your website:

Here is the example of our widgets on real blogs in White and Black Style

Follow 3 Easy steps:
Step 1
Input general information
Step 2
Choose sport
Step 3
Choose appearance
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Step 1: Enter your website title, description and url where you plan to publish predictions
Requirements: the website must be legit and sports related. You can not sell or resell our free sports predictions. The violation websites will be removed from the catalog and blacklisted.
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ClickBank ID is not mandatory however if you provide it the prediction widget will have your affiliate link built in so you can get commission on sales from traffic that came from your widget!

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2. Choose the sports you want to support
In case your sport is not in the schedule (for example during the offseason) the widget will automatically switch to the next available sport to avoid showing blank predictions
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3. Choose the appearance
If banners are enabled we will display several cool zcode banners randomly among predictions to improve your click through rate and increase your affiliate sales!
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Note about ZCode banners among predictions:

When there are not enough games scheduled in the desire sport the ZCode will automatically display its banners among the predictions boxes to fill the space. Each banner has your affiliate link automatically built in so you will get additional sales on each click. The email signup banner with an optin form popup also has your affiliate link built in via invisible cookie placer. This means everyone who signups into our "predictions" list from your site will be automatically tracked as your refferal so you get paid in case he decides to join later. The clickbank cookies last 180 days! During that time we'll be sending your refferal free predictions and convince him to join the VIP club to get you affiliate commission on sale!

If you wish to disable banners you can go back and disable them on the previous step!

Now please insert this iframe code on your page:
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