Your formula for success in 2020

2020 is here and it’s time to start it right!

Success can be boiled down to two simple things:

Who you know + a little effort

Well, we’re going to introduce you to who we know….

NHL Betting Expert – A very successful NHL betting service from one of Europe’s leading tipster platforms.

And the effort required?

Well, we did say little… 60 seconds per day!


You know the tipster and I’m sure you can invest 60 seconds of your day to change your betting life in 2020 and beyond!

growth2THIS SERVICE IS INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL and continues to go from strength to strength picking winner after winner on the NHL action:

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Lets have a great 2020!



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26 thoughts on “Your formula for success in 2020

  1. I use also line reversals tool from zcode a lot.. just find teams with tons of public percentage and bet opposite runline or puckline!! works like magic!!

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