Staying Conservative, Selective and Wise by Stamos

Staying Conservative, Selective and Wise

By Stamos and Friends


The Big Picture

With 27 years of sports investing experience, I’ve pretty much seen it all.  I’ve seen heartbreaking upsets, incredible winning streaks, and dramatic losses.  I’ve experienced every heart-wrenching, nerve-racking moment that sports investing has to offer.  In the end, I’m certain that there’s nothing like the thrill of winning. That incomparable thrill is magnified by committing to a winning, disciplined system that prevails over all other factors.

The Mindset of a Successful Sports Investor

There are many “secrets” to my success that I could explain at length. From experience, I know the importance of developing a winning strategy and committing to it. I certainly have a traditional approach, which doesn’t always translate to the ravenous, young world of sports betting.  Still, I will try to break down the keys to sustaining a winning approach to sports investing.

The best advice I can give centers on developing a successful mindset.  Part of my old-fashioned approach to sports betting is a focus on the mindset of a successful sports investor. A successful sports investor must break free from the flawed mindset of the sports gambler.  Professional sports investors treat gambling as a business, while sportsbooks make their money on emotional gamblers that will eventually lose.  In the end, there would be no gambling industry if not for the masses of losers.

Consistency and a long-term mindset are crucial to success as a sports investor.  Having a long-term mindset is more than simply setting goals for how much profit you’d like to make in the future.  Consistency is more than betting that same way every time.  In fact, the greatest characteristic that successful sports investors share is an unshakeable detachment from outcomes.

In other words, remaining committed to a successful system means becoming emotionally detached from the outcome regardless of success or failure.  The irony is, no one is more concerned with the outcome of a game than a gambler!  As a result, it’s no surprise that most gamblers develop an approach that the exact opposite of what is required for success.

The problem with emotional gambling rather than tempered sports investing approaches stems from betting too much.  Unit sizes become dangerous, wager selections become aggressive, and bankrolls diminish quickly when betting with emotion.  A lack of discretion permeates their approach, leading to desperate losses.  In the end, they bankrupt their bankrolls and throw in the towel, having lost sight of the big picture.

When I was younger (and admittedly foolish), I blew my bankroll multiple times during losing streaks.  Lacking guidance, I was entirely on my own and made emotional mistakes.  I developed a winning system from the depths of failure that stems from consistency, emotional detachment, and a long-term, conservative mindset.  Once I developed a proper mindset, I never looked back.

Smart Betting IS an Investment

One of the most important elements of a successful perspective is viewing sports betting as a business.  Smart betting is an investment, while emotional gambling is a dangerous game played by fools. As such, there is a clear difference between sports investing and gambling.  With sports investing, like any other form of investment, one has a mathematical expectation of return.  When one gambles, they take unnecessary risks that may or may not result in a profitable return. If you structure your sports betting approach with this in mind, you will be a successful bettor.

Sports investing, like any other business venture, is no guarantee.  Quick profits are only promised by scam services after your money.  Sports bettors with short-term goals never succeed. In the end, a successful and realistic mindset is everything in successful sports investing

Mindset is by far the biggest obstacle to being a successful gambler.  Once the proper approach is developed, success is a simple matter of finding a winning strategy. With the abundant statistical information available through the internet, sports betting statistics are available with the click of a button.  A few decades ago, a spreadsheet was an actual sheet of tablature paper that was updated by hand!

There are a variety of statistics and strategies available, but my personal opinion from nearly three decades in sports investing is that the Z-Code System has it right.  Their website is by far the best I’ve ever seen when it comes to sports investing strategies.  They provide requisite statistics, probabilities, and spread percentages – all of which are the type of details a successful sports investor cannot be without.

The real value of the Z-Code community stems from their access to countless experts and winning systems.  Learning from professionals is easy inside Z-Code, with experts that ACTUALLY DO make their livings from successful sports investing.  With the proper mindset and a winning sports prediction service like Z-Code, there is nothing to hold you back!

The Big Picture: Long-Term Profits

Even the most successful sports investing strategies endure losses.  Winning systems proven with decades of profits frequently have losing months along the way.  The key to a successful sports investing approach is long-term profits and money management.  Most sports investors new to betting fail to develop a long-term approach.  They chase losses and deplete bankrolls over short-term losses before winning systems can generate profits.  In order to be profitable, you must develop a long-term approach to sports investing by looking at the big picture.  Long-term profits are all that matters in sports investing.

Winning with a Conservative Approach

Sportsbooks commonly offer a multitude of games and bet types for a reason.  Sportsbooks want you to bet more games than you should.  To be successful, you don’t need to place multiple bets per day with relative confidence.  A conservative approach means betting only a few games with high confidence.  Making a few selective wagers and exercising high levels of discretion is a sure path to success.  By utilizing the tools and filters of Z-Code’s VIP Picks and Statistics, determining the safest bets will allow for sustained profits.  You do NOT have to bet every game to win!

Managing Streaks

The cyclical nature of sports leads to every team, sports capper, and system going through winning and losing streaks.  Streaks are inherent to sports, and a long-term approach is crucial to managing streaks successfully.

When immersed in a losing streak, short-term mindsets will lead to tinkering with parameters of a winning system and chasing losses.  However, as we stated earlier, detaching oneself from the outcome of games is crucial to developing a successful mindset.  Once a successful plan is place, a profitable sports investor must resist the emotional urge to deviate from it.  A winner never quits, as cliché as it may be, and abandoning a winning system during a losing streak is a sure path to failure.

Stay consistent and conservative, and the sunshine will break through the fog.

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