Z-Code MLB Featured Pick: Boston Red Sox Vs Kansas City Royals Doubleheader

Doubleheader AB Progression:

Normally I’d say you don’t want to mess with all these external variables. As we saw with the Boston Bruins, you don’t know how a team rebounds when their city is attacked. This is a huge couple games for the Sox.

The Boston Red Sox are on fire… I love the opportunity for a low confidence AB progression here. I’m held back by the idea of the Red Sox having to deal with terrorist variables and emotions, and I don’t like the pitching matchup in Game Two.

Held back by the unknown pitcher in the second game, I go low confidence only on this progression opportunity.

The Red Sox are burning hot, have z-code support, are home, have value in the line, have a favorable matchup, and the Royals are struggling. if not for the pitching, a key variable in my system, this is a full push on Boston.

Either way, I think they win at least one here, and an AB Progression with low confidence seems great. I’m not going to find myself pressing an unknown pitcher on a team of over achievers, but I do like what we have here.

Boston to win a game, low confidence, A bet and B bet.


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