Live tennis system schedule in March: +98.41 units of profit this season

Tennis for the forthcoming days in March

Next tournament: Indian Wells, California, USA – March 3-16, 2014

The ATP and WTA tour is moving on and this time we’re going all the way to California for the 2nd biggest tournament of the year so far. The qualifiers start on the 3rd and there’s a massive amount of líve betting opportunities. The cherry pick and pre-game systems are going to resume in the coming days I still haven’t seen the schedule for the coming days so I cannot tell you guys when exactly we’re going to start. I’ve gone through the list of players taking part in the tournament and pretty much all of the top 100 will be there for both ATP and WTA. Unfortunately I believe we won’t see Del Potro who has had some problems with his left arm recently and he had to withdraw from the ATP Dubai tournament.

Besides that this will be one of the most entertaining tournaments on the hard surface of the year. Saying that, we will have over 64 matches to choose from on day 1 and that means I will be pressing hard with the líve betting.

For each massive tournament I set myself goals and those were usually 100 unit high for the likes of US Open and Roland Garros. We’re onto the 3rd month of the year and this time I’m setting a high goal for myself. I want to make at least 80 units of profit on this tournament.

I’d like to inform everyone that there will be a líve session every single day for the next 13 days and you will be informed the day before when I will start. I want to follow the recent amazing form as we’ve produced some amazing profits in the past few days.

Recent changes to my betting methods in tennis:

– I’ve decided to reduce the volume of pre-game bets to the minimum. This means I’m extra cautious and only releasing bets that pass all of my filters. Up to the end of January this year I’ve been playing higher volume of bets and less PODs, this was profitable however as I noticed the trends, having confident plays and laying more bacon on those is a more profitable method.

– There will be PODs for every single day of Indian Wells and overall there’ll be more PODs coming more often. Perhaps even 1 every day considering the most confident match/es pass all of my filters with flying colours.

Tennis so far…

February was a much more profitable month than January. Clay tournaments and some female WTA tournies really pushed the profits up and we are flying right now.

All three systems are profitable and cherry picks are still unbeaten which gives a good reason for those more cautious members to start following and laying higher unit sizes on those bets. I believe there will be fewer B bets as we progress further into the season, we had some C bets coming through but we battled them and came out victiorious. The C bets occurred due to some early injuries that happened to players, and sometimes there were just unsuspected results that I just didn’t see coming. Until now we have 4 C bets which is something that I’m looking to improve and finish the progressions on the A bets more often.

Líve betting is starting to really pick up in a great way and it’s simply becoming one of those perks people have to start following to see for themselves. It has developed smashing +50.82 units of profit so far this season and I’m looking to double that in the coming days.

Pre-game profit so far: +23.04 units of profit
Cherry pick profits so far: +24.55 units of profit
Líve betting profits so far: +50.82 units of profit

Total tennis profit this season: +98.41 units of profit

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