Valdemar MLB Zcode system: +116 units of profit!

Q. Hello Valdemar‼ You are one of the hottest MLB experts right now, please tell us a few things about yourself. Where are you from? How did you get into the world of baseball?


A. I live in Russia. And in Russia, there are very few who are interested in baseball and American football. My sister lives in the U.S., in Seattle. I come to visit her. Here in America I learned about baseball and even went to watch the game. I liked this game very much.


Q. How long have you been betting on baseball? What results did you get in the last season?

A. I first started betting on baseball three years ago. The current season is the fourth in a row. In the last MLB season, I made 200 units of profit.


Q. What is the secret to your success?  

A. Last year, I was a member ZCode too and I loved Joao’s O/U% System. Joao said in an interview that he likes to work with numbers. And the best part is that I like to work with numbers too. Most of the work on forecasting the value is done with numbers. I use lots of tools in forecasting, including all the tools that ZCode has. And for that I am grateful to your developers. I use the past seasons statistics on teams, on the starting pitchers, and so on. And, of course, I analyze all that myself, and there is some degree of intuition.


Q. How do you manage to win with the flat betting on Major League Baseball?

A. How do I manage? Well, I do not know))). Let’s see how things will be. After all, the season has just begun.


Q. Why all your bets are 5 units rather than the standard 1 unit?

A. When I was starting my career in betting, my standard size was 1 unit too. Why 5 unit now? My answer is this: with my skill increasing I increase the bet size accordingly. So far I have reached 5 unit.


Q. Does your system incorporate drawdown control? Say, you had a few unlucky days, and then you made about 8-9 bets at once, whereas usually you don’t make more than 2-3. Isn’t this an overbetting? Is it safe for the investment?

A. I can put it this way:

I always have 1 unit = 1% of the bank. Accordingly, as the bank size increases, so does the unit size. Conversely, during drawdown, the unit size is reduced. Everything goes in a balanced way.

The number of bets per game day may vary. I might have a single bet a day or 7-8 bets. It all depends on a particular game day. And I have a limit on the number of bets too. Maximum is 10 bids, but it is an extremely rare event. I don’t even think of overbetting. Sometimes it is just a coincidence that after losing, I get a lot of bets I’m confident about. Don’t get me wrong, it is not my whim)).

Q. Why do not you use the confidence levels? Say, low, medium, and high.

A. Now, about the confidence levels. My confidence cannot be divided into levels. Either I have it or not.

Q. What would you wish to newbie sports investors and your fans?

A. There is only one thing I can say to the newbie investors and fans:

Always stick to the bank management rules. Start betting with 0.5% of your bank size for 1 unit. In this forum there are a lot of good forecasters with profitable systems. So, if you cannot analyze the upcoming games yourself, just follow their guidelines closely.


I wish all of you good luck and let victory be yours!




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