National League Picks: Your MLB 2014 Baseball Season Futures and Predictions

Are you excited about MLB 2014 season?

Last week we discussed American League and their chances.

Lets move on to National League.

Find out what computer predictions are and MLB expert Mark D expectations.

NL East:

1. Atlanta Braves (92-70): 56.71% Chance to make playoffs. 27.11% chance to win division The loss of Medlen for the season is going to hurt an otherwise stacked pitching rotation, and the lineup is filled with the usual suspects. I think Heyward and Freeman are good enough to carry this team, but I had much higher hopes when the rotation was healthy. They’ll be good, but can they compete with the Dodgers for the pennant? I’m not sure they have nearly the same depth or top-end talent in any facet of the game.

2. Washington Nationals (90-72): 46.62% Chance to make playoffs. 28.13% chance to win division This team seems like the trendy pick, but I have them slated for a wild card spot behind the braves. Something about this team never seems to come together. They’ll be good, and I like their rotation, but I think their victories will be more a product of a weak division than actual World Series talent.

3. Philadelphia Phillies (81-81):  26.5% Chance to make playoffs. 17.7% chance to win division  I have the Phillies finishing right around .500. They have some clubhouse problems and their lineup is rarely ever healthy over the last half decade. I don’t see how the same players will suddenly turn this around. I like some of their pitching, but I don’t think they’ll be competitive this season.

4. New York Mets (75-87):  No chances Curtis Granderson will get to see how the other half of New York lives out on the island, and I don’t think he’s going to like it. I think the Mets have their coach, but they don’t have talent. This team needs a rebuild, but first they need to find the money to build a baseball team in New York. Sad, but they’ve essentially become a small market team in the biggest baseball market in the world. Oops.

5. Miami Marlins (63-99): No chances I think they can avoid 100 losses with the young talent they seem to have an endless supply of in Miami, but the Marlins have a long way to go before they’re legitimately competitive.

NL Central

1. St. Louis Cardinals (95-67): 66.5% Chance to make playoffs. 57.2% chance to win division  Last year, the NL Central was home to one of the most exciting playoff races in recent memory, with three teams finding their way into the postseason. The Cards surged to the top of the pack, and I think that’s where they’ll stay. From top to bottom, this is the best team in the NL Central. I don’t expect the Pirates and Reds to be able to give the Cardinals problems again in 2014.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates (91-71): 36.5% Chance to make playoffs. 17.7% chance to win division I like when the Pirates are competitive. It makes me happy when teams are able to rebuild. Here, pitching and a few dynamic bats make the Pirates a legitimate playoff team again this year. They seem to have overcome a culture of losing, and I’m excited to see if they can keep winning. They’re not the Cardinals, but they’re very talented and still getting better. Who knows what the ceiling is for this team?

3. Cincinnati Reds (85- 77): 33.54% Chance to make playoffs. 22.1% chance to win division The Reds are reworking their team. Again, clubhouse issues and a change in the coaching regime seem to indicate a step backwards. They’re getting older, and I’m not sure they have enough depth to sneak into the playoffs like last year. I think they’ll fall short this year.

4. Milwaukee Brewers (73-89): No chances The Brewers haven’t really improved their roster after a mediocre campaign in 2013. They built this team around Ryan Braun, and right now, despite his numbers, that appears to be a mistake. He’s back after a suspension cost him last year, but I don’t think the Brewers will compete.

5. Chicago Cubs (64-98):  No chances It’s been a long time since the Cubs won. I think it will continue to be a long time until the Cubs win. I don’t like this team’s chances in 2014.

NL West

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (98-64): 66.8% Chance to make playoffs. 57.2% chance to win division I really like the Dodgers. They have plenty of pitching, a solid bullpen, and probably the best lineup in the National League. Add in a weak division where no other team finished above .500 last season and the Dodgers should coast to the playoffs. I think they’ll be dominant this year, and with a few games already under their belts, I think they’ve shown that they mean business in 2014.

2. San Francisco Giants (80-82): 56.1% Chance to make playoffs. 47.6% chance to win division I think the only reason the rest of this division will have respectable records is because they get to play one another for a large portion of their games. The Giants aren’t a good team, but they might be the best of the rest in the NL West.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks (79-83): 26.1% Chance to make playoffs. 7.1% chance to win division I think the Dbacks have some young talent, but they don’t have enough to compete for a playoff spot. They’ll hang around, but they won’t scare anyone.

4. Colorado Rockies (78-84): No chances The Rockies seem to have improved their rotation enough to be respectable, and the four-man nonsense of a couple years ago seems to have passed. I like a few pieces here, like Tulo and Cargo, but they’re incomplete.

5. San Diego Padres (73-89): No chances The Padres don’t have a complete team either, but they also don’t have any big stars. This is a weak team that in another division probably wouldn’t win 65 games.

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