Vegas Trap Alert Service

Here is what Zcode LAB has prepared for you to help identify possible Vegas Traps (games where public is taking an obvious favorite and betting a lot on it) while in reality an upset might happen and Vegas will profit a lot.

I am sure this will help you a lot avoid such traps and save a lot of profit!

Vegas Trap Alert Service

Zcode will try to identify the possible traps automatically and alert you about such games. The special Alert icon will appear near such games.



It helps to see if the game is a possible Vegas Trap. It means that it is one of the most popular public games of the day, the public is heavy on one side but the line moves the opposite side. It could be a false alarm or real trap, watch closer to the game start time how the line moves using the Line Reversal Tools.

Enjoy these new great tools

Mike and the Lab!


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