Zcode Sports Betting Podcast. Episode 1

Hi guys! We are very excited about our new Zcode Sports Betting Podcast!

Available on SoundCloud and soon on iTunes!

Recorded by John (professional BBC broadcaster, the guy with a great deep voice that also recorded most of our tutorials and even webinar). I am sure you will love it. 10-15 minute weekly show. Soon coming on itunes and alerady on soundcloud!

We’ll be inviting your favorite experts to the show as well!


Episode 1


Welcome to your №1 Sports Betting Podcast where insider systems,

secrets and tools are revealed to help you win on sports betting.

It’s actually our first episode so I am really excited about this new thing.
For many years our fellow sports investors have been asking about it and it’s finally happening.
I am sure you guys saw the videos how professional sport bettors like Billy Walters are making fortunes betting sports and wondering if small guys can achieve same success?

In the first episode we also cover a full MLB 2014 season predictions and picks. I am sure you will love it!

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