“Sharp” Gut feel bettors (true story with pics)

During the last few years I saw a lot of newbies who come with a belief they are “sharp” bettors

These guys are over confident in their abilities in over smarting Vegas and thinking that just by using “gut feel” and couple of supporting trend taken from the preview we can beat the vegas easily

Most likely it looks like this first:

“Sharp bettor” is coming in town…

Then it looks something like this

The next thing you see when you face Vegas

Vegas is bigger than I thought??!


Then it ends something like this

That’s refreshing…


The bottom line: Vegas is here to to make money. They are sharper, smarter and they have the best tenchologoes you can ever think of. They are not here to lose money for you and they are never losing.

If you want to win on sports investing you need to let go of the ego and start learning and see what vegas is doing and go WITH vegas against the gambling public.

Remember, when you win, it is gambling losers who pay your profits, not Vegas. Vegas never loses.

That is why Cliff FTP system is so successful!


And Live to WIN.


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