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Success stories – George Zcode Member (case study)

George, a member of the Zcode family, allowed us to enter his day-to-day by keeping records of his bets in the different sports that you can find here in Zcode.

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IN-PLAY BETTING SESSIONS FOR THE FOLLOWING WEEK: Hey guys, we’ve done a fantastic job the past few weeks on in-play bets and went up by 40 units of profit. As you know Australian Open is starting on the 14th of January and I will be active throughout the tournament. Below times are 0GMT Dublin, Ireland time. Sessions for the following week: 14th of January: From 5.30am until 12pm 15th of January: From 10am until 1pm 16th of January from 10am until 1pm 17th of January: From 5.30am until 12pm 18th of January: From 5.30am until 12pm 19th of January: From  ... 

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Live tennis system schedule in March: +98.41 units of profit this season

Tennis for the forthcoming days in March

Next tournament:ย Indian Wells, California, USA – March 3-16, 2014

Theย ATPย andย WTAย tour is moving on and this time weโ€™re going all the way to California for the 2nd biggest tournament of the year so far. The qualifiers start on the 3rd and thereโ€™s a massive amount of lรญve betting opportunities. The cherry pick and pre-game systems are going to resume in the coming days I still havenโ€™t seen the schedule for the coming days so I cannot tell you guys when exactly weโ€™re going to start. Iโ€™ve gone through the list of players taking  ... 

Live Tennis Sessions with Jake

Live Tennis Sessions with Jake

Last month profit: Jake Made +43.79 units over 28 days on Tennis using Live Bets, Cherries and Pre-Bets.

On the wall (live betting room automatically appears when it starts) Tuesday – 13.30pm

Wednesday: 11.00am  ...