Free NHL Picks Contest ($100 Prize): Pittsburgh Penguins at Washington Capitals

NHL Picks Contest: Pittsburgh Penguins at Washington Capitals
Wednesday, February 25th

There was a time where the NHL would have had you believe that Washington Capitals Vs Pittsburgh Penguins was the premier rivalry in hockey. Alex Ovechkin Vs Sidney Crosby, the concussions, the hatred, and two of the elite teams in the east… but the Washington Capitals never really lived up to expectations and haven’t delivered any playoff success during the Ovechkin era, and really, Crosby’s Penguins have disappointed since his injury-plagued seasons too. Right now, the Caps are playing great hockey and surging, one point ahead of a slumping Penguins team that is starting to get healthy again.

When these teams meet on Wednesday, who ya got? It’s still a wide open competition, with just three successful predictions last week. Remember, first to ten wins $100. It’s free to participate and easy. Simply comment on this post pinned to the top of our Facebook page to participate!

Here are our standings so far after a disappointing last week for our leaders:

Five Wins
Robert Wilson
Mike Galanti
Duane Atkinson

Four Wins
Tommy Lemieux
Lee Kal-El Clark

Three Wins
Jeff Kuper

Two wins:
Tracy Hobbes
Alex Dionne
Mark Donatiello

One win:
Jesse Tim
Scott Mangan
Mitch Longan
Pat O’Rielley
Guy Borland
Jacob Elsmore
Franco Bresani
Umurungi Umwiza


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