Double your bankroll in 7 days

What if you could double your bankroll in a matter of days? Live betting helps you grow your bankroll quicker by following the in-game plays.

Follow the live bets and pregame!

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It’s a new live betting strategy that predicts highly profitable bets on soccer, hockey, esports, table tennis and even baseball!

Question – What bet types are supported?

Answer: Usually, we bet on totals such as “first Half over 0.5 goals” etc. It means our bet will win if they score at least one goal in a given half.

Question – What is your win rate?

The win rate is as high as 86% on its best days and up to 79% on average. Very impressive results! Of course, the strategy is not a crystal ball and nobody can win 100% or guarantee future success. However, if you follow it consistently, the results should not disappoint you!

Check the Zlive bot here

You can also follow pre-game picks and grow your bankroll, like this..

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June is the time when the BIG SPORT comes back!

A Big Return Date for a Legit Sport!

✅ Here are the major soccer leagues which start in next days:

England Premier League will restart on June 17.

-Denmark Superliga May 28

-Poland Ekstraklasa May 29

-Serbia Superliga May 29

-Israel Ligat May 30

-Ukraine Premier May 30

-Montenegro Liga May 30

-Indonesia Liga 1 May 31

The action and sports betting in our Zcode Community don’t stop.

NHL set for return and will go straight to a 24-team playoff format

The NHL 2019-20 regular season is over with statistics and conference standings frozen as of March 11.

Now, the NHL is gearing up for a 24-team playoff which will drop the puck in the coming weeks.



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