Zcode Reward Program: Like Contest Cash Winners

As a part of Zcode Reward Program, I am glad to announce the winners of our “VIP Likes, Cash contest” III:

Here are our winners:

“Best Pick” Category
These guys did their best to provide the community with their winning picks

1    Alberto    1569 likes $350 prize
2    Jonathan 1324 likes $260 prize
3    Cyril    928 likes $155 prize
4    Mark    796 likes $155 prize
5    John    728 likes $155 prize

Few great guys did not make it to the top 5, but the community really appreciates their efforts! Such great guys as PimpJD, Mudrac, Jens, Trey, Seth, Marko, Murray, Ginger, Huang and Marina!

Category “Best Write Up Of The Year”
These guys helped with game comments, writeup or great pick explanations!
Here are our heroes:

1    MudRac    3220    $250 prize
2    Jens    1907    $140 prize
3    Trey    1087    $99 prize
4    Huang    790    $99 prize
5    Rob    774    $99 prize

Of course among winners we also have P Andrew (he won bigger prize in another category), Jonathan, John, Huang, Marko and Jonh!

Category “Best Contributor”
These guys were loved and appreciated by community for posting quality content, helping others, posting game analysis, news, updates, commentaries and your view of the games!

1    P Andrew 10545    $150 prize
2    Greg    8704    $100 prize
3    Seth    7054    $55 prize
4    Ginger    6270    $55 prize
5    Gergely    5804    $55 prize

Of course we should also mention Cyril, John, Mudrac, Mark, Jens, Jonathan, Seth, Ginger and Charles.

Category “Love spreaders”
These guys spread the love around the community and help others by appreciating their efforts.

1    Cliff    52971    $160 prize
2    Anthony    29388    $120 prize
3    Andre    25203    $110 prize
4    Stuart    23512    $60 prize
5    Nedyak    16477    $30 prize

Cliff is a real love machine and a great helper to the community and new members, he gave nearly two times more likes than all time love spreader P Andrew and other guys!
However he not only clicks likes but also contributes himself a lot and help answering questions on the wall and forum and gives his ELO ratings. Amazing results.
We should of course also mention Stuart, Tea, Jeanetta, Vicente, Bernd and Sascha for their efforts!

You can check the full list of winners here to see if you are among them:

If not, remember, the contest started in January so several newer members and contributors such as Charles, Chris, Greek and others simply did not have enough time to reach the top but will probably win in the next Like Cash contest that will start soon!
Stay tuned and well done everyone!


P.S. Upgrade to Zcode VIP Club and Unlock All Winning Picks. Instant Access.

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