Top 7 alternative sports to bet on (sports that are still active)

This blog has had numerous changes and updates. Each time I’ve been about to publish it, another sport gets suspended due to the coronavirus.

The NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, nearly all top-level European soccer leagues, and even the XFL have paused their seasons. The good news is there are some sports that have not gone on hiatus due to the coronavirus.


Here is a look at the top 5 alternative sports to bet on that are still active. There is certainly enough to wager on for now and continue making profits on your bets.

1. Super League Rugby

Super League Rugby is still on for now in England. The Rugby League competition is exciting and more akin to American football than the other type of rugby, Rugby Union. All Rugby League games remain on for the weekend of March 13-15. Due to Rugby League’s popularity being less than soccer and other sports, things are on as usual for now. Don’t miss the chance to wager on the sport.

2. Soccer

Okay, the biggest soccer leagues around the world are postponed and hopefully (fingers crossed) will return later this spring, but some of the lesser leagues are still playing. In England, a host of National League (fifth tier of the English soccer pyramid) will play this weekend. The National League is semi-pro/amateur and can be bet on by punters. If you want professional soccer then there are games in Mexico, South America, and Australia still being played at the moment.

3. UFC

The leading mixed martial arts organization in the world is expected to keep things going as normal. UFC 249 could be cancelled but at the moment the company’s upcoming Brazil and London fight cards are planned to continue on. Saturday’s Brazilian event will be held without media and fans in the arena. You can still bet on all the fights.

4. Horse racing

Friday saw the Cheltenham Festival in England go off without a hitch as the biggest race meeting in the country concluded. Horse races will also be run in the United States during the weekend as the sport in the country gears up for the Kentucky Derby in May. All the racetracks, or nearly all of them, should be running on March 14-15.

5. Basketball

Sure the NBA and NCAA Tournament have been cancelled but basketball in other countries in the world including Argentina, Brazil, and Turkey. There is a chance these leagues could be cancelled later on, but for now, like the rest of the sports on this list, basketball is still being played in these countries.

6. AFL

Aussie Rules Football kicks off on March 19 behind closed doors. It will give bettors the chance to explore the exciting world of Aussie Rules, which is incredibly fast-paced.

7. KHL

Russia’s KHL hockey league is considered the next best league in the world behind the NHL. Pro hockey bettors have turned their attention to the KHL and you should too if you bet on ice hockey.

Don’t miss these alternative sports this weekend to bet and win profits on.

corona soccer

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New sports are added, more to come:

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✅ World Hockey

✅ KHL – added but “not active” today because the next game is 17th March Sibir Novosibirsk at Barys Nur-Sultan (KHL)

Full list of ✅ Sports still active worldwide and ☠️ Sports affected by Coronovirus:

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If you think about it, since the global playing field has effectively reduced, it means that the betting pool for the remaining games & matches will become bigger.. in other words, this provides MORE opportunities to win bets with higher odds, especially when it comes to the underdogs. But the good news is that you don’t have to worry about the calculations required to find the more profitable games.. our Sports Trader and zLive apps will automatically do that for you!

Stay safe



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